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Korin Korin

Star Date : March 31th, 3010

I see everyone is freaking out that we haven't said much so I decided that while I'm still here at the Underground Lab today that I would go ahead and let you know what's going on.

First off, 2 holidays right next to each other. Both holidays appear to be things people want celebrated pretty badly. Unfortunately, coming up with a new mech in a week is flat out impossible with the current schedule everyone has. We're all working very hard on the next several releases already so that their content will be ready. Unfortunately, that leaves us little time for this week so to answer questions,

I will begin with no. There is no April Fools mecha this year. We thought about reviving one of the old ones but I think of those as extreme rares and I would be hesitant to rerelease those. The Easter mecha seem less-rare to me so for mechas this week, you'll be getting a revived Easter mecha. I don't think we've figured out which one yet and if we did, I've forgotten it since I'm trying to get a dozen other things in order.

I will continue by saying that there will still be an April Fools item and maybe some foolery going on. The item seems to be in demand but we'll see when it launches. Only thing we haven't decided is if we should roll the item at midnight tonight or Thursday at normal roll time, followed by the Easter stuff on Friday. So more to come on that.

I'm hoping to make it so the old Easter quests are replayable. I need to talk with Warlic about how to set that up because it seems like the Easter releases were set up in the most chaotic way possible.

That said, there will be a new, single fight Easter quest and it will have 2 rewards. One being the revived mecha, the other being a monster mecha.

And trust us when I say we're all well aware about how disappointed you will be since you've been expecting one all week. It just won't happen, at least not this week. If I were to try and compromise, I would suggest that we schedule an April Fools day mecha on May. And call it the "April Fools Edition Mecha Now in May" mecha. Any of you have thoughts on that? I'm perfectly willing to try and make a solution but thinking of us as realistic human beings, it just won't happen this week but I'm willing to work with you all on coming up with something as exciting.

On a lighter note, we're changing some sound effects soon. Don't be alarmed. I started playing with some audio tools and I figured out how to make them with more bass and they sound nice. However, feedback is always welcome and we'll change them back if you guys don't like them.

That's all I have to say right now, I think. So we apologize for the inconvenience (since I'm sure there is one) but let us know what you think about delaying an April Fools mech to a not-April-1st date.


Star Date : March 29th, 2010!
We're Insane!

Korin has been plotting and planning and eating pickles with peanut butter and pumpernickel and porpoises (ew!) and probably parrots and peccaries (and ketchup) - or something like that. Maybe he doesn't even like pickles. But his favorite color is green. So I highlilght stuff in green for him. But I can't say much about all that just yet. I know you want more news about this week than what I'm saying. But my lips are zipped for now. Expect insanity!!

Personater & I worked on a Buggy Monday starting on ... Thursday? Saturday? Well, whatever day we started - we're making GREAT progress on the Lucky Nubertron, and on the Nuberizing special. (I take too much credit - Perso's done the coding, and I've just been testing & saying "Hey wait, not perfect yet.") So blame me for the delay with the bugfix! I may have driven Perso over the edge into insanity (join the club!) We're just going to get those Nubertrons to stop doing strange things. Over the weekend I also added some commas and a period, maybe a dash and an ellipse - to the Friday speech bubbles - and fixed a couple of mouseovers. Yay me! But it's best if this all waits to roll Live at once. And it will. When it's good to go, but not before.

Tentative Plans for Buggy "Mondays"
With work schedules and timezones and whatnot, we may be having "Buggy Mondays" on a Tuesday or a Wednesday in the upcoming weeks. We've got an insanely dedicated gang working on getting ALL the bugs out of MQ. I have a fancy, complicated, prioritized, color-coded List going. The ArchKnights neodiabolus, phoenixfire555, and Terosin have been combing the Gremlins forum for older as-yet-unfixed bugs, as well as keeping on top of the newer ones & alerting me to them. Azami, blues, Korin, Personater, and Warlic all have their unique skills they lend to the process. I can fix a thing or two, and I'm horribly bossy telling x to test y, and z to fix m, and r isn't quite perfect yet, and everyone goes qq...

Of course you who report the bugs on the forums are key in letting us know what's not working as intended. Thank you all so much!!

Choco Bun-Z! Our special Game Card promotion is back! For a limited time you can get the Choco Bun-Z in Mech Quest by redeeming your Artix Entertainment Upgrade card to upgrade to Star Captain or to get more Nova Gems.

If Artix Entertainment Upgrade cards aren't in your area, and I hear on the forums that they're not available everywhere:

Our game cards are available in the US, Canada, and UK at Target, BestBuy, WHSmith, Sobeys, Needs, Safeway... and a bunch of others... even including some gas stations like Cumberland Farms! (See a full list of stores carrying our cards at: ) If our cards are not available in your area, please let us know on this forum post and we will send the list to the card company letting them know! If for any reason you are unable to get one of our game cards, don't worry. We have more amazing items coming for you in the next releases for everyone -- regardless of where you are located. Thank you for supporting the MechQuest Team during this special promotion if you are able!




Star Date : March 26th, 2010
Whatever happened to that Dragonoid Star Captain Monthly Mecha Release?

Yes I stole a joke from the forums. I found it funny. Thank you, zanathos.

ANYWHO!!!! Equip your energy blades. You'll be happier. And you want to be happy.




Star Date : March 26th, 2010
FINALLY!!!! Oh and now I has name under picture.

Holy cow.... The last few days have been severely long. It's been an odd week. First off, congratulations to Jemini. She has finally graduated college with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree! Good for her. I hope she enjoys her debt like the rest of us. I mention this though because she was doing a lot this week getting ready for graduation and making sure she wouldn't fail. So she wasn't available as much as she usually is which is perfectly understandable given the circumstances. Warlic and Yergen Von Shmergenbergen were given a big deadline so they were unable to help. So the result? A litle bit of a late release but a total level up on our part.

I just want to say that I feel we did great this week. Everyone was on their A-game. Maegwyn's been sticking it out with me through most of these late nights (though in the end I won by staying up til 6AM this morning working only to wake up 3 hours later and begin working again :P). Arklen vectorized and animated the weapons very quickly. They came back looking great. Blues made specials right away and Personator coded them excellently despite the fact that we were confused out of our minds. Azami endlessly assisted the testing of every little thing. It was hectic. In the end, we still needed some more help so I brought on another team player whom happens to be getting debuted in the game today. Char (Charfade) provided all of the art for the backgrounds of the walkaround quest. She also designed her own character and Jemini did a great job adding the shadows, highlights, and making small adjustments. It may not take you guys long to beat at all but in the end, this was a great release in my opinion. It's thrusting us into the next arc of the story which will remain fairly constant excluding certain holidays of course. This all leads to a big finale of this story arc which we ultimately have planned out but we still need to figure out some of the stuff that goes in the middle. Either way, I'm confident it'll be awesome and I think players will appreciate it.

Some things are still unknown in the end of this release and that's on purpose. I won't mention anything here because I think it ruins it if I spell everything out for you. Either way, I hope everyone enjoys the new turn of events. We're all really excited about it. I realize it'll be fairly short to beat but really, this is a release that's all about the story. We're really trying to push MechQuest forward.

Anywho, we have some new weapons with new specials. Let's go to Blues.


A bit late but here the specials for the new NUBERTRON:

Head: 1 hit laser (CD 5)

- enemy level nerf, roll between 3 and 7 levels, 100% activation on hit doesnt wear off of course
- +20 BtH )
- -15 enemy def
- -15 enemy BtH

effects last 5 turns

Shoulders: 1 Hit laser (CD 0)

No additional special!
Combo with head and arms --> high crit chance!

FA: 3 Hits machine gun (CD 3)

- increasing damage

BA: 1 Hit flame thrower (CD 3)

- chancel for a 1.5 time HP DoT , lasts 3 turns

Now the specials for all Weapons:

Each Weapon gives +LUK temporary additional. .
Each Weapon starts with a 30% crit chance.
Adding +10% crit per activation.
When you break the chain with a non default Weapon, defaults go back to 30% crit and start from there again.

bzzzzt Maegwyn breaks in
That's how it's supposed to work indeed! But Nuberizing does some realllly strange stuff sometimes, like in the Diner Challenges and in Stat Training... Also, if you're low-level ... Nuberizing your opponent doesn't always quite work as intended. It doesn't just make him a n00ber - it makes him into a wet nooodle! Look at him crosseyed and he'll fall over... Also sometimes the combo isn't quite right. So yeah, we're working on these Gremlins.

bzzzzt back over to blues

And the brand new Choco BunZ promo item (FS):

3 Hits

Hit 1: chance for a crit, chance for a HP/EP DoT
Hit 2: chance for a crit, chance for a HP/EP DoT
Hit 3: chance for a crit, chance for a HP/EP DoT

You can get 3 DoT´s, lasting 3 turns. CD of the Weapon is 3.
It purges all existing DoT´s!


And the new Weapons:

CD = 3, effects last 3 turns.

We have a NSC, SC and NG Weapon this Friday for you.
All have the same special but the effects are better: NG > SC > NSC

They get a damage increasing DoT which has an increasing chance to crit.
Sounds not too special.... well, you must test them to get a feeling for this
amazing new special. :)


Thank you, Blues. A very hefty post indeed. And while on the subject of weapons, I realized I forgot to do the check in Warlic's office which I have now fixed. Going there after completing the quests will earn you the new weapons that Blues mentioned. As for the Choco BunZ promo item, you'll need to pick up an Artix Entertainment upgrade card from any local stores that may have one! If I were super responsible, I would have a list of stores. Unfortunately I don't so I'm useless there but then again, I just spent the last 72 hours of my life working almost non-stop. Worth it though.

So the Lucky Star Captain Mecha are no longer available but now you have (hopefully) unbugged and fully color customizable versions! I hope you enjoy those as well.

Finally, let us know in the forums what you think of the release! Otherwise, have a great weekend.


Star Date : March 25th, 2010
Whatever happened to that DragonoidStar Captain Monthly Mecha?

I realize there may be signs everywhere in Soluna saying check out the new Star Captain Monthly Mecha (SCMM) and some of you may be wondering what happened to it. It was supposed to come out today (Wednesday) but we ran into several issues and there's no way we're releasing it when we know it's crazy bugged. The color customization is having issues though I think I fixed most of them. I still get to hunt more color issues tomorrow. Then there's an issue with only the arms showing up in the attack list. That's weird. Then there's the bug that's in the lucky version which we're positive is in the normal version.

That said, this week should be big story-wise. And if not, well, we worked hard on it. We spent all last week planning heavily on what to do for the rest of the year in MechQuest. We finally have a crazy story arc that may break some previously promised things but we think it will make for a good story. Basically all future planets will have a purpose for being visited. They may play out a bit like Necryptos though I don't think we'll make you required to buy a whole mech but maybe a few items. Anyways, there's your bit of insight to what's coming up and what we're working so hard on. The overall story will get a little serious but not much. Still (hopefully) humorous.

So here I am at 1:30 in the morning making a DNs post I should've made 6 hours ago. I have been working since noon. Woo. It's worth it I think. I'm excited about this stuff so don't take it as a complaint. If anything, let it show you how dedicated we are. I'll even be working from home the next 2 days for extra focus, no wasted time driving, and my ridiculously large monitor. It is indeed ridiculous. Plus, I less than three tower computers more than laptops. Most of you probably don't know this but when I go to the underground lab, I hook up a wired mouse and keyboard to my laptop so I treat it like a tower. I reject your touchpad and screen-attached keyboard!! Besides, my keyboard is an Eclipse 2 and it lights up all pretty and what-not. And my mouse lights up red. Makes me happy. Even though my favorite color is green. People wouldn't have thought that with all the redness but that's because I'm a firm believer in the ways of ketchup. Many of you know this. Maybe even all of you.

I should stop talking. Good times. Sorry for the delay in the SCMM. We are working on it while trying not to fall behind in this week's story release. Resources are limited this week but they should be nicer next week. Which if all goes to plan, we visit a new planet next week. How's that for a juicy hint? Go ahead and sip that for a little bit while I happily sleep and fall asleep to Ed Edd n Eddy dvds.


Star Date : March 22nd, 2010!
Squashin' Gremlins
- and more!
Korin peeked at the actual Gremlins spreadsheet today ... and his reaction was ... "ooooo pretty colors!" I've been sorting and prioritizing and color-coding - and normally I just grab a coder and cut/paste info about what needs fixing first, and we go down the priority list that way. So ... Korin now sees the pretty rainbow. I may have mesmerized him or even confused him somewhat with my complex system (temporarily). But this is a Good Thing (TM-lol) and we will keep on going down that list in weeks to come.

Fixlist for Buggy Monday 22March2010:
-3rd hit removed from SCMM arm: if a Gremlin just happened to be un-fixed here, we're sorry ... unconfirmed report that "Apparently the Master Blade on the BM has become un-fixed with the recent update, and is skipping enemies turns once more." (Thanks, Master Merlin) ...We're on it... Check the newest post in the "This Just IN" thread in the Gremlins forum for updates...
-Scaling on Lucky House mechas tweaked to mirror the GEARS games editions. (This is a little tricky and could require even more tweaking, but it makes more sense with the House themes now...)
-Lucky WB FA EP cost updated to 1.5 (was taking 2x EP)
-GEARS edition House mechas no longer work with any House - must be in the proper House to equip. (We're also working on getting the "Incompatible" popup to behave properly on all House mechas, which seems currently to be a work-in-progress. They might all work. Or you might get an interesting surprise when your battle begins. Be sure you're in the proper House for your mecha before entering battle!)

Thanks to Azami & Personater & blues - Coming Soon!
I can't say too much about this quite yet, but here's the skinny: Personater coded an as-yet-unreleased weapon with specials that blues designed, and Azami's as-always-excellent testing pushed this into the "Wow, we might be ready with this thing early!" status. HUGE thanks, guys! What is "this thing?" What I can tell you is this: Choco-Bunny items are coming soon! Any player who uses a game card to upgrade or grab some extra in-game currency during soon-to-be-announced dates will get a themed item on the character they upgrade/buy NGs (or coins, or Z-tokens) for!


Star Date : March 20th, 2010
Whatever happened to that Dragonoid?

Well, this didn't really happen but it was suggested by forum member, Wolfencreek. I found it funny so I animated it very quickly. What's nice is that it's animated in 1080p so it's technically HD which lets the viewer see all the detail. You would think it would be easy to export as high quality video as a file that isn't over 3GB but it turns out it isn't. There's a small glitch near the end of the video but everything else is fine. This was the closest I could get to having the video look good.

Anywho, here's the link.































Star Date : March 19th, 2010
Beat us to the punch!

Well so much for using the war to double as release today. Sound confusing? I am. Anywho, The war was supposed to hold over until this weekend. It was the perfect plan. But what happens? That's right. You guys annihilated everything in your path and took down the war so fast that we had to buff the Leprechaun's numbers. Even still you guys (and gals) managed to annihilate them to the point where the war ended early.

So in the end, many of you hopefuls ended the war and checked your reward shops to only be disappointed with an empty list. However, if you check now, (albeit you may need to refresh) you will find that the shops are now happily filled. There's plenty of reward mecha coming your way, not to mention the new Star Captain Monthly Mecha that I incorrectly named somewhere though I'm not sure where. The new mech is called the Blademaster and it's waiting for you at Tek's! It's calling your name. It wants you to find it! So go get it!!!!

Speaking of the Monthly Mecha, here's what it does, courtesy of Blues.

Here are the specials for the brand new SCMM,
the Bladestorm:

FA: 2 Hits, CD=3

- increased damage for both Hits
Hit 1: chance for a 1.5 time HP DoT (lasts 3 turns)
Hit 2: chance for a crit

BA: 2 Hits, CD=1

- increased damage for both Hits
Hit 1: chance for a crit
Hit 2: chance for a 1.5 time HP DoT (stacking with FA), chance for a double EP DoT. Effects last 3 turns.

Shoulders : 2 Hits, CD=3

- increased damage for both Hits
- chance for an extra Hit, increased damage
Hit 1: chance for -10 enemy defense (stacking), effect lasts 3 rounds
Hit 2: chance for -15 enemy BtH (stacking), effect lasts 3 rounds

Head: 3 Hits, CD=5

Hit 1: +40 BtH
Hit 2: +30 general damage boost
Hit 3: chance for a crit, chance for -10 enemy defense, chance for -10 enemy BtH (stacking with shoulders, lasts 5 turns)

Body: 1 Hit, CD=5

- chance for -20 enemy defense
- chance for a 50/50 chance that the next enemy attack does only 50% damage (50% chance every attack, lasts 5 rounds)
- Dismemberment. Dismembers one Weapon every activation. Always a different one. Head and Body are excepted! ---> Equippable enemies
- Guaranted stun. -----> Non equippable enemies

Have fun!



Thank you Blues!

We also have St. Patrick's Day themed versions of the house mechs, a Nubertron, as well as a special St. Patrick's Day version of the Blademaster!! They are definitely worth checking out.

It's been an odd week this week. And last week. I was out of town. Luckilly we have a skilled team that can really help out. The new Blademaster was animated by Arklen this week. Great job on his part. I believe most if not all of the specials programming were coded by Personator and probably some by Warlic. Of course the specials were created by Blues, the master of numbers. Maegwyn pounded away in the database, checked spelling errors, orchestrated the chaos that is bug-testing with Azami and Personator. Jemini recolored all the St. Patrick's Day mecha and spent time getting perpared for next week which should prove to be hectic.

Whatever happened to that Dragonoid again? Oh wait. I remember. And uh, please check back sometime later tonight or tomorrow. I will have a gift to show you and it should at least get a smirk if not a laugh. I think overall you'll enjoy it more than hate it. I still have to finish a few things on it though but when it's done I will post it in the Design Notes, on Facebook, and of course in the forums. So please do come back. And if you do, feel free to bring friends.

I don't think I forgot anything but I'm sure I did. Next week marks the beginning of a roller coaster ride. Might not be what you expect in the beginning but trust us, the end will be hectic and you won't want to miss it.

And to stop any rumors before they start, when I say the end, I mean the end of this story arc, not the game. MechQuest currently has no end in sight.

So get playing and enjoy! Have a great weekend and don't forget to check back later!!! Ka-poof!


Star Date : March 17th, 2010!
Today is YOUR lucky day!

Korin dropped a hint back on March 8th - we made some new Luck Mods at higher levels to go along with last year's models! Check out the new shop buttons at the War Camp!

Also, Korin promised that the total of clovers needed to open the Weapons shops would be reduced - and it is done! You now need only 30 clovers to open the first shop, and 70 to open the second shop. Those who fought hard to collect the original totals really pushed the War along at a rapid pace - you should be very proud - but we heard on the forums that many people were worried about being unable to collect the required amount of clovers.

Non-Star Captains now have the option to purchase a version of the Front Arm Cloverblade in the Weapon shop in the War Camp. This weapon, the Lucky Cloverblade, has a melee attack and a 2-hit ranged attack. The specials blues designed for this are: Melee: For a one-time cost of 40 credits, applies an ever-increasing DoT for the rest of the battle. Ranged: On hit, +20 Luck is applied to your character - maximum of 40 - stats reset to original value when the battle is over.

To round out your LUCKY day - battles today give you a boosted Experience/Credits reward! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Coming later: bugfix...
When Warlic fixed the pew-pew-pew sound on the Cloverblades, I completely forgot the SC House Weapons versions. So those of you who still have a "Geeze-won't-you-hush-up!" version should be very happy later today when we're done with this bugfix.

Also a hint for people who don't own any green clothing for this holiday: it makes people laugh when you eat a jawbreaker and show them your bright green tongue... :P


Star Date : March 15th, 2010!
Newsflash - War News:

Newsflash: Braddock Steele wants YOU! He is calling on all GEARS students to take up arms! The Leprechaun Army just had a LUCKY STREAK! Their numbers have increased by 50%!

"Buggy Monday" Updates:
Warlic performed his magic on a few recent Gremlins today, and tracked down an issue that's been around for a long time, too! It seems that some sound effects including a couple of very vocal monsters have finally been brought under the sway of the mighty Mute Button! We'll continue to tick items off the Gremlins list in the upcoming weeks.

Generic Cloverblade:
1) all versions now scale properly
2) credit & xp drains now function - total is added at quest end
3) "pew-pew-pew" sound effects now mutes when sound is muted
Sound effects of Kaiju Scythe and Monster Worm also mute when sound is muted

All Mechula models: body and head effects changed to 5 turns.
NG model: Dark Lord Mechula - balance tweak
The scaling of the Dark Lord Mechula now goes up to Level 45, and the Dark Lord Mechula head effect is now buffed to:
- Hit 1: -25 enemy BtH, -25 enemy Defense
- Hit 2: -20 enemy damage, +20 general damage boost

Waiting for Wednesday:
Don't forget to log in and play MQ on Wednesday - the forecast says it's going to be a lucky day for YOU! And don't forget to wear something green. Or chew some green gum!


Star Date : March 12th, 2010!
Okay, so I pushed the button...

Alright, so according to Korin's instructions, I pushed a button... then I heard some maniacl laughter, I heard Rolith screaming, and a wee little one danced a jig around the DragonFable team... Then poof... Next thing I heard was rumbling and screaming outside.

So it sounds like I pressed the correct button! Yay! Now there is a Raindbow vortex war in Soluna City! Go there and meet Braddock Steele to help defend the town from what can only be described as Lepre-Kaiju.... Oh! and did I mention, they drop mmagical clovers that will help you unlock awesome new lucky weapons! Oh and when you're finished collecting all of you clovers, you should be able to trash them and still access the lucky weapon shops (at least that's what I heard from Korin!).

Hey blues, tell us about those NEW weapons!


Happy early St. Pattys day :)
We created some nice new Weapons for you, here are the Stats:

All Front Arms have 2 different attacks.
A one hit Melee and a 4 Hit ranged attack.
The special for the 4 Hit ranged attack is:

- increased damage for every Hit
- every Hit increases your LUK Stat temporary by +15.

Now to the one Hit attacks:


- Increasing chance for a crit with every use.
Starts with 30 and increases by 10 every use.
The increasing crit chance also affects the 4 Hit attack.


- Increasing EP DoT. Starts as normal DoT and adds 33% DoT damage every turn.
Doesn´t wear off.


- Same as WB just with damage.
Starts with a 30% damage boost and adds +10% every use
The increasing damage boost also affects the 4 Hit attack.

Unfortunately the Leprechauns didn´t want us to use the specials for free...
So we all must pay the price. They cost Level*1.5 credits per use.
But for this price you get a CD of only 1!
They wanted to make it more costly but we fought hard. That´s how we are.
Always here for our players.

Now we have another Arm which is NG:
(Has also 2 attacks like the others, 4 hit ranged attack is the same as the others)

- Does 1.5 times damage.
- Drains Gold and XP. 100% of damage done gets drained as gold and as XP.

Isn´t this nice? And it has also just a CD of 1. You will feel as if you reached the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
when you use this Weapon.

Aaaaaand..... we have also something for our NSC players.
A really nice Head with 3 Hits:

- Hit 1: +25 general damage boost
- Hit 2: +25 BtH
- Hit 3: -25 enemy damage


Every Hit increases your LUK Stat temporary by +15.
This increase stacks with the Arms so you can get a total of 105 LUK increase!

Now, thats what I call Lucky Weapons.

Have fun!

  For Next week, Korin is planning to release some green-tastic end war rewards to match your fancy new Lucky Weapons! I think they'll be green or something....

Star Date : March 10th, 2010!
Surprise! Castle Darkspyre Challenge Mode!
Hello everyone! It has been a while since I have posted to the DNs! I assure you, I am still alive! I have been very busy with Bladehaven (Sneak Peek) lately and am proud to say that development is moving along nicely! We should be releasing our first Battleon Portal minigame very soon!

Anyway, even though I have been a bit silent on the DNs lately, I have also been helping Korin with MechQuest releases, coding new mechs and weapons, etc... Now Korin is out of town for a few days, so I get to play around with MQ again for a bit.... muahahahaha! Today, we have a very small surprise Wednesday release for you - The Bloodrock Mountains in Necryptos now have a a special Castle Darkspyre challenge mode! Now, if you play the Castle and Piotr Quests in challenge mode, they will be ridiculously hard... (So hard, in fact, that Maegwyn and I got smeared by them.. I actually did beat the castle once with a lucky stake..). Note: this challenge was all Bluesy's idea - don't say I didn't warn you... IT'S HARD!

We still have some new vampire lord weapons coming Friday for you. Piotr's Head, Akana's Blade and Myracyrina shoulders... We had originally planned to release them as part of today's mini-release, but I decided to use them to help train our newest part-time addition to the MQ/DF teams... Personator, is now taking new coding projects for both DF and MQ and is going to be coding these new Vampire Lord weapons! He has a lot of stuff to learn - but he is catching on quite quickly. Maegwyn also wanted me to add just how extremely proud she is for Personator! Congrats and welcome to the MQ team! We are very excited to have you with us!

For this Friday's release, Korin has allegedly left behind a very colorful rainbox vortex and would like me to unleash it upon Soluna City... He left a nice note for me:

When it is Friday, just push this button... Oh! Not that button! This button! No wait... maybe it's this button... Well, nevermind. Just push the right button and something will happen.

Have Fun!

Sounds interesting indeed! I can't wait...

*Looks at the giant panel of 3,000,000 unlabeled buttons in the basement of the secret underground lab...*

























Star Date : March 8th, 2010
Not-as-buggy-as-last-buggy-Monday Monday.

More happy fixes and news for the week! And yes. I meant to type Monday twice.

Hello everyone. I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was spent half-sick and half working. Why was I working on the weekend? Because I will be out of town for the last half of this week and the first half of next week. So I decided I would get a super head start because I WILL be able to work while I'm out but not nearly as much as I would in a normal work week.

That said, before I go into what's coming up, let's start with what is being repaird this today. As always I'm oblivious to what's going on around me, luckilly Maegwyn is sharp as a tack and has a list!

1) Safiria gets a "Replay Quests" option with the map buttons.

2) Order of the Vampire Uniform choices has been changed, so that "No thanks" is at the top. (People were clicking fast and accidentally hitting the "Yes and Save" option.)

3) Safiria now has a Merge shop button on Necryptos (in case you've sold your Bloodstone after defeating Miracyrina, now you can fight the bosses again, get the shards and merge them).

4) Map bug when searching for Miracyrina: clicking Morrowood Forest was bringing you to Sekali Temple.

5) Item merges no longer require you to have two open inventory slots when only one open slot is needed.

6) On Westion, in Khaeldron, the Inn no longer incorrectly tells you it's closed when you mouse over the door.

7) Black Cat Head Std 3010 is now scaling properly.

8) Count Mechula XXV was displaying an incorrect HP value in inventory view. This is not fixed.

9) Blackscreening on one area of the desert during the Map quest in the Sekali Desert was fixed (this one actually rolled Live last Friday).

10) The green skin of the Vampire Uniform is now color-customisable at Hal's! So if you don't like the green (we heard you on the forums) then you can change it to whatever color you prefer!


As many of you noticed, the L25 SC Vampire Mecha became NSC. We apologize for the confusion! That version was intended to be NSC. Warlic is working on a scalable SC Vampire Mecha. As those Star Captains who bought the original version now have an NSC mecha, Warlic is making this new SC scalable version available [b]for free[/b] to Star Captains for one week!

Thank you, Maegwyn. On to next week.

There's going to be a lovely rainbow vortex that opens in Soluna city. Braddock Steele will be talking you through the quests. Basically, these giant angry Leprachauns are waging war on Soluna. You need to take the fight to them before they begin destroying Soluna. We're releasing items in strange waves.

This Wednesday we hope to finally release the Vampire Lord weapons and the un-nerfed Castle monster (though apparently Piotr has always been the stronger version).

Friday we will begin the war on the Leprachauns. You will be provided a rank-up system in which you collect clovers. Once you collect a certain amount of clovers, you rank up. Once you reach top rank, you can purchase St. Patrick's Day weapons. There will be some awesome looking energy blades, more info on them in another design notes, and a head, and hopefully a shoulder as well. Probably more but those are the only weapons thought up so far.

Next Wednesday(St. Patrick's Day so remember to wear green) we hope to release some items many of you appear to be wanting. Take that as you'd like.

Next Friday we are releasing the Star Captain Monthly mecha, and we expect the war to be over at some point around Next Friday. Upon completion you wil be rewarded St. Patrick's Day themed mecha!

Everything's looking great this week and it looks like we have a hefty amount of content coming up. Sorry for any frustrations you've had lately. We're definitely listening to your posts in the forum and your opinion weigh heavily on our minds. Therefore, we will always try our hardest to make the best game we can. Even if it comes out buggy for a few days x_X



















































Star Date : March 5th, 2010

So much going on right now. So many weapons. We actually had to scale some back. The Vampire Lord weapons should be releasing this upcoming Wednesday. There just realistically wasn't enough time to code them, test them, put them in the game, etc. It just wouldn't have happened. However, you have tons of Vampire stuff. Lyris designed some Vampire costumes as well as a Vampire Hunter costume. There are a few known issues with them mainly having to do with the skin changing colors but those will be fixed when we actually have time to figure out why.That said, refreshing after you change out of the Vampire class will fix any problems. Please make sure you DON'T click the "save" button for the costumes. It will overwrite any rare costume you have. So don't do it unless your current costume is easy to get! Still much going on Warlic is helping me with getting the weapons in the game while I type these off. Speaking of weapons, let's wee what Blues has to say today!


Here are the specials for the new Weapons:

Plasma Gun ( Shoulders, 4 Hits) ---> NSC

All specials on Hit

Increasing damage

- Hit 1: +20 BtH for the next hit
- Hit 2: chance for a crit
- Hit 3: +40 BtH for the next hit
- Hit 4: chance for a crit

Masque of the Bat ( 2 Hits) ---> NG

All specials on Hit

- Hit 1: +30 general damage boost, +30 BtH for the next hit
- Hit 2: Life drain for 5 turns, does DoT damage and drains damage done

Breath of Death (2 Hits) ---> SC

All specials on Hit

1.5 times damage

- Hit 1: BtH NoT 10-20-30-40-50
- Hit 2: Defense NoT 10-20-30-40-50

Energy Vein ( 3 Hits) ---> SC

All specials on Hit, gets a CD of 2

Damage boost for every activation, works for BOTH alternating.

Starts with 1.2 times damage and increases by 20%.
Caps at double damage!

additional: (Duration 2 turns)

- Hit 1: chance for Enemy damage decrease of 15%
- Hit 2: chance for Enemy BtH decrease of 15%
- Hit 3: chance for Enemy defense decrease of 15%

stack for both Arms.

Vampire Mecha

NSC version is slightly weaker than the SC/NG version.

FA (1 Hit) - Jawbreaker

- 1.25 times damage
- chance for -20 enemy BtH
- chance for deactivating enemy head

BA (4 Hits) - Chains of Life

- Hit 1: drains 40% of damage done HP (20 roll)
- Hit 2: drains 50% of damage done HP (20 roll)
- Hit 3: drains 60% of damage done HP (20 roll)
- Hit 4: chance for life tap

Shoulders (4 Hits) - Unstable Laser

Increasing damage for each Hit

- chance for an extra Hit
- Hit 1: +10 BtH for next hit
- Hit 2: +20 BtH for next hit
- Hit 3: +30 BtH for next hit
- Hit 4: +40 BtH for
- Extra Shot: Chance for critical hit

BtH increase is just for the next Hit of the weapon, not general.

Head (2 Hits) - Head Splitter

Increased damage

- Hit 1: -20 enemy BtH, -20 enemy defense
- Hit 2: -15 enemy damage, + 15 general damage boost

Body (5 Hits) - Batty Stakes

Increasing damage for each hit

- Hit 1: chance for a HP DoT
- Hit 2: chance for an EP DoT
- Hit 3: chance for a HP DoT
- Hit 4: chance for an EP DoT
- Hit 5: - 30 enemy defense

DoT´s stack!




Great wall of text! Overall, besides quests, this has a lot of content. With much more content to follow next week with out St. Patrick's Day release as well as some more Vampire Lord weapons. It's guaranteed to be another stressful week but we will not stop!

I don't think there's much else to say, really. New costumes, new mech, new weapons, good stuff.

So on that note, have a great weekend guys! Later.












Star Date : March 1st, 2010
Buggy Monday

Busy Monday. We've made many fixes. Allow me to share with you via Maegwyn.


fixes Monday 1 March 2010
1) The issue where some characters could not get to Miracyrina is now fixed!
2) Enable/disable button system for Miracyrina on map has been changed and improved, during the course of fixing the Disable function.
3) Fancy stone names at the Fangor Jungle Temple are now fixed
4) Sekali Desert: Engage button from the heal rig no longer asks you if you want to return to Khaeldron.
5) Worked on the Revived monster animations; the really awesome entry animation just won't work without horrible lag - improved performance on these a bit, though.
6) Fixed Desert Nosferatu popups - 1) "Darkenss" is now Darkness 2) "Enfeeblement Desert Nosferatu grows weaker" - second popup says playername but first popup says the monster name (is now playername both times)
7) The Akana who has the Caravan in Sekali Desert - the lock graphics no longer stay on the screen during her Talk screens (if you go there before doing any of the quests in the Desert)
Rolith has the merging issues on his list, but those won't be fixed instantly


Thank you, Mae.

Sorry to hear many of you lagged from Necryptos. Also sorry weapons took awhile to get out. I'm hoping to release the rest of the Vampire Lord weapons on Wednesday but I'm not promising that. Right now we're working on the Vampire class though as well as prepping for St. Patrick's Day since I'll be out of town and my schedule will be limited. Should be fun and the weapons and stuff should be cool.

I'd like to do a bit of a post about how the progress of Necryptos went. Maybe share some back stories and some insight as to why certain things happened.

Anywho, enjoy the fixes. Hope it all works for you. Continue to keep us up to date with the bugs. We do test all of the releases but some bugs are more apparent than others.

Thanks for playing, everyone. Laaaaaaaaaaater.

PS. 5 Rain gum does not taste like rain.

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