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Star Date : February 26th, 2010
Ridiculously busy day And Miracyrina!

Alrighty. So this week started out with a pretty easy plan. Fight Miracyrina in different areas. Then we were like "Oh but it would be cool if...!"

Silly me, I say! Yes the idea is awesome. And yes it came out awesome. In fact, I'm still working on it as I speak and Artix is practicing guitar near me to keep me company.

Anywho, since the production of this quest went a little into overtime, we sadly don't have weapons yet. They were made but they still need proper testing so expect to see them either later tonight or tomorrow. However, we promise there will be a ton of happy new stuff next week. In fact, next week is pretty much pure items and a new mecha! Courtesy of Safiria. But again, that's next week.

So this week we have the giant finale of the fight between Miracyrina. It features a nice small cutscene that should get a laugh. Then terror ensues and you search for Miracyrina, you will find yourself meeting familiar foes.

It should be fun and it's at least a cool thing that we did. Basically if any of you remember the bug on Thoh where the enemies would switch out and begin attacking you lik ecrazy, we kind of took that and made it useable. In a way. Either way it's neat.

Currently seems like things are working. While I've been writing this I was trying to fix a big and it turns out I was the bug :[ Turns out I didn't have to fix anything. Scratch that. New issue. May be fixed though. Woo!! Fun release day. Full of obstacles.

Anywho, I'm gonna end the note here. Expect some weapons tonight or tomorrow. And look forward to tons of stuff next week. Then we get to figure out what happened to that dumb Dragonoid. But isn't St. Patrick's Day coming up?

Have a great weekend.

PS. I lied I'm back. To say, what a hectic evening this was. Sure the release is a good 1.75 hours late but we got it, by golly. Hope you enjoy it.






















Star Date : February 23rd, 2010
Fix list and Dragonfable does what now?

Hello again everyone. Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. We have a doozy of a release planned this week. But what's new? MechQuest only works hard every week. More on this later.

First, I know we fixed a few bugs and Maegwyn has made a lovely little list for me to post which I will do sometime near or around the end of this sentence which is a run-on sentence which I heard was bad to do ever since they taught me in English but I can't remember if it was High School English or Middle School or even Elementary School but all I remember is that run-on sentences are bad and that you shouldn't do them because if you do a Moglin loses it's ears which is just a myth as far as I'm concerned so you really shouldn't worry about it but don't do it anyway and this makes me wonder how many words are in this sentence even though I'm making a joke about run-on sentences when you shouldn't be making them and pretending like I never make them even though I'm making one now should at least get a chuckle out of some people but it still seems like I should be concerned about how many words are in the sentence because it's looking like a giant paragraph right now but that's absurd because so far I don't see any periods which is amazing because I thought I at least made one normal sentence at the top of this paragraphy but apparently I didn't which is really weird but enough stalling and I hope you laughed but here is Maeqwyn's Fix List and never use run-on sentences because they're bad.

This Just IN: Fixes Monday 22Feb2010

1) Removed Sepulchure Ultimates from Drakel shop

2) Dropship monthly mecha button now displays the text as Psychic Wing

3) Castle attacks by the vampires that come out the door were applying the NerfsOverTime to the enemy instead of the player - now fixed.

4) Napalm Torment, Storm, Smite, and Strike now have "(Has the effect of damaging their energy over time.)" added to the description.

5) Werewolf series mechas no longer have walkaround issue

6) Vladic Dark Pulse shoulders (the standalone weapons) effects now stack

7) Assault Raider CNX. The name of the head was "CNX" - now "Raider Hullpiercer CNX

Thank you Maegwyn.

New subject, I don't know if any of you have heard but apparently Dragonfable is releasing a fish. And you know what? Good for them I guess but why do they get a break? Capital tee underscore capital tee (as in T_T). I mean, sure MechQuest has small releases every now and then but never just 1 item and we always find ourselves working our tails off all week and somehow still manage to push the release to the last minute. It's just sad I guess. I would love a week to rest but that's right, We've got a planet to finish! I mean they're not even just releasing an item :[ It's a fish :[[[[[

Sadness. Yet jealous. And let me tell you, jealousy is ugly.

Well atleast you can take solace in the fact that MechQuest is working hard as always! Woot for us! Right!? Right!































Star Date : February 19th, 2010
Star Captain Mecha and Bloodrock Mountain Finale!

Hey everyone. This week was an odd week but we got a lot done. We have a new enemy which is a castle wall, the Vampire Lord Piotr's enemy is complete and the one you've been waiting for, the new Star Captain Monthly Mecha! Get yours today! Let's see what Blues has to say.


And here are the Stats for the brand new
SC Monthly Mecha - The Psychic Wing:

This Model has reduced CD´s on Arms and Shoulders,
high BtH and Defense capabilities, and once you affect
the enemy with the psychic powers, the effects will
not wear off!

FA (1 Hit, CD 1)

- Increased Damage, chance for -40 enemy Defense

BA (2 Hits, CD 2)

- Increased Damage for both Hits
- Chance for an extra Hit
- Chance for -20 enemy Defense

Shoulders (4 Hits, CD 2)

- Increased Damage for each Hit
- Chance for +10 BtH
- Chance for +10 Defense
Effects stack for the Shoulders

Head (1 Hit, CD 5)

- Increased Damage
- +30 BtH
- +30 Defense
- -30 enemy BtH

Body ( 4 Hits, CD 5)

- Increased Damage for every Hit
- Hit 1 & 3 have a chance to crit
- Hit 2 has a chance for a 1.5 time HP DoT
- Hit 4 has a chance for Healing the damage done

In total: (when everything applied)

- -60 enemy defense
- -30 enemy BtH
- + 60 BtH
- + 60 defense
- 1.5 time Hp DoT
- Healing of 45% standard DpT

Pretty impressive....
I hope you like it.

Well, you might not be amused by the new enemies.
They are pretty tough and will give you a real challenge.
Be prepared for the final fights!

Have fun!


Awesomesauce! This week is odd. There was no way we could close out all of Necryptos this week so we kind of stunted the progress at the end of the Bloodrock Mountains. Next week we will finish Necryptos in a pretty big finale. Next week we'll also let Safiria merge your different Bloodstones but for now, for plot purposes, we left it disabled.

It's a pretty short Design Notes but all is well. Everyone on the MQ team did a great job this week. Time for a nice 2-day break then we're getting back to it!

Have a great weekend everyone.

PS. Happy belated Birthday to Dragonnightwolf. He shared some kind words with us this week and his Birthday was yesterday. Thought it would be nice to mention it. Meant to do it yesterday but I got caught up.



Star Date : February 15th, 2010!
Another BugFix Monday, and Some News!

Braddock Minigame Fixes:
1) You can no longer fall through the pit after the last boss, Techdora, is destroyed - The stage resets itself so you can walk safely over him!
2) Levels have been slightly tweaked to make jumping off platforms a little easier. you now have a little bit of "running" room. You still need some degree of skill though! :P
3) Crouching and firing no longer makes you stand.

Two More Fixes Off the List:

1) The Police Mission Undercover Quest - The issue causing people to get bounced back to the first walkaround screen is now fixed - and if you want to, you can even walk back and get the "Leave Quest?" option!
2) The Runehawk Mascot Arms (all versions) no longer freeze the battle after the chain attack activates.

Yes, "Buggy Mondays" are back and we're working our way down that list! Thanks, Warlic! We've got a lot more fixes coming, so stay tuned.

Coming This Week:
Bloodrock Bossfight! The powerful eldest son of the Drakvir line, Lord Piotr, awaits in the Darkspyre Castle at the summit of the Bloodrock Mountains, while the curse on Mina appears to be strengthening by the hour. The final Bloodstone and perhaps the fate of the entire planet of Necryptos is *cough* at stake...
Star Captain Monthly Mecha!
Yes, it's that time again - the newest SCMM is rolling along the production lines now! All plans are still under wraps - until it hits the proving grounds later this week. Even the name is still a secret!

Happy Birthday, bluesy! Many happy returns of the day to our dear and very cool Color!


Star Date : February 12th, 2010!
Braddock Steele: Mission of Love?
Braddock Steele is on another impossible mission... and this time HE DOES NOT WANT YOUR HELP!!! He is going solo against a Shadowscythe Mothership and General Mediera herself! But... it looks like a trap... a hideous man-trap! Can Braddock Steele survive this madness?

Anyway this week was incredibly intense. We went way over our heads when we decided to make this weeks release feature 3 EPIC cutscenes by Korin, 10 game levels designed by Yergen Von Shmergenbergen, 2 Bossfights and new Weapons of Love! Oh, and did I mention that this weeks release features a fully featured platformer minigame engine complete with scalable gravity and speed, parallax scrolling, jumping, shooting running, powerups, etc..., Korin, Thyton and Yergen also pulled some Weapons of Love out of their bag of tricks!

The minigame engine is actually the same engine that I was developing for the as of yet unannounced Ticklish Zobo minigame. In this release we are pushing the limits of what we can do with MechQuest. So, if you run into any game performance issues, you may want to turn your graphics setting to "Low" in the options screen - It still looks great at the lower quality because the levels have a lot of depth.

A conversation I had this week:

Artix: Hey Warlic what's your status on Bladehaven? (Another Portal Site minigame project)
Warlic: I haven't worked on it this week...
Artix: um, what?
Warlic: MechQuest release ended up being REALLY intense this week.
Artix: Oh really why?
Warlic: Here, check it out!
Artix: WOW!!! This is a REALLY COOL Old school action game!
Warlic: Did I mention this engine is it is very flexible and usable in future game projects?
Artix: This is incredible! Here are more projects for you!
Warlic: Thanks! *gulps*

Anyway, this , but I hop you all enjoy the release. I involves some hand and eye coordination - So, if you have any trouble with it, get your little brother or cousins to help you out! There are some tricky jumps and lots of shadowscythe bugs to squash! the cutscenes are truly hilarious too!

I hope everyone has a truly wonderful Hero's Heart weekend!


Star Date : February 10th, 2010!
There will be NO Zombies in Friday's release!
Those of you following me on Twitter already know that this Friday's release will be using a modified version of the game engine I am creating for the Ticklish Zorbo platformer minigame. Anyway, Ticklish Zorbo will not be in Friday's game. Instead, you will control Braddock Steele as he escapes from a Shadowscythe Starship. what does any of this have to do with Valentine's Day? Well, Don't worry... it is going to be vaguely related to love and romance... You will soon find out... In addition to the minigame quest, we will also have some weapons of love for you...

Anyway, I spent last night fixing the enemy AI in the new minigame engine. There was a bug in which enemies were suddenly becoming invincible zombies that just walked mindlessly off the screen. After an epic struggle picking through code and following the logic that turns innocent Shadowscythe pilots into brain-craving automatons, I am happy to say there will be NO ZOMBIES in Friday's release.

Now, why am I suddenly craving a side of neural tissue with my scrambles eggs? NO!!!!


Star Date : February 8th, 2010
Special Snow Day Weapon!

So we heard there's a lot of people having Snow Days so we made a snow day weapon for everyone. You can find it in Soluna City on the right side of the screen's New Release panel.

The weapon will grind a snowman and shoot snowballs at your opponent. With each hit and roll of 20, your chance for a crit will increase by 20%.

These weapons are for non-Star Captains and are available for levels 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40. It's a bit of a quick update.

This week is an awesome release involving Braddock Steele. Pretty exclusively as well. It's certain to be awesome and you will all definitely enjoy it. Of course there will be weapon rewards as well.

More info to come. I hope everyone enjoys their Snow Day. Stay warm. For the rest of us that had normal Mondays, I'm sorry and I feel your pain :(

:] Later


























Star Date : February 5th, 2010
Bloodrock Mountains and Vampire Mecha!!

It's finally Friday. Super excited this week. I feel like this week's releases are strong. We have massively updated the dialogue of Han Velsing as well as Mina. Now after you complete each... country? state? county? region? Anyways, after you complete one of those, their Talk dialogues will change. Also be careful when approaching Han if you have a certain mech equipped. He might not be so understanding.

We have a new enemy released to day. You will find him on the 2nd quest of the Bloodrock Mountains. He's tough. He tore through my Mystraven Advanced in 2 turns which isn't REALLY saying much but still, 2 turns. Equip your hunter mecha, folks! Speaking of the new mecha, after you've managed to defeat him, and it's almost certain you will have to, Safiria will have a gift for you. Instead of spoiling it, as if it weren't obvious enough already, I will have Blues confirm any suspicions about what the gift is. Blues!

Here are the Stats for the new enemy and the buyable Vladic Knight Mecha.
The enemy has of course some nice boosts!
Shoulders are also available as standalone NSC version,
BA as standalone SC version.
Mecha as a whole is NG only.

FA: 1 Hit, CD 1

Increasing damage for each activation.
Starts with 150% and increases by 25%.
Caps at 250%.

BA: 3 Hits, CD 3

- Hit 1:Chance for 1.5 time HP DoT
- Hit 2:Chance for 1.5 time EP DoT
- Hit 3:Chance for 1.5 times damage done healing

Head: 2 Hits, CD 5

Increased damage for both Hits.

- Hit 1: +30% general damage boost
- Hit 2: +30 BtH

Shoulders: 2 Hits, CD 3

- 150% damage
- chance for -20 BtH (stacks, -40 max)

Body: 10 Hits, CD 5

- Increasing damage
- 5 hits have a chance for 8% defense reduce per hit (-40 in total)
- 5 hits have a chance for 8% damage reduce per hit (-40 in total)

Have fun, enjoy your weekend
and playing MQ!


Thank you, Blues! Moving on. 2 new quests. 1 new mecha. Weapons can be purchased seperately. Plenty of new dialogue. A sicker-looking Mina. Sekali desert quests have been simplified (no more going back and forth as there is now only forward). This is a pretty beefy release, right? You bet!!

Next week will be a strange one. Sadly we can't finish the Bloodrock Mountain zone but at the same time, our Valentines Day release is shaping up to be a fun one. Warlic and Yergen have been planning that out while I've been plugging away this week so I'll admit that my knowledge on it is limited but what I've heard is awesome and I don't want to avoide ruining anything so check back on Monday and I will post another Design Notes to explain more of what's going on. Trust me, it'll be awesome.

I really hope you all enjoy this release. There really is a lot of good content. The quests should be a great challenge but the rewards are awesome. Please don't forget to tell your friends to play MechQuest! I feel as though I am becoming like Bob Barker of Price is Right fame. His closing messages are about controlling pet population, mine's about getting more people to play MechQuest. Go me! And tell your friends! Enjoy your weekends, everyone.


Star Date : February 2nd, 2010!
GEARS Games Trophy Update!
Hello everyone! It was recently brought to my attention that we made a pricing error on the silver and bronze trophies in the GEARS Games. These trophies were supposed to be 1000 credits, but were incorrectly priced at 1000 Nova Gems. I took the GEARS Games down last night so that we can fix this issue.

Well, it is hard to please everyone (especially when changing the price of a Nova Gem item.) When I took the games down, a lot of people became upset because they were waiting for the price to get fixed before they purchased the trophy. So, today the GEARS Games are going to come back after the price is fixed and everyone who purchased them at the incorrect price is fixed. I apologize to anyone who was upset by the decision to close the games to fix the pricing issue. You may now go back to the games and get your trophies and or Corrupted House mechs. I will keep the Games open another full week to give everyone a chance to get their corrected GEARS trophies.

And now... Coming This week!

Korin is busy cooking up the next zone in Necryptos... the Bloodrock Mountains! These mountains were the original home of the Darkspyre castle! The castle is now occupied by Lord Drakvir's eldest son, Piotr. He will not give his land so easily! Get ready for a terrible fight as you scale the treacherous Bloodrock mountains to reach Castle Darkspyre!

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