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Star Date : January 29th, 2010
Fangor Temple!

It's Friday already. And what a busy one. On a bright note, we're rolling early. How crazy is that!? Pretty crazy in my opinion. Should be in yours as well.

Anywho, great release today. We have the trek to the Temple Entrance which involves a minigame to complete. It's kind of hard but at the same time, fairly lenient. You may lose a couple times. If it still appears to be too difficult for some, I'll come up with a method to help out. Once you get through that quest, you'll have access to the Queen, Akana. She's super tough so I actually do recommend getting the new Vampire Hunter weapons from Han Velsing's shops. We have some new Nova Gem arms, Star Captain heads, and Non-Star Captain Shoulders. ...... This just in from Blues! Go!


As usual you get the specials for the new VH Weapons
and also of the new enemy.... Queen Akana!

All weapons have NO special against normal enemies. Specials only
activate against Vampires!

Head: (SC, 1 Hit, CD 5)

+30% damage boost
+30 BtH

FA: (NG, 1 Hit, CD 2)

+30% damage boost
-30 damage and BtH for the Vampire

BA: (NG, 4 Hits, CD 2)

Increasing damage for the Hits
Hits 2 and 4 heal damage done

Shoulders: (NSC, 1 Hit, CD 2)

150% damage
Chance to heal 80% damage done

And now to the brand new enemy, Queen Akana!

She starts with an initial BtH of 50 and has 3 different attacks.

1) Head Laser attack (3 hits)

- hit 1 gives +30% general damage boost for 3 turns
- hit 2 gives -30 BtH
- hit 3 gives -30 Def

2) Body Melee (7 Hits)

Has increasing damage for all Hits.
She will get very mad at a certain HP value, so you better be careful....

3) BA, red rune dragon (1 Hit)

Does HP and EP DoT.
Oh, nice, only a DoT you might think...
well, it grows stronger every turn so hurry!

She can get really mad the longer the fight lasts
and I really don´t think that meeting her in a non
VH Mecha is a good idea.

Have fun!



So there you have it. New weapons. New great release.

It's also worth mentioning that the Corrupted House Mecha will only be available a little longer!!! I think Warlic wants to remove them on Monday... If not Monday, definitely Friday. To be safe, I'm saying Monday. Get them while you can!!

Next week we'll be starting the Mountain zone of Necryptos so you all can look forward to that.

On a side not, yesterday I was shown some videos of a cat getting scared of a compressed air can spraying and the panic of the cat caused me to laugh until I cried. Something about cats always makes me laugh.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Tell your friends to play MechQuest! Later!


Star Date : January 25th, 2010
Moar DN's Plz!?

Hi everyone. You've all requested more Design Notes posts so we're trying to help that dream become a reality. But what kind of things can we talk about? Well, I can give you some insight to what we're doing this week. We're releasing the Fangor Jungle Temple. Basically we'll have you completing small puzzles leading up to the fight with the Jungle Queen. The puzzles will require a new type of minigame. It should be interesting and fun. We're thinking about including extra levels once the trek to the Temple is complete. I say trek because there's a small ancient and ruined city surrounding the Temple and it's covered with traps that you get to defuse.

Other than that, we're hoping to get some new Hunter Weapons out to you as well. I believe the Queen is already animated and just need her specials applied. However, they may already be applied. Warlic helped out with that while I've been working on the main quest files. Jemini is working on the backgrounds and other elements that I'll be needing for the quest and temple fight.

Other than that, almost an average day. Almost everyone in the office played a short game with a 6-barrel Nerf gun. You spin the chambers and stop it, do something stylish, and then try to shoot a poster on the wall. The nerf gun only had 1 foam projectile in it so it almost became a game of chance. The idea is that you go through this big epic motion, make an elaborate phrase(or steal one from a movie), then pull the trigger. If it shoots, success. There was only 1 success. So every other time ended in disappointment, no matter how elaborate the motion. Thyton loved rolling around on the ground then firing. Artix tried to jump on a chair and roll with it which ended up toppling the chair to have him almost fall on his face. I was rather boring on my few tries because I knew I would hurt myself if I tried to do anything crazy. Zazul eventually came in and managed to get the nerf gun to fire. Great success. On a side note, Ai No Miko kept looking down the barrel of the gun. Looney Tunes should have taught us all that looking down a barrel of a weapon is a HORRIBLE idea. This all said, this was a nerf gun. It wasn't real. And to make this a Public Service Announcement, don't play with guns. It's a horrible idea. Never point a gun at another person.

I hope you've enjoyed this look into the Underground Lab. More info on the release to come. I've been distracted all day and I need to get to work immediately!!! So, to everyone, tell your friends to play. We'll appreciate it. Thank you drive thru.


Star Date : Jan 26th, 3009
Automorph Exposed!

Let´s start with the specials of the Automorph:
CD´s are: Arms and Shoulders 2, Head and Body 5.
Body: (6 Hits)

Boosted damage for all hits
2 hits have a chance for a crit
Every hit has a chance to give +5 BTH, max of 30

Head: (3 Hits)
One hit has a chance for a crit
All hits have a chance for a general damage boost, max of 40

FA: (1 Hit)
150% damage, chance for -30 defense

BA: (4 Hits)
Boosted damage for all hits
Chance for additional Hit
2 Hits have a chance for -10 def for enemy, stack with FA

Shoulders: (5 Hits)
Boosted damage for all hits
2 Hits have a chance for a crit
2 Hits have a chance for +15 BtH, stack with Body.

New House Weapons: (NSC)
All have a 20% damage boost against the other Houses
All have a 20% damage boost against Shadowscythes
All do 125% damage

WB heals a certain amount of the damage done (HP)
MR does a double HP DoT
RH heals a certain amount of the damage done (EP)

Have fun!


Star Date : January 25th, 2010
Better late than never? Maybe.

Oops. So while release went well Friday, I was in a hurry to get out of here and in my haste, realized I forgot to make Design Notes. However, I exclaimed, I decided I would get them done after I got home. One 40 minute drive later, I forgot.

Hello, Monday. How are you? How do you feel knowing that billions of people hate you? (I'm talking to Monday, not you players). Enough of this. It's not that funny.

So anyways, Friday we continued the Necryptos storyline. We'll be continuing it this week as well. We also released more GEARs Games weapons. Get them while you can!

As for Necryptos, many of you finally met Safiria! If you haven't yet, got o Necryptos! Yes the mecha Skeeto is difficult but that's just one of the many dangers riding down a river in a tiny raft. I mean, technically it's not tiny since a mech is standing on it. But yes, the quest released last week was Jungle Cruise. After you beat it once, you can replay the minigame in Score Attack mode (button becomes visible in the intro dialogue of the quest at the bottom of the dialogue screen). In Score attack mode, there is no mecha fighting. It's just a game where you see how long you can last on the river without taking 4 hits of damage. However, the river moves much quicker this time so it's a little more difficult to dodge and a lot of it does rely on luck mixed with skill. Good luck if you try it.

This week we are continuing the Necryptos storyline and adding the temple zone. As of this second, I have no idea what we're doing for it. I would like it to be something a little different than your typical walk, fight, walk, fight. I'm sure we'll come up with something great and we'll make sure you know what we're doing on Wednesday.

So on that note, I hope everyone's week goes great! Keep playing MechQuest! Keep telling your friends to play it! Check back to the Design Notes on Wednesday. Later!

Edit: Completely forgot!!! Star Captain mecha is out! Enjoy!


Star Date : January 20th, 2010!
Coming this Week!
Greetings! Things are crazy here at the underground lab nowadays - I have so many new projects that it makes my head spin! I am involved in several new projects directly tied to the new Battleon MAster Account system that are extremely exciting and I am soooo excited about them. (One of the new projects planned involves Ticklish Zorbo. It is in the proposal stage right now... So, I will definitely post here the second it is approved!)

There is no Wednesday release planned this week. We have a new minigame on Necryptos that Korin is working dilligently to produce. Fangor Jungle part one is this Friday's main release. There will also be a new major NPC introduced (any guesses? Hint... major AE vampire character). We also have a new SC Monthly mecha, the awesome Automorph model coming Friday! This one is a fast moving model that actually transforms onto a hovering vehicle in its walk cycle.

The GEARS Games is nearly finished. The new battle system really helped make this the most intense GEARS Games ever! There were many moments I was actually afraid we were going to have a 3-way tie! I must say, Wolfblade really put on a good show. They have managed to maintain a small lead regardless of Shadowscythe attacks! Mystraven is really giving them a run for the money. Runehawk, is in third place, but not by very much! this games event has been awesome! However, Xaria's fates is still up in the air! Will the Shadowscythe succeed in their mission to kidnap her?

Now... on to the future of Wednesday releases... As of today. There will be no more regualrly planned Wednesday releases. In the past we have had small regular releases in the middle of the week. Well, over the 2 years of MQ history, these wednesday releases have gotten smaller and smaller until now they are so small they aren't even worth calling releases (bugfixes, minor tweaks, etc..) So, I have decided to stop this tradition and let Korin focus all of his efforts into the Friday major releases.However, this doesn't mean that we will stop having multiple release weeks. There will be some weeks where we still have multiple releases when necessary. They just won't be every single week.


Star Date : January 16th, 2010!
MechQuest Theme for Firefox!
Hello Everyone! - You may already know this but, If you have Personas for Firefox, you can deck out your browser with our awesome new MechQuest Firefox Skin! Get it Here!

Also, I just uploaded an update to Betrayal in the GEARS Games. Now, you shouldn't get locked into one house if you have betrayed the other two houses. If you have betrayed the other 2 houses, your betrayal status will reset and you can start over again. Also, the corrupted house mechs have been re uploaded because some people got old files and the specials were a little messed up! Should be good to go now!


Star Date : January 15th, 2010!
Corrupted House Mechs! But... Why?

By the time you read this, the release will be live. Why? Because I already finished and released everything before I started typing. So HA!!! And now for something completely different from... Blues!


Here the new specials for the Corrupted House Mechas:
(All Weapons have standard CD´s. Body and Head 5, rest 3)


- Body
- Shield transferes EP to HP for 5 turns
- reflects 25% damage for 5 turns

- Head
- Damage boost of 40% for 5 turns

- Shoulders
One normal HP DoT, one normal EP DoT.
Both Shoulders are stackable

- FA
Drains EP for 3 turns

- BA
- blue sphere
irritating effect, +30BtH and +30 defense for 3 turns

- red sphere
armor damage, -50 defense for 3 turns

- yellow sphere
blinding attack, -50 BtH for 3 turns


Gives -25% damage and -25 BtH for enemy.

- Head
- 20% damage boost for 5 turns, +20 BtH for 5 turns

- Shoulders
- Shoulders do more damage with every activation

- FA
- gives HP and EP DoT, 3 turns, 1.5 time DoT.

- BA
- increasing damage.


- Body
- gives -40 defense for the enemy, +40 BTH for the player and 1.5 times damage

- Head
- +35% damage player, -35% damage enemy for 5 turns

- Shoulders
- give 1.5 times damage

- FA
- gives double DoT

- BA
- 1st and 3rd hit crit, 2nd and 4th hit -20 BtH for the enemy, stackable. Lasts 3 turns.


Thank you, Blues. We should probably address why the House Mechas are corrupted. As you may have noticed, the Shadowscythe have expressed interest in a certain House Leader. They're also disrupting the GEARS Games for whoever is in first place. By first place I mean quite literally whoever is in first. If Runehawk or Mystraven come in first place, the Shadowscythe will appear for them as well. We're not playing favorites :P

Aside from the Corrupted House mechs, we're also releasing GEARS Games Edition House Mecha. All of these mechs are rare. Grab them while you can!

I hope everyone enjoys the new mechs! This has been a fun GEARS Games. Looks like we'll be more towards back on track last week. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Don't forget to tell your friends to play MechQuest! Later!


Star Date : January 9th13th, 2010!
GEARS Games Increased!

Hey everyone. Late Design Notes. Had to evacuate the lab so I decided to update from a secure location and the traffic to the secure location was horrible. Yay sink holes. Also, yay cat that keeps hopping on my lap and getting in my ways!!!

But I'm sure this is not important to you. I'm positive you just want to know about the release for Wednesday. It's been Live for an hour. Those mascots you've been beating up in the GEARS Games? Well, now you get to wear them. Just talk to Nigel and you'll see a new option for a Mascot Uniform! What wonderful outfits. As always, if there is a bug with the costumes, please post them in the gremlins and we'll be sure to fix them as soon as we can.

Admittedly I forgot about us releasing these until 2 hours ago so I had to scramble to get them together. However, I was focussing more on Friday's release and it looks like we're on a good schedule right now.

Speaking of Friday, I've noticed some Shadowscythe coming in to the area. I wonder what they're doing. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about :]...

I hope everyone enjoys the uniforms. The GEARS Games are going great this year. Everyone needs to keep fighting!! Have a good night.

PS. Jemini is in class. Let's all have a friendly laugh at her expense for being in a class she'd rather not be in at all. Ha ha? Ha ha :]

Star Date : January 9th, 2010!
GEARS Games Increased!
Hello Everyone! - 

This year's GEARS Games event is in one word... INSANE! I have never seen anything like this... Players are literally RIPPING through this war. MechQuest wars have historically been a bit sluggish. So it is actually a shock to see this years games event getting torn to shreds. We still have more content to create for the end of the war - More rewards, etc... And to top it al off... it is a dead even race! I have never seen a 3 way tie before in the history of the games! I am speechless.... 

Anyway, because of this madness, I have to double the war goals (hopefully double will be enough) In order to make sure that the games don't end prematurely... So, please don't think of this as a set back. This is the most active war we've had in MQ for over a year. We just simply underestimated the pace of this war! Awesome job to everyone for making this the most exciting GEARS Games event in MQ history!! I have no idea how this is going to turn out! (Go Runehawk!)

Star Date : January 8th, 2010
GEARS Games!!!
We meet again in this new year of 2010.

Big week. The long-awaited GEARS Games are now underway! I'm sure everyone's thinking Wolfblade will win but we'll just see about that. We have new factors to worry about. To start, I'll simply say that if you lose a battle, the house that beat you will get a victory. The stakes are high now. Some might think that they're not high enough. Well, get ready for chaos.

In Mecha Ball, and the duels you will find that there are now battle parameters that will create penalties and other weird effects. To give you an idea of what they are, here are a few examples:

If you're Wolfblade and you use Berserk in the fight, you will be penalized with a 2x Damage over Time.

If you are Runehawk and you use Mana Shield in the fight, your penalty is losing half of your EP!

If you're Mystraven and you use Smokescreen in the fight, you lose 3 turns.

Good stuff, huh? Don't forget, these are just a few of the penalties that can come up. This GEARS Games will be the most exciting for sure.

We also have a new quest where you can infiltrate an enemy House and steal their mascot! You may have some trouble with the House Groundskeeper though.

We've made a few new weapons today and have added them to the GEARS games shop list and there will be more coming. (Time got the best of us) They will only work for your house so only buy it if you're the house the weapon works for. Make sense? Hope so.

I certainly hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and I wish the best for 2010 2010 on everyone.

Time to roll and we're out the door!! Enjoy the release!


Star Date : January 6th, 2010!
Bug fixes!
Greetings everyone! Today, I opened up a crate of Maegwyn's weaponized bugspray and pointed it at our bug report sheet and started blasting away randomly... (until I heard Korin scraeaming something about his eyes and everything got all psychedelic...) Anyway, after this massive bug strike, we now have a new Game engine!

Please refresh your browsers to load Game verison Omega 3.7.2!

Bugs fixed today:
1) Equipping a new mecha no longer leaved non-default items marked as equipped.
2) Switching character uniforms no longer unequips your non-default Items.
3) Shops now correctly count your inventory items. They no longer count mecha defaults as part of your inventory.
4) Viking mecha non-default equips are no longer tiny.
5) Quickflash Mecha SC Ability is no longer accessible by Non-Star Captains.
6) Experience now saves if you lose a battle in Westion's Mobile Base mission.
7)The Westion Mobile Base mission no longer crashes after 10 fights!
8)Arthurian character uniforms can now load hats without crashing.
9)the Westion Bug War Starship Movie projector no longer blackscreens upon exiting the cutscenes.
10)The Items, Used Gatling Gun, Dragontooth chaingun and Large Military Repeater should now divide attacks properly.
11)Yeti Leader Mecha walkaround problems have been fixed.
12) Arthurian War Shops have been disabled in the AvP War on Lagos.

Now, on to the GEARS Games... many of you have been asking... and then asking... and then asking again whether or not non-house members will be allowed to participate in the upcoming GEARS Games event. The answer is: YES. All players will be able to play in the games. If you do not belong to a house, you will fight for random houses in the games.

Also, we realize that in past events, the house with the most players is the most likely to win the games. This time around we are working on a more balanced system to keep the games closer without recoding our entire war system in the game engine.... I will keep you updated as things develop!

Battle On!


Star Date : January 4th, 2010!
GEARS Games!
Happy New Year! I hope every one had an AEsome New Year's! Of course, I spent New Years at Tek's Mechs battling Time travel fairies! Despite the minor vandalism the time travel fairies inflicted at the Soluna City Newscreen, I think this was the most exciting New Year's ever! My New Year's Resolution is to eat healthier! No more burritos for this wizard!

This is the first official full work week of the New Year here at the underground headquarters! Our day was full of everyone getting back together and telling all of our fun tales from over the holidays. After reaquainting ourselves, we had a huge 1st of the year planning meeting! I know what you're thinking... Yay, meetings... However, meetings here are quite interesting since we come up with all sorts of exciting ideas for all of the games! 2010 is going to be an EXCITING YEAR for AE!

Anyway, This week, we are getting ready for our third GEARS Games event. So get ready to duel each other in PvP battles to determine this year's champions! This year we're adding mascots to the mix - and a mascot costume stealing quest! Warning: New rumors are surfacing that the Shadowscythe have been watching the games closely over the last couple of years! Why are they interested in the games?

I have a feeling that this year is going to be the closest and most fierce GEARS Games yet! Wolfblade took the last couple trophies. Will they do it again this year?



Star Date : January 1st, 2010!
Happy New Years!
Happy New Year's everyone! There is a party at Tek's mechs, new hats, new weapons, a Year in Review cutscene compilation, all new Korin-tastic Fireworks AND a live performance of Auld Lang Syne by the NPCs.

(Note: This time around, we will have fireworks in East and West Soluna too... Also, you can disable the fireworks if you get to much lag with them enabled!) As i was working on release today, I realized (with great horror) that I forgot to put snow in Soluna for the holidays this year - So Snow is back in town! Sorry about that!

In case you haven't heard, the NPCs is our real life office band featuring Zhoom on Drums, Artix on Rhythm guitar and me on Lead guitar (Sometimes Rolith plays bass...) Also, Safiria, Fonz and Alac have sung for us at times too! Anyway, I hope you enjoy our performance tonight - It was a live recording - no overdubs... mistakes and all! I hit quite a few wrong notes, but I tried to follow the advice of the great Herbie Hancock: "If you play a wrong note, play it again - then everyone will think you're a genius!" I can assure you I played a ton of wrong notes multiple times - that way I should seem like a guitar wizard... or perhaps just insane...

Anyway, this has truly been a great year for Artix Entertainment! All of our games have grown by leaps and bounds. As always, I am extremely proud to be a part of this company! Thank you everyone for playing MechQuest - Without you, we would not be here today! Here's to another AEsome year!

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