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January 10, 2011

Korin answers!

DARK cal asks: 1) what is your favorite animal? 2) if you had kids would you let them date people over there own age? 3) have you ever had any type of surgery? 4) what's your favorite tv show? 5) what size shoe are you? 6) have you ever seen the grand canyon? 7) have ever been to eygpt? 8) who is your favorite ae villain?

1) Either Bearded Dragon, Komodo Dragon, Water Monitor, or Frilled Dragon. Water Monitor more than Komodo Dragon because the Water Monitor won't kill you. 2) If they're underage, 3 year difference max. Of legal age, whoever they want. 3) Wisdom teeth? 4) Sitcom? Scrubs. "Reality" show? Wipeout. Cartoon? Rocko's Modern Life probably. 5) 10.5 6) I have using Google Earth. Does that count? 7) Nope. I would probably die of heat stroke. 8) Evil Jim.

popinloopy asks: Why are you so epic?

This is news to me. I haven't got a clue.

DARK cal ALSO asks: 1) do you like cheese? 2) I saw on the DNs that you don't like avatar are you mad have you hit you head lately avatar is the best movie ever made? 3) there is no 3...

1) LOVE cheese.... Is there cheese? 2) I'm not mad. I will happily explain my reasoning which may or may not contain spoilers for anyone else reading. What the movie DOES have is gorgeous looking environments that resemble underwater reefs above water. What it also has is awful looking animals that seem to have something against fur so they look like blatantly CG blobs. The dragon designs look funny but the one big bad dragon looked like he was rendered really well. Other than that, nothing really to say. The mechs looked terrible. They never fit the scene. They barely did anything. It's like they were added to be part of the final battle against Captain Moron. The action scenes weren't bad when they happened but a lot of it was just boring and setting up things that you already predicted would be happening. But now for the plot. The plot made sense at first when this militia of mercenaries was forced to wait for a peaceful resolve of moving the Navi out of the tree area so they could get their unobtainium. Once the peaceful resolve was finished, they went on a very simple and tyranic rampage through the tree to try and run everyone out because the peaceful resolve was no longer necessary. Now, we're in a future with all sorts of fancy technology. You can't convince me that this militia of mercenaries couldn't have remained in orbit, out of the flight range of dragons and more importantly, out of spear range, and just rained artillery on the planet from a safe position in orbit. In fact, this one huge, HUGE plot hole is what makes the idea of a sequel ridiculous. The peaceful resolve is gone. The corporations that want the Unobtainium don't care. They never did. It's game over for the Navi. It should've been game over. Oh, and it's a complete rehash story of several other existing movies (Dances with Wolves, Pocahontas), except for the futuristic setting which is where that type of movie doesn't fit easily. I guess I can say it's certainly not abysmal but it's not at all the best movie ever. Maybe it had the best use of 3D glasses but that technology is still flawed to me. I still see ghost images and everything just looks blurry and all it does is remind me that I'm watching a 3D movie instead of immersing me like it's supposed to do. I get more immersed in 2D movies just because I have nothing between me and the film. I did not see Avatar in 3D so I got to see it for what the actual movie was. A rehash movie that wasn't THAT incredible. In a choice between watching Avatar or Jingle All the Way, I would rather watch Jingle All the Way. Granted I would say I would rather watch Jingle All the Way instead of Lord of the Rings and I think those are GOOD movies, just ridiculously long. /vent. 3) D:!

master mix asks: do any of you guys like dragons and that kind of stuff?

I like drawing dragons. Dragons are pretty cool stuff. Though I'm a little picky of the style of dragons that I like. I think that Reign of Fire movie, while bad, has awesome looking dragons.

jream asks: which mech do you believe describes you best?

The Guerilla Tree mech from Frostval a while back. It's goofy.

As for release this week, since I'm still building things for the next planet as well as figuring out what's going on in the future of MQ, this week's release will be the new SC mech. I would like to also release the Verified mech if we can get the SC mech squared away in time. It may offend a lot of you but I am planning on making the SC mech defensive. The last several mechs have been offensive and I think it's only fair to make a mech that pleases the other players.

We'll probably have a couple items for NSC players as well. Maybe something more if I can come up with something.


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