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January 11, 2011

Some questions! And stuff.

Zeonius asks: 1. What, if any, is your favorite type of cheese? 2. If I give you cheese, will I receive nothing in return? 3. What are your thoughts and postulates on the theories of spaghettification? 4. If I discombobulated both myself and yourself into atoms, allowed the atoms to co-exist, and them reformed us, would it be possible that I could have gained your powers of Molecular Manipulation?

1.Probably Colby. I can destroy a block of colby if I was allowed. Pretty sure my health would greatly decline if I did so I have never eaten a full block on my own in one sitting but I sure would love to. 2. Thoughts of my fat and happy belly? 3. What's there to debate? Physics say it works. 4. Probably not. Let's not find out.

shadowbird1 asks: My first question still stands. Is something going on with MQ? We've been seeing that the MQ team has been getting sent over to other AE games. But I guess you have been stepping up your game lately..
anyway. Different question, Do you guys have any pets? If so what kind?

This has been happening for 3 years now. The AQW needed a lot of design help. MQ was able to hold it's own until recently for the most part but all it meant was that we needed to change how we made our releases. So right now we're in the middle of that change. We're organizing out production pipeline so optimistically you'll see improvements. We're currently well on our way into making our next planet with Jemini doing backgrounds and Nicole has been vectorizing all the mechs we do and soon we might be ahead of schedule to where she can start helping to animate. Thinks are certainly looking better which is good because we have some fun stuff planned this year.

As for pets, I have a cat, 2 ball pythons and a red-eye crocodile skink. My next pet I want to get is a Frilled Dragon. I'm a reptile guy for sure.

Lots of meetings lately. I've been having to come up with some fun T-Shirt ideas. We'll be reviewing the ideas I came up with on Monday. Hopefully they'll be accepted and you can see them. Maybe even in the thread for these DNs you guys can come up with your own ideas for shirts and I'll see if I can't pull them out.

The SC mech and Verified mech are being setup now for programming. Things are looking good this week. Unfortunately this T-Shirt stuff has kept me from working on the new planet stuff D: so I need to be FOCUSED tomorrow. I'm excited about the next planet. Got some fun puns and stuff lined up. I'll show you more as we get closer to it.

Think I'm heading home for the night to try and relax for an optimistically productive day tomorrow. Later all.


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