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April 23, 2011

Easter and Earth Day!

As you know, yesterday was Earth Day! To celebrate, we released the Solar Panels from last year and made higher level versions of them! I also went to see the movie African Cats in theaters which I highly recommend. It was beautiful and surprisingly very emotional.

This is also Easter weekend! So we brought back everything from yesteryears and we've added 2 new weapons to the reward shop of the Monster Egg battle so pummel that egg!

As for GEARS Games, we've realized we've gone long enough so I'm thinking of maybe sticking Wolfblade at like, 98%, and the other houses 9% lower at 89%. This shoul at least inspire Wolfblade to rush like crazy to the finish but Runehawk and Mystraven don't technically have far to go either. We were going to do it Friday but we didn't want to risk the war rewards, including some valor badge items, to be unfinished! So Monday is likely the date that this will happen.

As for Gameshow, I have no idea why it's taking so long. It's seeming quite complicated to tie everything together but it seems like for now it's mainly an issue of me needing more puzzles for 2 of the games, which one won't be hard but the other requires lots of research. Then it's cutscenes which I've begun storyboarding out so I can get the details out to other people this week. Ultimately things ARE coming together it just feels like everything is still overwelmingly unfinished.

Another note is that we're going to try and change up the format of MQ after Gameshow Planet. The overall storyline will still continue but once the Gameshow planet happens, let's just say some stuff is going to go down. There's also good news with this since we may be able to get the support to finish certain key features like, oh I don't know, swordfighting? I'm not talking my hack job of coding but probably someone like Zhoom to really help patch it up. We also MIGHT.... and I stress might because I haven't confirmed if it's even possible yet, but we MIGHT make it to where in this new section, you can officially become a Shadowscythe and fight to prevent the Loreon victory! So the format will be changing. This is what we're hoping to apply to the changes. Nothing is in stone yet, I'll be sure to update when I have more information but myself and the team are actually pretty excited for the change since it should be the easiest way to get more and more content out to you all. Another note would be that it raises the level cap like crazy. I would also like to point out that this has been brought on by Artix who would hate to see MQ do poorly so he's actually bringing a lot of input to the table and that's why we should hopefully be getting some features that seem unfinished to be polished and pretty. It sounds like big news, and it may even sound like bad news, but trust me when I say it's better and good news.

Anywho, I'm sure specials will be posted sometime if they haven't already been posted in the forums. I am off to relax over the weekend. It's a holiday weekend so you should be relaxing too. Really, it's the weekend so you should be relaxing regardless. So enjoy it! Later.


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