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January 24, 2011

Update for the week ahead

So we're here at another week. I'm still working hard on the gameshow planet. I'm making a little obstacle course platformer. It's coming out well. It's almost feature-complete and then I should be able to make a ton of levels for both story and bonus levels.

So while I work on this, I need to figure out another easy release for this week. We have 3 enemies being animated. I'll need to make the cutscenes, and I need to get a script so I can hopefully get George Lowe in on this.

I'm sure we'll have a solid plan tomorrow. I'm pretty excited for the next planet though. I'm also figuring out the GEARS Games in my head AND realizing I need to do a Valentines Day release, most likely with Braddock and his not-so-secret admirer. Plus I want to do a small thing for St. Patrick's Day. Maybe an invasion into the Rainbow world.

So there's a lot of stuff on my mind. GEARS Games could potentially be awesome. At this rate it may not be out until late February but it's going to have a new gametype, basically.

We haven't forgotten about the Traveler storyline, either. That may be the release for this week, the next step. Like I said, not sure yet. Lots of things up in the air, lots of things keeping us busy, but ultimately, some fun, and story content is definitely ahead.

I guess I can answer a few questions though while I'm here.

DARK cal asks: 1) have you ever been to Berlin? 2) what is your favourite question on this forum so far? 3) do you like cake? 4) is there Any love left in the world who knows? 5) how do you spell because? 6) did you miss me? 7) can I be a mod? 8) do you watch family guy? 9) who is your favourite comidian? 7) do you like dancing? 8) what's your favourite movie? 9) were do you live? 10) do you walk drive or ride a bike to work? 11) I follow you on twitter. all of you. 12) do you watch much tv? 13) Do you know any English people? 14) do you have a brother or a sister? 15) is there any romance going on in the underground lab? 16) coffee or tea? 17) pizza or pie? 18) who is your favorite holy man?

1) Nope. Never left America. I would love to travel though. My wallet disagrees. 2) I know there was one about Warlic vs Me in terms of being a game lead that I liked to answer. I think that was an important question to answer sicne I think it ultimately showed I'm trying to be honest with you all. 3) LOVE cake. 4) It exists. It's just harder to find. There are a lot of distractions these days. 5) Because. 6) Have you been gone long? 7) BANX0RZED!!!!111!11!111one1!!!!1!1 8) Yeah. Not religiously but I'll watch it on Netflix or if it's on. 9) Not sure I have one. Katt Williams, Robin Williams, and Bert Kreischer. Not in that order. 7) Not a big fan. Mainly because I can't dance. 8) I don't have a favorite. Back to the Futures, How to Train your Dragon, Wall-E, Jurassic Park, Flight of the Navigator, all good movies. 9) In the general area of Tampa, FL. 10) Drive. 11) Right on. I'm trying to do more tweeting. 12) I used to. Not as much. My main TV lately is AFV, Wipeout, and The Middle. 13) A couple that I see at DragonCon mainly. 14) I have an older sister by 5 years and 1 week. 15) Apparently yes. 16) Probably tea. I can at least force myself to drink tea. Coffess grosses em out. 17) Pizza. 18) Eddie Murphy? HAR HAR HAR

I think I'm going to save the others for another time. It's time to go home! I'll post more news as it comes.


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