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Star Date : December 30th, 2009
New Years Party Coming to Soluna!
Hello Everyone! I hope everyone is continuing to have a wonderful holiday season! We are getting our New Years Party ready for tomorrow. This week's release is happening Thursday at midnight (Technically Friday at 12:00am Server Time)! This time around we have an updated fireworks show and some new music for the Band!. Korin really knocked this one out o the park! The fireworks look absolutely incredible. We also have some new weapons coming for the New Year!

This week, Rolith and Alac finally convinced me to start a Twitter account. You can follow me here! I have already been swept up into a maelstrom of tweetilicious productivity killing randomness! today we celebrated Artix and Nythera's birthday with cake and pizza! I am feeling the effects of Nythera's extremely rich cake...

Hey wait a minute... that cake wasn't poisoned was it? Nythera would never make an attempt on my life... that is a completely ludicrous idea!

Hey Blues, why don't you tell us about the new weapons?



Sure, Warlic, Here you go!

Here are the Stats of the New Years Weapons!

When you like Fireworks, then these are the ones for you.

Dazzler 3010, BA, SC, 2 hits, CD 3
- first hit distracts enemy, -40BTH for 3 turns
- second hit gets +70 BtH and increased damage.

Uppercut Rocket, FA, NG,1 hit,CD 3
This amazing FA has 2 different one hit attacks.
- increased damage. Defense NoT of 50-40-30, additional chance for a 1.5 time DoT.
- increased damage. BtH NoT of 50-40-30, additional chance for a 1.5 time DoT.

Sparkler Rocket, Shoulder, NSC, 1 hit, CD 3
- Increased damage, 1.5 time DoT

Launcher of Awe, Shoulder, SC, 1 hit, CD 3
- increased damage, damage NoT of 50-40-30

The black cat, Head, NG, 4 hits CD 5
- increasing damage for all hits
- hit 1 does a BtH boost for the other 3 hits of +50
- hit 2 has a defense BoT, 20-30-40-50-60, overrides
- hit 3 causes an energy leak.Chance for EP DoT for 5 turns and 5 turn EP regeneration stop
- hit 4 has a chance for only 50% damage input for 5 turns. Has a 50/50 chance every turn when activated.

I wish all of you a Happy and Healthy New Year!
Have fun and look forward to MQ´s 3010


Star Date : December 28th, 2009
Last Week of 2009
This is the end of our most epic year in MechQuest history! It is hard to believe how much the game has evolved over the course of 2009! We introduced tons of new mecha models, new strategies, and new storylines... We had our first galactic space battle, We battled an ancient elemental guardian... We also witnessed the end of our first planet! Now we are looking ahead into 3010! What will next year bring? Will Wolfblade win the next Gear Games? What is Korin up to? Is he a powerful ally or a deadly foe? Can the Shadowscythe be defeated?

Anyway, this week the secret lab is fairly quiet. Many of our team members are visiting relatives for the holidays. So, things are quiet around here! We will be doing a small New Years release with some new fireworks and new weapons! What is YOUR MechQuest New Year's resolution?


Star Date : December 23rd, 2009
I want a Frostval Cookie


Happy Frostval everyone! As you may know, our release is Live! Shadow Claws and his army of Frostscythe Warriors are pummeling Frostvale right now as we speak! Go there and help out! I promise that this war will be even shorter than the Yeti war - Let's consider it a battle....You will get Yeti mechs when it is all over! Also, The Final Star Captain Frostval Gift is here! Grab your Viking mecha now! It's an incredible mecha, Scales to level 40 and it's free! It's our way of saying thanks for upgrading in our game!

I realize that everyone wants their Zorbos back... I want mine too! At least I can dance with the evil one... They're always willing to take a break from evil deeds to dance... Unfortuanately they are still under shadowscythe control! However, they will be returning to you tomorrow after their evil Shadowscythe sub-routines have finished executing.

I have done a terrible thing... Horc rock celebrating the awesomeness of cookies.... Alac is also guilty of rocking out... Actually - the entire office is guilty for this act of total Rockdom! You will understand when you see Artix's special Frostval holiday greeting video on YouTube:- <SEE ABOVE> everyone's submissions for the cookie contest were absolutely incredible and delectable! I wish everyone an awesome Frostval holiday and and remember MechQuest gift cards make the best holiday gifts for your friends and relatives! Your grandmother will love it!


Star Date : December 22nd, 2009
Game Balancing News

Soon the SC gifts will unwrap and you can test your brand new Viking Mecha.

Many of you are for sure curious about the specials.... here they come:

SubZero Gaze (Head, 2 Hits):
The Head has 2 specials, both activate on hit. They are a BtH nerf for the enemy and a BtH buff for the player. Both wear off over time and override all other BtH effects. CoolDown is 5.

Frozen Cannon (Body, 5 Hits):
This amazing Body attack got 2 specials. Every hit does increasing damage and it nerfs the enemies damage. This effect wears off over time and overrides all other damage nerfs. It activates on hit.

CoolDown is 5.

Viking Ball and Chain (Shoulders, 2 hits):
These shoulders do more damage every time you use them. So, make sure to use them often! 
CoolDown is 2.

Frostval Axe (FA, 1 Hit):
The Axe has a chance for a crit boost and a DoT.
CoolDown is 3.

Fryse Spyd (BA, 2 Hits):
Got also two specials. First hit has a chance for a damage boost, second chance for a 1.5 time DoT. DoT´s from FA and BA stack.
CoolDown is 3.

This Mecha is awesome and I hope that all SC players enjoy this gift. Not only that you get the Mecha, you can also keep the Weapons if you like and it scales 40 Levels! I love this Mecha, the looks, the specials and the animations. 

And here´s another new Mecha. Ever wanted to be a Yeti? Now you have the chance to! We have two variants of this Mecha. A NSC and a NG one.

Yeti Freeze (BA, 2 Hits):

NSC: .Chance for a DoT and a Defense nerf of 40. CD is 3
NG: Chance for a 1.5 time DoT and a defense nerf of 50. CD is 3.

Fist of the North Pole (FA, 1hit):
NSC: Chance for a damage boost. CD is 3.
NG: Chance for a damage boost and damage NoT for 3 turns. CD is 3.

Yeti Blaster (Shoulders, 1 Hit):
NSC: BS has an increased crit chance, FS a damage boost. CD´s are 3.
NG: BS increased crit chance, FS damage boost, both chance for an additional hit. CD is 3.

Pine Pulverizer (Body, 1 Hit):
NSC: Chance for a BtH nerf of 30, chance for crit.. CD is 5.
NG: Chance for damage boost, chance for BtH nerf of 40. CD is 5.

Abominable Staredown (Head, 1 Hit:)
NSC: General damage boost of 20 for  5 turns, CD is 5
NG: General damage boost of 40 for 5 turns, enemy damage nerf of 20. CD is 5.

NG version scales from Level 1 to 40.

Whenever I read Yeti I think of IMY (Icemaster Yeti), our Forum Admin. Not only because of the name, some people say that he also looks like one :P

I´m visiting friends for some days, so I want to wish all of you Happy Frostval!

Enjoy these hopefully quiet days, enjoy playing MQ and Have Fun!


Star Date : December 21st, 2009
Twas the last week of Frostval
We're in the final stretch of Frostval! This week we are releasing on Wednesday because the office is closed on Thursday and Friday! So, we are up to our necks in Yeti mechs, a Viking, and the final showdown with Shadow Claws! It will be a miracle if we can actually get everything together in 3 days! Right now everything is running smoothly, almost too smoothly!

Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying this year's Frostval! It has been a ton of fun to make! Between Ticklish Zorbos, EbilCorp, Yetis and Shadow Claws. This has been one crazy holiday of random insanity and infectious dances!

Korin wanted me to remind you all to tell your friends to play MechQuest!

Battle On!


Star Date : December 18th, 2009
Fixed an Assault Mecha Bug
Well howdy, guys. And gals. Howdy guys and gals!

First and foremost, important business. We had chicken for lunch. Warlic's beard has been plagued by chicken grease. It's a serious situation. We've decided to leave him alone.

In other news, Frostvale continues!! Up until now, I've been calling it Frostval. Silly me. There are quite a few things going on this release so to start, I will simply say that yes, Yetis are coming! Run for your lives!! Save your Ticklish Zorbos! Or stay and fight. Maybe a shop will open once the war is over. And by maybe, I mean definitely. In the shop, you will notice we have new weapons for you, 1 of which is a Star Captain gift (Sub Zero Gaze). For more information on the weapons, because I'm clueless, let's go to Blues. Blues!!!


Snow Blower (Front Arm, SC)

This brand new snow blower has 5 hits and 3 amazing specials.
You can get a 50% damage boost, a 20% damage nerf for the enemy
AND a double EP DoT for 3 turns. It comes with a CoolDown of 2.

SnowZooka (BA, NSC)

This Zooka has also 5 hits and the special is a crit boost of +40.
CD is 3 for this one.

Face of Frostval past (Head, NG)

The past Frostvales will haunt your enemy.....
Has 5 hits which do increasing damage, a -40 BTH nerf and a double EP DoT.
Your enemies get the right christmas feelings...
CD is 5.

Flamorah (BA, NG)

Christmas and some nice roasted Marshmallows... or Mechas.
It has 4 hits. 2 have a chance of a nice crit boost, 2 get boosted damage.
On top of this you get a 1.5 time HP DoT and a chance to nerf enemies 
BTH by 20. Comes with a CD of 2.

SubZero Gaze (Head, SC gift, part of monthly Mecha)

Has currently a BtH nerf special. This is likely to change when the gift box opens.
CD is 5.

And now back to me. Thank you, Blues. Without your numbers, I would be useless.

In other news, we have elf costumes. designed by Lyris. They do have hats, but they aren't currently working. I'm going to look into those next week. And guess what! They jingle. Every little thing you do causes them to jingle. Sound awesome? Because it is.

We also have new house items available. We have a Nutcracker, Teddy Bear, and a Train as well as some other regular starship items, as I'm told.

Next week we'll be releasing the new Star Captain mech and a Yeti mech. We will also be finalizing the Frostvale excitement with a pretty epic string of terror. When I say string of terror, I don't actually mean a terrorizing string although I must admit, upon thinking about it, it sounds hilarious to have a thread of string trying to take over a planet. ........

Annnyways. Regarding your Ticklish Zorbos, fear not. They are going on a secret mission. They will return after the holidays. You are not losing them. They are just temporarily you know.... not..... going to........ like anyone.

This has been an unusual week. We've finished on time! Freaks me out. Thyton got sick today so he and Yergen went home (they're neighbors so they carpool). I get to drive Yergen home on Monday though. TMI, right? Or maybe JEI. Just enough information.

Alright. I'm tired of typing. You should be tired of reading. But you should be perfectly ready to play MechQuest and I fully expect you all to tell your friends to play. They're missing out. We would also really appreciate it.

Keyboard Cat! Play me out!!


Star Date : December 17th, 2009
Fixed an Assault Mecha Bug
It was brought to my attention yesterday that there was a very serious bug in assault mecha that was resulting in a game crash and loss of Exp/Credits. Basically, pressing the fight button multiple times before the fight started loading was causing multiple enemies to load at once...

Anyway, the underground headquarters was deadly silent today as everyone is working extra hard to get their releases finished on time! At least so far - bugs are very few.... I am sure I just jinxed us for tomorrow. Believe me, I have yet to work a Friday here that isn't full of exciting hair pulling and "omg omg omg I broke the entire game 5 minutes before release" moments! Anyway I hope you are enjoying Frostval so far! Will see you for release tomorrow! Battle on!


Star Date : December 16th, 2009
Ticklish Zorbo- Restocked in Limited Supply!
Vil-Mart just received a small shipment of Ticklish Zorbos! Go there now! This small shipment is only expected to last through the end of the day. So act fast! Don't miss out on your last opportunity to get this super rare holiday item!

In other news, the secret underground lab is a flurry of activity this week! Everyone is working overtime to get everything finished for their holiday releases! I am up to my nose in Yetis... Yes... Yetis. Yergen Von Shmergenbergen has turned into a Yeti-making machine and is almost finished with 3 fully animated Yetis and several new items... not to mention the surprise sub-boss monster that he has already finished.... I have a lot of AI to code today! I also brought in my micrphone to record some belches with Yergen... Don't ask... It is something that we just have to do.... While all of this is happening, Korin is making several cutscenes - Remember the end of the Lagos war, when he was slammed with cranking out 3 full cutscenes? Well, we did it to him again... Sorry Korin!

Icon-Epic Star Date : December 14th, 2009
Epic Duel - Become a Founder!
EpicDuel is now live for all players! Congratulations everyone! EpicDuel our new purely PvP game, has just gone live allowing ALL players to create accounts and play. Varium has been released along with the opportunity to get Founder status in this brand new game. If you like PvP and a deep combat system, join us for the release. See the official site for more.

Ticklish Zorbo- Sold Out!
Ticklish Zorbo is all sold out*! Congratualtions to everyone who got a chance to get one of these super rare items! Watch out! Many people have reported that their Zorbos have mysteriously disappeared at night. These rumors have not been confirmed however, it is a good idea to keep on the look out for Zorbo thieves!

There has been a recent increase in Yeti sightings around Frostvale. Some people have even reported that Yeti's have been seen vandalizing their Ticklish Zorbos. Vil-Mart security forces believe that Yetis may be responsible for the Zorbo disappearances but these reports have not been officially confirmed!

Today at the underground lab we celebrated Beleen's Birthday with a jello and pudding party! I consumed aproximately 3 jellos and one bowl of whipped cream while watching crazy parkour youtube videos with Artix!

This Friday, Frostval continues! Star Captains will get the next piece of the Viking mecha! We will also have some more Holiday weapons and yes... you guessed it... Yetis! How abominable! korin is busy cranking out some new cutscenes and Yergen Von Shmergenbergen is animating new enemies and weapons at breakneck speeds!**

Many people have been expressing concern for Maegwyn on the forums because she has been out sick for such a long time. She is doing better but still needs time to rest and recover. I will keep you all updated as I hear more. We wish you well Mae! Please feel better soon!

*Psst - Rumor has it there may be surprise shipment coming sometime in the middle of this week

**Korin and I think that Yergen is actually a machine.


Game Balancing News
Here the latest news from Game Balance and some other things.

1) Vampire Minions and other Vampire Enemies
We have the discussion whether they are too strong or not. The bosses are a challenge and they are intended to be one, but none should be a problem with the Vampire Hunter Mechas and some nice Vampire Hunter Weapons. That´s why we released them - to fight Vampires! When you have troubles with other Equipment, you know what to buy.

2) The Frostvale gifts
All of them have temporary specials. They are most likely to get changed once they unwrap. There´s no need to discuss their power right now, let´s wait til you have the Viking Mecha.

3) Frost Mecha
We released higher levels of the last years Mecha and the CoolDowns got changed a bit. We didn´t buff the damage output nor did we give it new specials. This is just for all the players who didn´t get it last year and want to try it out. This Mecha is still good and in my opinion this is a nicely balanced NSC Mecha, even for todays standards. Soluna is no problem and for other planets you can buy other Mechas or even customize this one. Try it with Zorbo for example.

4) Monthly SC Mechas 
All of them are exceptional good and they have a special theme. Some are more offensive, some more defensive, some in between, some more useful against equippable enemies, etc. We invest a lot of time to create themes, create specials and balance them. Some may seem to be too good like Warbear and well, yes, Warbear is really powerful but against certain enemies he will fail. BC is really useful against equippable enemies, thats his theme. It seems that players prefer high damage output Mechas which can win fast. We have some of them, but the monthly  rares are also supposed to have a strategical factor. When a monthly Mecha doesn´t fit your play style, that´s no problem. One of the next ones will for sure.

Enjoy the Releases of this week and be prepared for the Viking Mecha and all the Frostvale Stuff. :)

Have Fun!

<Edited by Warlic 2:15PM 12/15/2009>


Star Date : December 11th, 2009
Ticklish Zorbo- This Weekend Only!
Ticklish Zorbois now at Vil-Mart in Frostvale! Go there NOW to get your very own awesome Ticklish Zorbo Weapons! These weapons are great! they have an incredible defense/healing special, scales up to level 40 and is available for ALL players!

The Starship versions of Ticklish Zorbo are available for Nova Gems - If you treat your starship Zorbo's kindly and feed it some bacon (stacks of 10 pieces are available at Vil-MArt stores Now!) evey day, it will be a loving pet that giggles when you tickle it and dances to all of your favorite MechQuest tunes! We also have a special Ticklish Zorbo Wall Poster that can Transport you and your Ticklish Zorbo (if you're lucky enough to own one) into the Dance Dimension!!

So head to Vil-Mart today! Ticklish zorbo will only be available this weekend!! Oh, I forgot to mention - holiday shoppers are absolutely crazy about Ticklish Zorbo and the Flight space is heavily congested with aggressive shoppers! Be careful!

Oh Korin wantred me to give you his kind regards... and remind you to please tell your friends to play MechQuest!



Star Date : December 9th, 2009
Wednesday Mini-Release Freeze - Until end of Holidays
This week's wednesday mini-release was pushed aside for yesterday's Ticklish Zorbo Dance Party website release. If you missed it, you can check the link here! Anyway, Yergen Von Schmergenbergen and I had a lot of fun making it and I hope everyone was thoroughly inspired to dance! XD

* When I showed Zorbo to my 2-year old daughter, she danced non-stop for over an hour and got extremely upset when we tried to close the webpage... So please be careful when showing the animation to young children. Zorbak's mind controlling effect is very powerful against kids!

For the remainder of this month, our team is focused solely on producing Holiday content. Due to the limited timeframe for the holiday season, I have decided to freeze our Wednesday mini-releases until the holiday season is over. I apologize to everyone who eagerly anticipates our tiny little Wednesday updates. However, we did the same thing last year and it everything worked out quite nicely!


Star Date : December 9th, 2009
Ticklish Zorbo Coming Friday
This holiday's hottest item is hitting Vil-Mart's shelves this Friday! Ever since Ebilcorp Toys Unlimited announced their newest product, demand has been skyrocketing! They will be offering 2 Ticklish Zorbo models, one for mecha shoulder equip spots and another for use in starships! Starship models are designed to be loving pets that eat bacon and dance to your starship music (Ticklish Zorbo apparently enjoys Headbanging to Evil Jim music...). And for your mecha battle needs, Ticklish Zorbo will equip to your front shoulder and pummel your enemies with love! It is a fierce defender who will go to great lengths to protect it's loving owners! So go to Vil-Mart this Friday and pick up your very own Ticklish Zorbo! (Quantities are extremely limited! Get yours while supplies last! ) To celebrate the release of Ticklish Zorbo, Ebilcorp is holding a Ticklish Zorbo Dance Party - here!


Note: due to the extreme popularity of Ticklish Zorbo, Holiday shops are expected to be full of highly competitive shoppers this Friday. Starship trafic is already starting to build up in Planet Thoh's airspace. Local security forces are expecting a code red situation this Friday!

Ebilcorp denies all liability for any issues that you might experience from increased traffic situations.


Star Date : December 3rd, 2009
Welcome Frostval/Vil-Mart/Sekali Temple

Greetings fellows! What a release we have today. Seriously. While I was off working on my own set of quests, Warlic was helping me with Frostval. So now we have the first week fo Frostval and a decently complex boss zone.

Note: Equip your energy blades.

This is all pretty exciting and I should warn you that the Sekali Temple zone is pretty tough. Using the map to get the staff, using the staff to get through the temple, reading ancient tomes that reveal hints about the history, and opening a secret door and ending up fighting a very hard boss makes for a pretty beefy release. If it wasn't enough, there's more.

Frostval begins! You can go to Frostval and replay last years amazing event! AND!!!! Be sure to stop by Vil-Mart and talk to Zanta Claus!

The above paragraph is what Warlic was saying. So it sounds like we have a new gift for Star Captains and some items for Starships. Vil-Mart will be getting more weapons over the weeks so I hope everyone looks forward to it.

So what fun things can I mention about this week? I was up until 4AM last night working on this release. Quite exciting.

We celebrated a few things this week. NRCDFNAR which is National Random Cake Day For No Apparent Reason (It was someone's Birthday). Also something like Happy Almost Forgot Your Birthday Day or something. So 2 cakes in 1 week. Technically 3 because the latest day was 2 birthdays so we had 2 cakes. Good times. I only got to eat from one of them.

This is completely off topic but I got the most awesome Sonic shirt from Epcot this week. I just have to point that out. If anyone else thinks they have a cooler shirt, I'm sorry to say, you don't. It's on my Facebook pictures if you want to see it.

I'm hearing that things appear to be working. It may be time to roll.

I hope everyone enjoys the release. We enjoyed making it for you. Like MechQuest? Tell your friends. Enjoy your weekend!



Star Date : December 3rd, 2009
Master Account & EpicDuel
"The One Login To Rule Them All!"

All players are invited to create a Battle On Master Account . this is the Alpha test of the new system which will unify all of our games.

Surprise - we are lauching our 5th game NOW!
Members of AQWorlds, Guardians, DragonLords and Star Captains are hereby invited to join us in the Beta-Evolution of the PvP based MMO... EpicDuel! A surprise game release? How did this happen? Brace yourself and read the amazing article that came out on IGN's homepage.

JUST Released!

Coming Tomorrow: The Four Weeks of Frostvale


Star Date : December 2nd, 2009
Master Account System
Alpha Phase Opens Tomorrow (Thursday)

Tomorrow we are going to open up the apha of the Battle On Games! Master Account System. It will happen at night... possibly REALLY late*. You probably have a lot of questions**. But my best answer is as follows:

"The One Login to Rule Them All!"

Think hard about what login name you would like to use to access all of our future games. Then join us tomorrow night to choose your login name. By the way, for security reasons, no one except you and the player support team will ever actually see this login name. It will never be publically displayed. Pretty good security move, huh? This is why you should choose a login name that is completely different from the name you normally use. You can even use an email address. For example... and this may shock you. My login will NOT be Artix. I am going to choose something impossible for anyone to guess, and then I am never going to tell anyone else what it is. Since your login name and password will be how you access all of your games in the future, I highly suggest you do the same***.

This is the start of something huge. Tomorrow's Alpha release of this new system is available to all players. It is an Alpha... so there will be very limited functionality and anything can (and will) go wrong. Also.. as a special bonus... we have a secret announcement to reveal! (Oh boy, are you going to be surprised****)

* Really late like... Friday. Or perhaps even Monday.
** Questions like: What really killed the Dinosaurs? Does Cysero use a specific brand of enchanted Hair Gel? How many Ninja does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?
*** H@x0r the Bear says, "Only you can prevent account theft!"
**** Hint: It is not AQW, AQ, DF, MQ, WF or EbilGames releated.

Star Date : December 2nd, 2009
Game Engine Updated
Today we released a new game engine with a tweak to the mecha equipping functionality. Now equipping your mecha will no longer override your energy blades. Also, New facebook notifications have been added for when your characters level up! Anyway, Hopefully everything is working with the new engine - I am at home feeling very sick today - So, when I rolled the new engine my head felt like it had been Falcon Smacked into oblivion!

Star Date : December 1st, 2009
Coming Up!
This Week we are releasing the Bossfight for the Sekali desert. Delve deep into the lost temple and search for Nephyrisis's resting place! We are also working on our first player-equippable vampire weapons!

Also, for tomorrow's Wednesday mini-release, I have another new engine update in the works. Equipping a new mecha will no longer unequip your energy blade. However, changing your pilot class will reset you to the default blade since it requires a complete character reload.. Also, new Facebook notifications will be added for Leveling up.

For the "Four Weeks of Frostval", Star Captains are going to get a new powerful item every week this month! These new items, when combined will form this month's Star Captain mecha model: "The Viking!" be sure to play every week to get your Frostval Gifts - Starting this Friday!

We have started to work on this year's Frostval release! The hottest holiday shop, Vil-Mart, is getting ready to open in Frostval and everyone is rushing there to get the best deals on holiday items like the incredibly popular "Ticklish Zorbo" dolls. The crowds are starting to get a little rowdy and starship traffic in the area is literally exploding!>

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