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June 29, 2015

Bug Reports And You

Today we need to go over something important. It's so important I'm devoting a whole DN post about it because it needs to be covered. How to report a bug.

First off. Clear your Browser Cache! Flash uses a caching system. That means your computer saves old info so it loads things faster. If we rolled a fix to a bug and your cache still has the old info you WILL NOT get the fix! You should try and clear your cache at least once a month, but if you're reporting a bug clear your cache first, THEN try to get the bug to happen again. If it doesn't that means we most likely fixed it. If it does still happen then yes you should report it. To figure out how to clear the cache of the browser you're using a quick google search will show you how!

Now, if you've cleared your cache and the bug is still happening that's when you should report it.

That link is at the very bottom of the game window, just scroll down a little bit. That's the first step if you find a bug. Click that link.

Once you do that select MechQuest from the drop down list and then hit the "Go" button.

Now you need to pick your issue from the list. Try and pick one that's close but if you can't find one that is pick "Gameplay Issues".

Now, in the email box put a WORKING email. One that you actually check. If we can't replicate the bug or need more info that is how one of us will contact you. If you put an email that you never check then your bug may never get fixed.

In the Description box please don't try and describe the whole bug. If it's an issue with a specific item say the item and the issue. For example, if I'm have trouble with the "Extra Cool Shoulder Mk IV" not activating its DoT effect I'd put "Extra Cool Shoulder Mk IV DoT not activating" in the box. You aren't done though!

Username: <---- Put your account username or character ID here. We need one of those to check the character itself.
Class: <---- If it's a problem with a Uniform put the uniform name here.
Level: <----- This is your character's level.
M or F: <------- This is the gender of the character you picked.
Items equipped: <---- Include EVERYTHING that you have equipped! This includes your mecha, ALL items (If you're using all default items note that!), your E-blade, any Mods you have equipped, and anything else at all no matter how small that is equipped on your mecha or character.

This next part is where you get to go REALLY in depth.

-Before Bug occurred: <---- What were you doing before the bug? Did you just log in? Did you finish a quest? Did you buy an item? What did you do before it happened. If something is causing an issue it may be related to what you did before the bug happened so please put everything.

-During Bug: <---- What happened during the bug? How did the bug affect your character. Give as much detail and make sure you are as clear as possible. "DoT didn't go off" isn't clear enough. Go into detail. Give us as much info as you can so we don't have to guess! Guessing is BAD. Don't make us guess!

-After Bug: Did the bug go away? Did it happen again? Did you try and repeat it and it was still there?

Once you hit submit, that's it! We will get the report, and yes we do read them all, but it may not be fixed immediatly especially if it's not reported properly. I usually try and get as many bug fixes done on Monday's as possible so if you report something over the weekend don't expect it to be fixed that same day.

Some of you may also be asking, "why is Ashendal telling us this?" The answer to that is we've been getting a lot of bug reports that aren't done the right way. Sending me a game breaking bug over something like Twitter or my e-mail is fine, but everything else needs to go into the bug tracker. Also quite a few people have been putting one line in the description box, hitting submit, and expecting it to be fixed. I can't fix a bug when all I'm told is, "the quest I was on is broken!". The game doesn't record the quest you were in when you click the report a bug link, YOU have to put that in the box.

I'll do my best to fix as many bugs with the game as I can, but I can't do that if you all don't report them and do so in a way that helps me do that! If you follow the steps mentioned above there shouldn't be any issues with future bug reports! Just make sure you're checking your email once a week!

Tags: Ashendal

June 26, 2015

The Mohawk Returns

Greetings! Tonight we have a release for Star Captain's! The SCEM Mohawk is now back in permanent form with new specials in the Star Captain Armory! (The armory is in the Star Captain Club in Soluna) This is a offensive focused mecha, but it lacks a bit of accuracy to make up for that so you should probably train ACC and POW to get the most out of it!


FA - 4 hits
CD 3
30% chance for
100% total damage
100% chance for all hits to crit. (This makes it a total of 200% damage)
+150 Bonus (You're literally sticking your weapon INTO the foe, so missing shouldn't happen)
-100 Defense for 1 turn.

else does
140% total damage
+25% chance to crit.
-10 Defense*(number of hits connected) for 3 turns.

BA - 4 hits
CD 3
First hit - 40% damage, -20 Bonus for 3 turns.
Second & Third hits - 20% damage.
Fourth hit - 40% damage, -20 Bonus for 3 turns.
- 30% chance for all hits to be Crits.

FS - 2 hits
CD 0
Starts at 120% total damage and +0 BtH.
Each hit increases this bonus by +10 up to a max of +100. (This stays for the whole battle.)
Each use after the first deals 140% total damage instead.

BS - 1 hit
CD 3
130% total damage.
On next use
- +70% damage
- +100 BtH
30% chance to immediately use the "next use" effect with no setup needed.

HD - 4 hits
CD 5
140% total damage
-10*(number of hits connected) Boost nerf for 4 turns.
-6*(number of hits connected) Ballistic Resistance for 4 turns.
(All default weapons but this one deal Ballistic damage so it's a direct damage boost!)

CD 4
170% total damage
- Lowers enemy ImmoRes by -15 for each other default weapon used before this one.
- 1 turn stun attempt. If all other default weapons used first, 60% chance for a 2 turn stun.

The Father's Day shop and Summer Quest will be leaving on Monday so you have this weekened to grab the items if you still want them!

The team is also working on a few other things that we're hoping to release really soon. They're really cool and while not a main storyline release, will be fun things to do overall and hopefully you all will like them! We're also trying to get Liath and a few other main storyline things done but due to the team size it's a lot harder to pull everything together. We are trying though!

I'll be back with another DN on Monday with some info on a few things so check back then!

Tags: Ashendal

June 19, 2015

Summer Vacation

It's that time of year! School is out for summer vacation! After the busy year you've had it's finally time to kick back, relax, and have some fun at the beach! Lagos has some of the best in the quadrant and there are plenty of small islands that will let you have some much needed peace and quiet. Just watch out for any pirates that might be lingering around. The new button in Soluna Main will take you right to the quest.

Check back on Sunday for the Father's Day shop!

Have a good weekend and I hope everyone is having a great summer!

Tags: Ashendal

June 13, 2015


Retro Arcade Game Made in a Day

If you thought Flappy Bird was hard, you gotta try this app. It is hard, retro, hard, simple and super hard. Lasting 10 seconds pretty much means you are a gaming god. Tell you what. Get over 1,000 points and the entire internet will bow down before you claiming you are the ultimate gaming god of the universe.


Hurl down a wormhole in an 8-bit spaceship… that has a proven track record of exploding… in this retro arcade runner (technically speaking, a space-time continuum flyer). Your only goal is to survive as long as possible. The longer you last, the faster you go, and the higher your score climbs.

Simple, right? HA!

Survive breakneck turns as you dash through geometric wormholes that will shatter your spaceship — and hopes of a high score.

Luckily for you, you have infinite lives (and, apparently, an amazing mechanic), so you can replay the game without hesitation or remorse for the rocket you just destroyed seven seconds earlier.


  • Amazing 8-bit graphics
  • Classic arcade soundtrack
  • Simple yet skillful tap button controls
  • Original gold coin collecting system (no one’s ever done that before, right?)
  • Colorful and vivid 3D geometry cubes that change color like WOAH
  • Infinite lives! You don’t even need to be a cat (wait, what?)
  • Unlock new rockets and spaceships featuring state of the art pixel art
  • Totally free! But we make you watch an ad every once in awhile, ‘cuz, you know, someone has to pay your spaceship mechanic bill…

This ridiculously hard twitch game was created as an overnight project by Rolith and the CRIT Team at Artix Entertainment. May you enjoy countless hours of frustratingly, addictively-beautiful space-travel with VelocityAE!

velocity arcade mobile game

velocity arcade mobile game

Share Your High Scores!

If you think you can beat my high score, or Cysero's, or Rolith's - show us!  VelocityAE is up on the iTunes App Store and Google Play store right now.

Please show Rolith and his hard work some love by giving VelocityAE 5-stars and help us spread the word, then tweet screenshots of your runs to RolithArtixKorin, or Cysero!

Rolith's Surprise Mobile Game Release: The Story

If you’re a long-time player of Artix games, then you probably recognize this fellow.That’s Rolith, our resident code monkey. He’s been Artix’s longest coder, cracking away at DragonFable in 2006, and has dabbled in just about every Artix game ever since.

But, man, Rolith LOVES his job. When he’s not typing code at breakneck speeds here at the Secret Underground Lab, he’s at home writing even more ridiculous code “for funsies” (Rolith’s words exactly). I bet his dreams are in C#.

So it should come to no surprise that Rolith decided to make a game in his spare time... because, funsies. So one night, Rolith started building something he was really passionate about (retro arcade runners), and 24 hours later… VelocityAE was born.

But before anyone could ask him why, Rolith quickly pulled aside Cysero and Korin, asking for their help to build some assets for his overnight game. Cysero whipped up the 8-bit artwork for the spaceships and Korin was on 3D mesh duty.

“Have you told Artix about your game, Rolith?” Cysero asked. “Um, No...” whispered Rolith, “Don’t tell Artix about Velocity yet. 

Finally Rolith approached Artix and said, “I know you got a ton of games coming out this summer, but what would you say if I had one ready to go…. right now?”

A skeptically-curious Artix was given Rolith’s iPhone and he started playing. He died 3 seconds later. “Hard. Retro. ...and SUPER HARD!” exclaimed Artix as he spent the next 17 minutes replaying the game over and over again, trying to beat his high score. He didn’t last longer than 10 seconds. “I love this! How long until we can release it for the players”

Rolith smirked. Artix went o_O, leaned in and asked, “Did you, uh… already submit it?” Rolith was taken aback. “Should I have waited?” “No, no…. this is great!” Artix reaffirmed. “At least you did not use your spare time to making another game about Ponies! Let it go live secretly, we can make fixes and then tell the whole world about this!"

Tags: Warlic VelocityAE Rolith New Mobile Game Classic retro arcade

June 12, 2015

New Menu and Levels

Greetings! This week we have more of a Quality of Play update than anything else. (It took a while to get everything setup right!)

First off the Mission Log button recieved a few changes. The "news" button has been changed to "Info". If you click that you'll find that there is now just a "Story Guide" button and the Golden Mecha gift shop. The story guide button has been updated to cover all the main storylines. This means that once you finish with the Soluna Jobs, like Mecharoni and the Museum, you can use this button to find out where you should be going next. It'll walk you through the main storyline all the way up to the March of the Shadowscythe and the new storyline quest. If you click one of those sub headings it'll give you some text as well as a button to head to the hub of wherever you need to go. This should help a lot of you out as many times it can get confusing as to where you should be going to follow the storyline.

The other update for today is that the Experience To Next Level has been adjusted. I know I mentioned this before but it's been put into place. You'll now level up a bit faster and you should have less of a grind. If you're following the main storyline, and doing side missions as you find them on the various planets and as we release them, you should find less of a "I'm stuck" feeling. This isn't meant to make you level to 50 in 2 weeks. This is just meant to help you progress through the storyline and feel like you're actually progressing.

Along with this, because you are leveling faster, I upped the credit rewards game wide. This should make it so you'll get the same ratio of credits earned that you did before the change so you can replace items and get new mecha at the same rate you were. These changes should help, along with the overall tweaks and changes we'll make continuing in the future of overly difficult content, to make the game easier to get into for newer players, better for returning players, and helpful to current players if they want to level a new character or progress farther on a current character.

I hope this helps many of you out there as I know quite a few of you have sent me messages over the past few months asking about several of these things. I'm sorry we weren't able to have a quest or item to go along with this but with how much work it took to get everything pathed out correctly and linked and tested along with all the time I spent trying to get the TNL Exp to work out properly there just wasn't enough time to do anything else. We will have a quest next week though!

Tags: Ashendal

June 05, 2015

Dark Energy

Greetings! This week we have a quest on Zargon! The scientist's there are trying to find a way to return their powers. (You can only use those suits for so long before you miss your old abilities!) Something has gone wrong though and Selina has requested your help. If you can figure out what's wrong, two new Mecha based on The Increadible Bulk and Thunderhammer await you!

You can access this new quest from Soluna Main. It'll get moved to Zargon next week as I ran late trying to get the enemies and mecha's working. Tek's quest will also be moved out of Soluna Main and into her shop at that time. The rewards are un-equippable models but you have full control over which attacks to use so that should lessen the randomness and let you plan out use of the effects a bit more.

Enjoy the quest and let me know on the forums what you think!

Tags: Ashendal

May 29, 2015

The Lost Shipment

Greetings! Tonight we've got several things for you.

First up I did some rebalancing to the Memorial Day Mecha. They were a bit weaker than they should have been so I buffed them!

All 3 version have the same stats, based on type, on each that way people can just pick which they like.

115/120/125% damage
Nerfs immores by -50(-55/-60) and attempts a stun.
15% (20%/25%) chance for a 2 turn energy regen halt.

110/115/120% damage
If at least one of the hits connects.
3 turn 1.5 (2/2.5)x HP DoT
3 turn enemy damage nerf of -30(-35/-40)

Starts at 125% damage
Damage increase per use, stacks using either shoulder. +25% damage up to cap of +50% extra damage. (175% damage total)
Stacking enemy Bonus nerf. -15(-20/-25) per use, either shoulder, up to a cap of -50 Bonus.

100% damage
Increases Boost by 25(30/35) for 3 turns.
Increase Bonus by 15(20/25) for 3 turns.

0% damage
4 turn defense buff of 40(45/50)
Heals 10% of your max HP.

These will be sticking around till Monday the 1st so pick one up by then if you want!

Next up it was Jemini's Birthday yesterday! You can pick up a hologram for your starship in Soluna Main to celebrate!

This week's mission is to help Tek! One of her normal item deliveries went missing! She needs your help to recover the items! If you succeed then a new head weapon awaits you!

LazerHead Series

150% total damage split over 5 hits. Starts at low damage and ramps up.
60 CD
- Hit 1: 20% damage
- Hit 2: 25% damage
- Hit 3: 30% damage
- Hit 4: 35% damage
- Hit 5: 40% damage

Inflicts a (-5/-6) * (number of hits connected) 40 turn nerf to Dodge

Hopefully you all enjoy the mission! We're continuing to work on some changes that will be coming out soon!

Tags: Ashendal

May 22, 2015

Memorial Day and Extra Experience

Greetings! I have finally discovered how to appear in this small little box like Mae and Korin can over here! I've got a bunch of stuff to go over so I'll try and keep this short enough that you all get the big things but don't get bored!

First up, it's Memorial Day weekend. I'd like to say thank you to all those currently serving as well as all of my fellow veterans. Everyone here thanks you for your service and the sacrifices that you have made. There are various mecha models available in Soluna Main to celebrate the holiday.

Secondly, it's Gianna Glow's Birthday! You can pick up her E-blade, also in Soluna Main, to celebrate. Happy Birthday GG!

Next is a two part issue. We've heard a large number of you mentioning that it both takes too long to level AND that there are issues with certain areas of the game. We're working on fixing that in several ways. I'm currently working on changing overall Experience and Credits rewards, and the Exp curve, to make leveling less painful at certain points and so that you still have enough credits to replace your items and mecha at appropriate times. To help in the short term we have a quest at Tek's that grants boosted Exp rewards. This will allow you to power past certain "sticky" points until we adjust the rewards game wide. At that point the quest will go away as it won't take as long to level. (Note that the bonus exp won't show up immediatly after you get the popup. You must either complete the quest OR fight another enemy in the quest for it to apply to your Exp Bar. This is NOT a bug, this is how the game processes earned quest exp)

There are also issues in terms of overall difficulty on planets after Lagos. Most notably are Yokai and Romero but there are issues on plenty of other planets. Part of my job will be to help make the difficulty curve more uniform as you progress through the storyline so you're not hit with a giant spike in difficulty for no reason. You're supposed to have more challenging content as you level up but there shouldn't be really really easy content and then really really hard content. It should be a nice consistant increase so that you gain power as you level and the game then gets harder as a response. This won't be happening immediatly, but it is being worked on. The Exp/Credit reward overhaul will be occuring first and this overall difficulty changing will be happening as I have time over the next few months.

I also know a question plenty of you may have reading about the Exp curve being adjusted. No, we don't have plans right now to raise the level cap. This is to make sure we CAN raise it later on and you won't be hit with an even bigger wall of Exp needed or difficulty spikes past level 50. Once the overall difficulty is adjusted properly and we get the Exp Curve handled we'll eventually look at raising it. Right now though we have to make sure the game is ready to have that happen.

Also now that I have DN access, and Mae has a bit more time, you will be getting a DN post at least once a week again! We've wanted to do that for the past few months but there have been a lot of issue and it's been hard to actually get them up and posted. We're looking forward to a bunch of new stuff that's planned for the next few months and we hope you all will enjoy it!

Tags: Ashendal

May 16, 2015

Static Cannon

Star Date: 16 May, 3015

The Traveler is back in town and he has brought a new Back Arm weapon. Here are the specials.

Static Cannon

Non-Star Captain 
0 CD 
110% damage 
1st use - 2 turn, 1x EP DoT 
2nd and 3rd use - 2 turn, 1.2x EP DoT 
4th and 5th use - 2 turn, 1.4x EP DoT 
6th and higher use - 2 turn, 1.6x EP DoT 

Star Captain
0 CD 
115% damage 
1st use - 2 turn, 1.5x EP DoT 
2nd and 3rd use - 2 turn, 1.6x EP DoT 
4th and 5th use - 2 turn, 1.8x EP DoT 
6th and higher use - 2 turn, 2x EP DoT 

Nova Gem 
0 CD 
120% damage 
1st use - 2 turn -15 Bonus nerf. 
2nd use - 2 turn -10 Boost nerf. 
3rd use - 2 turn -15 Defense nerf. 
4th use - 2 turn +10 Boost Buff. 
5th use - 2 turn +20 Bonus Buff. 
6th and higher use - 2 turn +20 Boost Buff, -15 Boost nerf.

Tags: Maegwyn Traveler specials

January 16, 2015

New Room For A New Year

Star Date: 16 January, 3015

A New Room! The New Year is a lovely time to do some decorating. Star Captains, you are getting a new room in your starships tonight! I've started making some new items for you - there's a Hovering Goldfish Bowl that goes quite well in the Floor slot on the far left of the new room, with more hovering-style items to follow in the weeks ahead. Also new, for the Wall slots, is the Snow Globe On A Shelf. (The new part is the shelf. The snow globe was previously only available on a table as a floor item.)

As you can see in the above snapshot, there is now also a "back door." It will transport you to the mecha bay area of the starship. Thanks to Rolith for doing some backend work to make this happen for us. I got everything set up but just didn't have the access level needed to actually add the slot equip functionality.

I've been wanting to add another room for ages, and it came about because I was attempting to fix a Gremlin that happens when you have your starship set as your hometown. Sadly, the bug is still firmly in place (because the process of loading the starship as the hometown is a complete mystery to me so far - and also a mystery to Ash, to Vivi, to Korin, and even to Rolith). (Warlic, I'm asking you next!) So if your starship is your hometown, you still see an ancient starmap when you first enter. Just run out the bay doors and re-enter from Soluna East and you get your updated modern current map.

New Star Captain Missions Also On The Way! Ash is developing a fantastic new set of missions for you as we speak. More on that later.

So this week's release is still a work in progress - it also will involve an engine change so when we announce that it's live you will need to refresh your browser window.

I'll touch base with you again soon! Better get to battling because the holiday bonus xp and credits boosts will be gone after we roll.

Tags: Maegwyn Ash Star Captains Starship Missions

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