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January 20, 2011

More questions to answer!

forumlogin asks: Do you guys like noodles? Have you guys changed homes before? TV style? Car brand? Which DF element is your favorite?

I do indeed like noodles. I love spaghetti at least.

I lived in my childhood house all my life. I have my own house now though. Happens to be right down the road from my parent's though but it was worth it for the entertainment room capabilities (not that I wanted to be far from my parents since they're cool peoples). My TV is actually a projector. The house I bought had the garage turned into a room and I mounted a projector on the ceiling, setup surround sound, hooked up the HD Verizon box, the 360, and my IO-Box which lets me stream any video format from my PC without needing to transcode it which means it's pure quality every time. 100" screen for the win! Plus it was phenomenally cheaper than if I bought a 50" Plasma and it looks just as good. Projector is a Mitsubishi HC-1600.

I use Ford. Sure they break but the parts are cheap and they're easy to fix.

I don't think I know the DF elements.

HSReka asks: What is your favourite mecha in the game? Who are the members of MQ staff right now? If there was other ones, who left the game, why they left it? What language(s) do you speak?

I'll just say Sepulchure mech.

Paid staff is me, Maegwyn, Arklen, Desil, Jemini, and Thyton. Volunteer staff is Vivi, Minar, and Lyris along with Blues, Azami, Khelios sometimes. A lot of people used to work on MQ such as Warlic and J6. Those who left were moved on to newer projects. It wasn't really a choice thing, just business. It happens.

I speak English. I can do very very very little Spanish. Less Japanese. Do Actionscript and HTML count?

demonblast219 asks: Can I help MQ with ideas/plot/writing?

We're on a tight story schedule right now but we may open up suggestable story arcs further down the road. We're not sure yet.

theoriginalsirexice asks: 1)If you were ebil what would you change your char name to?. 2)Are you also having problems getting a match on assasins creed brotherhood?. 3)Do you think i have a really long name?.

1) Who said I'm good? :X I probably wouldn't. 2) I was. When I downloaded the free Animus Update 1.0 DLC, it seemed to find matches faster. Still happens sometimes but not as much. Hopefully 2.0 will make more fixes. 3) I was worried I would type it wrong. I still might have.

Firescope asks: 1) Will MechQuest ever reach a complete state? If so do you have idea when that will be? 2) How many staff members work at the Secret Underground Lab? 3) There was a multiplayer feature mentioned a long time ago. Mechquest Armada was it? Are there any plans of eventually implementing this?

1) Story-complete, of course. Feature-complete, harder to tell. I know I'm not capable of applying all those crazy features. I'm not an Actionscript guru unfortunately. 2) More than 20. Maybe less than 30. Not really sure. 3) I think Armadas is gone unfortunately. The window to make that has passed unfortunately.

runer asks: Most of the ideas you guys come up with ; engine updates , new ways of adding skills ... basically engine/game making ways , if you had the idea back in the day (Say you came up with the idea in 2003) , would it be possible to apply something from todays technology back then ?

The technologies haven't really changed so technically we could've if we had come up with it or had the time to implement it in the beginning.

blueshareds asks: 1)I love animals in general but have to say in general I'd want a maine coon, what you think of them? 2) thoughts on furry community? curious since AE games have many non human characters 3) are there any thoughts on a more detailed system of panting mechs in the future? 4)whats you thoughts on the knightron series? 5) so anyone like stupid mario brothers on youtube? x3 6) Reeses peanut butter cups, I love them they are like a drug to me, do you or any the staff have a an addiction like love of them? 7) whats your fav, place to get pizza from? 8) anyone in the staff ever play cosmic break? 9) fav. parody song 10) to old and new staff on MQ an AE in general thanks for everything all these years I've been here I've enjoyed your work 11) >.> <.< *jumps through the screen into AE universe* whooooo! they have cookies!

1) They are large and fluffy, sure but it looks like they're almost capable of ripping your face off. 2) I'm not a fan of the furry movement. Don't get me wrong, I have no problems with people enjoying it. The concept of being an unknown person in a mascot uniform is kind of cool but overall, it's too weird for me. 3) It would be cool but I don't think it would be feasible at this time. 4) Knightron is a little before my time of consciously understanding what's happening in MQ so I don't have much input on it. 5) Doesn't do anything for me. 6) If I had a neverending supply of Reeses cups, I would have diabetes in an hour. 7) It used to be Pizza Hut for it's stuffed crust pizza but age has taken it's toll on me. Giordano's pizza is super tasty though and doesn't hurt me so I say Giordano's. Pricey though :[ 8) I've never heard of it. Looks weird though. In a cool way. 9) Weird Al's Polka Power. 10) You're welcome. We all enjoy making it. 11) WHERE!?

Zeronius asks: 1. How has your life been lately? 2. What is your favorite flavor of milk? 3. What are your feelings about pie? 4. Will you ever make a Korin mecha?

1) Not bad. Few hiccups here and there but it's moving. 2) Chocolate? 3) I'm not a huge pie fan. 4) I'd rather not, personally. I think the bag item was enough but even that weapon needs more animations to it.

popinloopy asks: Can i be a MOD? That's right, i asked to be a mega orange daffodil. Can i? if so, when, where? if not, why noooot?

If by mod you mean WHOAMGBANX0RZED!!! then absolutely! :D

Knoodlesguy asks: whats your favorite action movie/series or anime? (which ever you watch :P)

I think I'll say FLCL. It's animation was beautiful and it had a lot of great dynamic action in it. Plus it was short and sweet. A really awesome series in my opinion.

Xeru asks: 1) what is your job in MQ. do you draw or are u just the person that makes decisions? never really knew. 2) what is your favorite song/band? 3) would it be possible to have a korin mecha? 4)POR QUE?!?!? 5) if you could spend the day with either ezio or sonic the hedgehog which would you prefer to hang wit?

1) I started as the animator. I basically took over for J6 when he moved on. Spent forever trying to get as good as him. Never really did but I at least got good. Then I started learning to program quests while still animating and doing cutscenes by then. Then I started making decisions and doing quest building and doing cutscenes and sometimes still animating. So my job has become more and more with time. Stressful. 2) The song I always praised was Green Day's Basketcase. I can't really pinpoint a favorite band. Most of the bands have changed with time by a lot. Older Green Day, Older Blink 182, Older Sum-41, Tally Hall. Those are my favorites. 3) Technically yes. Probably won't happen though. 4) Speghetti! (old joke) 5) Sonic. Easy. Sonic is infinitely cooler than Ezio.


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