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January 14, 2011

Finally! SC mecha and Verified mecha!

That's right. They're finally here! The lastest defensive style SC mecha named by blackshock, the Vanguard is now available! Also, we have the FIRST Verified mecha now available at Tek's!! You might notice that the name is only "Verified". Kind of a boring name.  So whatever thread these DNs get posted in, make MORE suggestions for a name for this mech! The one that the players seem to like most can become the official name of the mech! Blues worked closely with Maegwyn and Vivi to make these specials awesome for both mechs so get ready.

We also have 2 new weapons available at Tek's as well. Minar drew and animated these. These weapons actually came from the suggestions forum! I know, right? We actually used it! Knoodlesguy conceptualized the Gravitron Enforcer, and Caotica White came up with the Telekinetic Orb.

I'm hoping that next week I will have an SC preview of the upcoming planet release at least in terms of functionality. If not, it'll be the week after for sure with a hopeful release being the week after THAT. It depends on how smooth things go but things are looking pretty cool so far. The only real thing in question is whether or not we can get a certain voice actor to do the voice for it but first we need to make the solid script. So I've been working hard on that and I've even had Jemini helping me with backgrounds. So the planet should be cool and instead of it being a random planet, it will actually be part of the main storyline. Not huge but it should be good.

I'll probably answer more questions over the weekend and I'm sure some other staff will have some questions answered too. So for now, I think that's it. Not 100% for what's going on next week so stay tuned. Might just make an easy SC quest. Maybe do something with Braddock. That would be nice. Depends on how much time I get.

Have a good weekend.

Before I forget (since I already did),

150 calendars
30 Twillies
10 sm chickencow
10 med chickencow
5 XL shirts
20 2XL shirts
20 3XL

Next week Epic Duel shirts come in, shirts will go on sale next weekend. Love it.

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