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January 27, 2011

Questions I meant to answer yesterday

Xeru asks: 1) since this is a mecha game i'd think it would be pretty difficult to transport the mecha around. if you could would u make a transformer/robotech type mecha which could change forms on the whim of the pilot? 2) why did u decide your character would have a paper bag on his head. why not a plastic one? or a duffle bag? 3) could you forsee our character dying in the future of the storyline but being revived as a cyborg? 4) would AE ever make a program where they would "adopt-a-forumite" like they do in highschools, well atleast my highschool that i know of? 5) have you ever dreamed of flying in the air freely without the aid of a plane? 6) do you enjoy the game super smash bros. brawl?

1) If it were possible yeah but it would be a lot of extra work on top of bigger filesizes and probably lagging Flash more than it already is. 2) Well a plastic bag would suffocate him. If he were able to be suffocated at least. Duffle bag is too big. Paper bag, just right. Also easily and harmlessly imitatable. 3) I don't think I see that happening. 4) Not sure what that would entail. Not likely I guess? 5) Of course. Except I had to "swim" through the air like a frog to do it. I was very young and I swore I could do it in real life. My sister just kept laughing at me as I tried :[ 6) I love Brawl but I never play it :[ I have a different Wii now and I'm too lazy to get my game save off the old one so I have to go through the story to unlock Sonic again and it's more fun playing with 2 player but no one plays it with me :[

bugattiboy91 asks: 1.) When you said other staff members have "moved on to better things" what does that mean exactly? Did they find better jobs outside of AE or were they just moved to different games? 2.) How exactly do staff members work from home? Is it complicated? 3.) What do you think of the new game mode thats contained in Animus Update 2.0? 4.) You said you play FPSes, are you familiar with the Killzone games? 5.) Have you ever played any of the Killzone games? If so, what's your opinion on them?

1) They moved on to other projects within Artix. 2) We communicate online and everyone does their job like they would in office. Only downside is that we can't immediately look on their screen if they want an opinion on something or if you want to show them something. It can be complicated sometimes but not too bad. 3) I like it. It's a little uneven I think but the concept is cool. I think there's room for improvement on it but at the same time, it's AC's first multiplayer mode and for the most part, it's a success so some flaws are easy to overlook. I think I still prefer Manhunt though. 4) I know of them. Never played them. 5) They just don't look interesting to me. Battlefield has been the only military-style combat game that I've liked. Call of Duty got annoying quick. I played the Crysis 2 demo last night and even though I would get 2nd place, it just seemed too simple. There's not enough to the levels. It's too basic. I need my heavy vehicular combay with completely destructive environments. Bad Company 2 does that for me and trumps all other military games.

hendherse asks: 1) How far in advance (weeks and planets) do you usually have some plans for a release? 2) Are there any NPCs that are minor now, but might become more important later on? 3) Can we do sneak peeks in the DNs like in DragonFable? And for all of the staff, 4) When you were a kid, what did you want to grow up to be? 5) Magic or Science? 6) Favorite weapon in MQ? 7) Favorite outfit in MQ? 8) Best Halloween costume you have ever worn?

1) We have lots of plans for future planets but we don't have a specific release schedule in terms of when each item will come out. So some release weeks are planned on the spot while we continue to work on the next big release. 2) There may be a few. I can't remember any off the top of my head but I don't think I would mention their names if I did. 3) I'm trying to plan with that in mind. I would like to do more sneak peek stuff. I just want to wait until some things have more polish. 4) Animator. 5) Science. 6) My WHOAMG laser. 7) Probably the upcoming outfit drawn by Lyris. 8) I wear my Space Ghost costume a lot. Complete with muscle padding to hide my "super ab".

HSReka asks: 1. Have you got your own admin only items in mech quest? Like mecha, uniform, etc.
2. Where are you from?(country, except if you are from another planet.^^)
3. There is an mmorpg version of AQ. There will be a MQ mmorpg?
4. What browser based games you play?

1) I have a super strong laser weapon. Check it out. 304236. I kind of have a mech but it's not really for show. Pure testing. It's just ovals. 2) Been in florida my hole life. Family at some point came out of Scotland or Ireland. Can't remember which. 3) It's a happy thought. I know Warlic and I always had fun speculating but that's all it's been so far. I don't know if we'll ever do it though. 4) I really only play Epic Duel for browser games. I might try the newer free Battlefield browser(I think it's browser based... though I know you need to install the plugin to run it) game that's either coming out or is out. Not sure though.

Soldato J asks: Korin, if you were forced into combat with your spatiotemporal, supernatural, or any other type of special powers sealed away, what weapon (i.e. an object, mass, amalgamation of energy, etc. built, designed, and/or wielded with the intent to inflict harm (bodily, psychological, social, etc.) upon a being other than yourself) would you prefer to use, disregarding plausibility?
Were you to be wounded in such an encounter, what would come out?
On a related note, what is your blood-type (real and in-game)?
What size shoe do you wear?
What is your "favourite" number?
Are you right-handed, left-handed, ambidextrous or other?
What material is your "bag" made of? Ultra-compressed SSS-Rank Cardboardium?
What one word would you use to best describe yourself?
Are my questions making you scratch your head?

1) A cat launcher. Some people aren't afraid of guns or swords but if you throw a cat at someone, they always freak out. 2) Ketchup and maybe residual Cherry Coke from when I used to live off of it. 3) I have no idea for both. I should probably figure that out. 4) 10.5. 5) I don't think I have a favorite number. -1? 6) Right-handed. I used to be okay drawing with my left hand when I broke my right wrist a long time ago but I doubt I kept much of that skill. 7) Weird. Or boring. Is there a word for both of those? Square maybe. 8) Honestly, I did scratch my forehead. I tend to scratch my head when I think.

Dinoboy Whisperwind asks: do you like Lord of the Rings?? And have you read the book?

I like it but there are a number of other things I would rather watch. Like Jingle All the Way. Those movies are too long for me. As for the books, those are also too long for me.

shadowbird1 asks: Did you know that when you named the Vanguard (Or did you say it was suggested?), that it was already the name of a game, a banking acount place, and a school? The game was made in 04 I beleive? Somewhere around there..

I knew it was popular and I remember a game being named it. I wasn't too concerned though.

kevin282819 asks: do you guys ever take a vacation? you know, like a month or so off in some tropical island, if not do you guys think you need one? (korin's latest DNs seemed reaaallly tired)

Not a month. Maybe a week here and there. Since I'm game lead though I tend to still be working on those though. I was only tired last night because I was lying in bed and getting ready to pass out when I remembered the unfinished Design Notes post.

Holiday Practel asks: Halo Reach or Assassins Creed. What time do you play it at? Who do you play with?

1) It's a little hard for me to decide. I was going to say Reach for single player but I think I like Creed's single player more. There's a lot to do and the attention to detail is always impressive. As for multiplayer, I'm liking Creed more because of how fresh and different it is. While Reach is a huge improvement to Halo 3's awful multiplayer, it's still not as enjoyable as Halo PC was (in which I was a monster and will happilly play against anyone here in Halo PC). 2) I usually play it at night when I get home and settled in. 3) Some weirdo. :P

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