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January 12, 2011

Moar Qweschuns

I figured I would answer some questions since I think one of them was meant to be silly yet I can honestly say that as of this past Sunday, I have indeed done what the question inquires. I'll be sure to announce which question it is when I get to it. I think it's in the first batch.

fhiz asks: what is your favorite musical/stage play? are any of you good cooks or chefs? have you ever pet a kangaroo? at what age did you decide you wanted to go into the game design feild? who is your favorite actor?(mine is bruce campbel) can you say the alphabet backwards? if so how fast? what colour drapes are in your house? have you ever been skiing? where? boxers, briefs or tighty whities

I haven't seen many but I absolutely loved The Lion King on Broadway. Beautiful and fun. ||| I wouldn't say I am. I can make spaghetti, tacos, burgers, chicken, steak, but nothing fancy about them. I can just heat them up to the point where they are edible. ||| This is the question I mentioned in the beginning. I actually went ahead and got year passes to Busch Gardens on New Years Eve and last weekend we realized that they added a kangaroo petting zoo. They also have wallabies. So not only have I pet a kangaroo and a wallaby, I've also fed them. They're awesome and I actually would love to get a wallaby as a pet since they stay small and can't kill you with kicks. ||| For the longest time it was just animation. Throughout college though I didn't get to learn as much animation as I initially planned because I had so much fun learning everything else too. I've certainly gotten better at animating albeit slower than some *cough J6 cough Ghost cough Miltonius cough Yergen* but I like to think that when I take that time, I can produce some impressive stuff. In the end I just ended up learning about more game stuff. I learned the Unreal Engine enough to be able to make my own maps and Elder Scrolls engine enough to make my own armor and weapons, some of the Source engine (Half-Life 2). Halo PC's engine was complicated. I always wanted to learn the Crytek engine but I never got a chance to play with it. Unity is awesome. I really want to make a Unity game but I would need the time to develop the 3D models and animations and program it. I have actually started modeling Galactimecha for fun so maybe I'll try a Galactimecha 3D Unity game in the future. Assuming I finish it. In the end, I was about 19 when I decided to go into gaming. Animation, I was very young and it stayed in my mind until it changed to games. I liked the idea of games because I could do animation that's basically interactive. ||| Maybe Jim Carrey or Zach Galifianakis. Very funny guys. ||| I can but I usually get slower when I get into the ghijk area. For some reason those letters are hard when going backwards. Less than 30 seconds though. ||| They're like peachish I guess. Some at least. Others are green. My projector room just has blankets for now. I need to get some super thick drapes to keep all light out. ||| Water skiing, yes. Snow, no. I've only seen snow once and it wasn't enough to ski on. Only enough to make an army of snowballs only to have my dad invade and use them against me. This was in Missouri. Water skiing was in Florida in an old lake called Lake Louisa in Clermont, Florida. The water looks just as gross from Google Maps as I remember it. ||| Boxers.

popinloopy asks: now that you know you are epic, what is the secret to your epicness? potato baths? eating salted shoes? or just your paper bag?

Probably just ketchup. Loooooots and lots of ketchup.

shadowbird1 asks: Well if you still need people to work in MQ, Im a good artist, and im good at colouring things. Best part; Ill work for free.

I might take you up on it. Feel free to send me any art samples to my PM.

icemaster 77 asks: 1. Do you like Irish music to be honest? 2. Do you like Ireland? 3. What are you favourite Historical Movies? 4. Do you like today's cartoon shows or the classic cartoon shows?

I don't think I know of any Irish music. At least not off the top of my head. No idea why I wouldn't like it. ||| I have no reason to hate Ireland. My family originated from the Ireland area. I always like the pictures I see there. I bet the air smells fantastic. One day I plan on visiting but I'm no rich guy. ||| I love Saving Private Ryan. Beautiful and very sad movie. Same goes for Schindler's List and Empire of the Sun. Can't forget Star Wars (Long time ago in a galaxy far, far away!). ||| I think I like the older cartoons more. I think I officially lost interest in a lot of shows after Ed, Edd n Eddy though I do like Chowder and while I haven't seen Adventure Time, I REALLY REALLY want to because I think I'll love it. But I guess that's what I mean. Cartoons don't rope me in much these days like Cow & Chicken, Ren and Stimpy, Beavis and Butt-Head, and of course Rocko's Modern Life (favorite). I still love cartoons and in fact still avidly watch those cartoons I listed so it's not like I disconnected. I just don't see as much interest in the newer ones. Though like I said, I really need to watch more Chowder and Adventure Time.


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