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Star Date : November 23rd, 2009
Black Friday Upgrade Cards!
This Friday, many will camp out at their favorite stores and get trampled by insane holiday shoppers desperately trying to get the berst deals this holiday season... If you are one those who is brave enough to go outside, I wish you luck! While your out there in the battlefield... err...I mean the retail stores... Keep a look out for our Upgrade Cards! You can find them at the following locations! Well, if you get a card and redeem it on Black Friday (or up to a week later...) you will get a special bonus -- a mecha moglin head called the Mask of Cole. The cards are good for both AdventureCoins and Memberships. Our other games are also running similiar specials for Black Friday.
Check out the Black Friday Specials page


Star Date : November 23nd, 2009
Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!! We've released and as you may have noticed already, you're fighting turkeys. It's probably no surprise but the gobbles will be. They are made by Thyton, Yergen Von Shmergenbergen, and myself. The Falcon Smack used by the Monthly Star Captain mech is voiced by me as well.

Lots of fun stuff in this release.The cutscenes are funny if I do say so myself. The monster attacks are hilarious which Yergen did another great job animating them.

One thing to make note of is the Fried Turkey Launcher weapon. This weapon was animated by Minar. I think he did a great job. It's his 2nd weapon. I haven't had time to work on his first one but this one works just fine.

We're releasing the Star Captain Monthly(well.. mostly monthly) Mech, the Falcon. He uses the Falcon Smack attack(referenced above). Yergen again did a fantastic job. It looks awesome and I hear it's very powerful.

In addition to the new items, we also buffed last years Thanksgiving items. In addition to those, we have house items, one of which is a turkey that will guard your house and if an intruder hits him, they will have to fight a Turkinator or the boss whose name I forget. I will call him Joe.

Despite it being a 3-day week for us, I feel we did a great job and made a fun release. We hope you all enjoy it. Most importantly, everyone have a good and safe Thanksgiving. We'll see you next week!!!


Star Date : November 22nd, 2009
Countdown to Turkageddon!
Turkageddon is almost here! This Wednesday will chock full of holiday items, a new Star Captain monthly mecha - "The Falcon"... AND TURKAGEDDON! Turkageddon will be a mini-war (only 50k waves - you should be able to get through this in a day!) in which escape Ebilcorp experimental turkeys are about to crash land an asteroid into Soluna City - Braddock Steele wants YOU to help defend the city! Also, be prepared for the usual bevy of holiday items!

Remember - this week, we are having our main release on Wednesday because the office is closed on Thursday and Friday!

In other news - I am working on an improvement to our equip system today - so that when you change your mecha, you will no longer unequip your energy blades. I will keep you posted!


Star Date : November 20th, 2009
Sekali Desert for the most part!

Greetings, all! We have all sorts of news!!!

For starters, we have stackable items!!! That's right!! Want to buy a bunch of an item, stack it up! Buy in bulk!! It's like we've become Costco or something. Am I allowed to mention Costco? I'll do it again to make sure. Costco. Fantastic. This also comes as good news to those that would like to sell the Embers you've collected over the months. Get rid of them once and for all with our new, what!? That's right. Stackable item shop thingamabob!!! Now some shops might not have stacked items available yet. Warlic will be adding them over the next couple hours I believe but only some more popular items first. Really this is just an announcement that now the game engine can handle it and everyone should be happy. For selling, you just enter how many of the item you wis to sell and voila. Sold!

Moving on. We've begun the Sekali Desert. It was a bit of an odd week this week. We've pretty much been living in fear of next week. We're off on Thursday and Friday which means we have to do a big Thanksgiving release on Monday and Tuesday, test it and release it on Wednesday. Sounds frightening, right? We're kind of prepared. That said, we've been weighing our priorities and ended up not including the boss fight for the Sekali Desert. We would've liked to include it this week and due to Thanksgiving release next week, we won't see the Desert finale until the week after. However, there is no shortage of weapons. Plenty of new and amazing weapons to snag. Warlic informs me that we have never had a weapon that could take a negative effect that is on the player, and swap it so the enemy has their own effect. I may have described it poorly so let's say this. Enemy gives me a Defense nerf. This new weapon would make that defense nerf go from me, to him. Warlic also informs me that the head weapon is "insane". I believe him. Yergen Von Shmergenbergen did a great job with the weapons as usual. Jemini was a huge help with the backgrounds even though there were some unexpected obstacles this week.

Next week is Turkageddon. I think I spelled it right. Not important. We'll be releasing new weapons as well as a crazy turkey quest. We're not even entirely sure what we're doing even though we've been stressing over it all week. Either way, it'll be awesome and silly and fun and exciting. On that note, the Friday the 13th quest will only be available until Wednesday. We'll be replacing the Friday the 13th button with a Thanksgiving Day button.

Now for some small behind the scenes stuff. Jemini is being forced to see Twilight New Moon. No offense to people that like it, but Jemini and I do not and I feel sorry for her having to watch it, yet laughed at her anyways.

Jemini and Yergen Von Shmergenbergen had me in tears from laughing at cat videos online. I can't resist seeing a cat do something silly like smacking a printer so hard he falls off a stool. It might be why I get up every morning.

We had pizza at the underground lab today. Then we were told we don't eat enough of it.

And finally, if you look at candle long enough, it's still a candle.

That said, I'm done for the week. Looking forward to a nice weekend. Hope all of you do the same. Like MechQuest? Tell your friends.

Later, everyone.


Star Date : November 18th, 2009
Some fixes!
Hello everyone! Today I made a few mecha fixes:

1)The scaling on non-uber Jameson mecha models has been fixed. Also The Star Captain and Nova Gem versions may now equip 2 mods.

2) The Mohawk's immobility resistance effect on the Back Arm weapon has been fixed.

3) Level 16 BC mecha models now have the correct Energy Regeneration of 8.

In the meantime, progress on the new shop stack buy/sellback is going well. We have stack purchasing working in testing and are awaiting the functionality for selling stacks of items! This is a very anticipated feature - especially when you have a stack of 100 items that you are trying to gert rid of!

We are making some progress on the Sekali desert Zone - as well as some new vampire hunter weapons! The new zone will be released similarly to the Morrowood forest zone - So you will be able to search the desert for the location of the lost Sekali Temple


Star Date : November 17th, 2009
Uber Jameson is here!
Uber Jameson is here! He has been updated significantly with improved specials and is the ultimate wrecking machine! It was well worth the wait because it is extremely powerful and has some brutal new attacks like the "Ultimate Devastation" body maneuver! Because of the slight delay in the release of this mecha, I am leaving the Friday the 13th zone open until next week! Uber Jameson is Nova Gem only and you must defeat the zone to open the shop.

In other news: We have not forgotton this months Star Captain Monthly Mecha - We have had so many macha release lately, the monthly mecha got delayed. - It is currently getting animated - We have not decided on a name for it yet. I will name it after I have had the chance to see its final attack animations. Don't worry - It will NOT be a turkey mecha!

Things have ramped up into overdrive here at the secret Underground lab! We are currently planning and preparing for this year's "4 Weeks of Frostval" in which upgrade players are going to receive a special holiday gift every week in December! This is going to be happening in all of our games! Next month is sure to be great!

This week's wednesday release is Uber Jameson. So, we will not be releasing anything tomorrow... (unless our highly anticipated new shop system for buying and selling stacks is finished... then we'll have a pretty big Wednesday release). \

This Friday, we are opening the Sekali desert zone in Necryptos along with some new vampire hunting items!


Star Date : November 13th, 2009
Uber Jameson Update
10:01PM - Just a quick note to let you all know that I just got the Uber Jameson mecha's body attack functioning. So now you will notice he picks you up slams you, jumps back, kicks you offscreen... then to make matters worse, he kicks you offscreen, jumps after you and tosses you back.... It is probably the most complicated MechQuest attack ever... You may have noticed, that we have had some new enemies and mecha that can pick your characters up and do things like throw you, slam you etc... well I had to reprogram that quite a bit to get jameson's attack to work! but now it works and we have a lot of possibilities opening up for more interactive attack animations :)

Anyway, we WILL be releasing the playable version of Jameson soon. I sent the mecha off for testing and am awaiting the results. He may or may not have different specials, damages etc.. when it is finally balanced- The bossfight will give you a nice preview of his graphic and animations before we release the final version :)

Anyway, Hope you are enjoying the Friday the !3th release!


Star Date : November 13th, 2009
Jameson Returns!
The Jameson is back and he's spreading terror to the innocent GEARS University students currently camping at Murky Lake Campground! You'll have to avoid getting stomped while dodging bomber squirrels and then you will have to chase Jameson across the galaxy in a string of sequel fights! Hm... sounds like a certain horror movie franchise with endless sequels that I know... Get ready, the final fight is against Uber Jameson...He is about to get a major power upgrade for the final fight!

Playable Uber Jameson mecha models are coming soon. However, they are not quite ready for release. I will be working on fixing a bug in his body attack tonight. Then it still needs some balancing - However, you will be able to fight against him tonight! (his body attack is going to be one of our coolest attack animations ever!) We have a revamped Jameson mecha with improved specials as well as previous Friday the 13th weapons.

Keep posted for more updates regarding the playable Uber Jameson!

Battle On!


Star Date : November 11th, 2009
Game Balancing News
Trog Buff:

It took a bit longer but now the Trog got the needed Buff. You can now choose between the 3 different attacks. All of them give a buffed DoT now and they stack. So, this is a nice DoT inflicting Mecha and you can keep up the DoT´s all the time because all attacks have 0 Cooldown. No other specials were added. I´m sure you will like this Mecha a lot more now!

Dark Hunter and Vampire Hunter:

Because the first one is rare we have a Game Balance Discussion that this one should be more powerfull. In general rare Mechas are more powerfull, that´s right. This time they are on par with each other. I mentioned that there will be not much of a difference between the two versions. There was no special mission, in fact nothing special to do and all proud Owners of the rare version have the fantastic unique BA attack. There will be no buff of the Dark Hunter, it´s not needed.

More non rare Weapons:

Currently players are making a list how many rare and non rare Weapons/Heads exist for each Level and Equip spot. Thank you for this, it will be an immense help for the next Releases and we can take care of gaps in the Future.

Level 30 AHM buff:

We improved them already a bit and the higher Level versions got a significant Buff. There will be no more changes for now. I know that there are better Mechas available... well, we release tons of Mechas and it´s not too hard to earn credits. Because the AHM´s are upgradable for SC players for some credits they are still a bargain and reliable Mechas for many Levels.

Vampire Minions:

With the buffed Vampire Hunter Mecha and the new Weapons there should be no Problem to beat them.

Old enemies and missing special effects:

We have an "MQ Enemy Rebalancing List". Players discuss about all the old enemies, which need buffs and which buffs/specials would be good. Please add to this thread whatever you think is needed. Old enemies are not on par with the new ones, they normally don´t have specials at all. This is really nice for new players and makes the game easier for them. But we could make an area with spiced up old enemies, would be fun, so keep this thread going!

And now I´m going back to work on our Friday 13th release......

Have fun!


Star Date : November 6th, 2009
Dimitri's Crypt released!
UPDATE : There was a bug in last week's Morrowood quest in which finding the key to Dimitri's crypt was not properly saved. You will have to go back to Morrowood to get the key - To compensate for the error, the drop rate for the key in the woods have been GREATLY increased for this weekend. So, it should only take a couple fights to get it.

Dimitri's Morrowood crypt is now open on Planet Necryptos! First you have to figure out how to get through the crypt, while sighting our toughest Energy Blade enemies yet! It's a good thing Han Velsing just received a HUGE shipment of Vampire Hunter weapons! These weapons awesome against vampires and should help give you an edge against these difficult opponents!

Now we have our sights set on next week's ffriday the 13th release... Hmmm.... I smell a sequel... and another sequel... and another and another? Anyway, enjoy your weekends and have fun with the (incredibly easy puzzle) in tonight's crypt quest!

(Seriously this puzzle was designed to be beatable by zombies...)

Battle On!


Star Date : November 4th, 2009
Permanent V-Hunter Mecha!
Today we released the permanent Vampire hunter mecha. This version is nearly identical to the mogloween edition, except the back arm weapon has a cannon instead of the machine gun wielding skeleton and it is colored slightly different.

Also, we got many requests for lower level versions of the V-Hunter. So we added new versions from levels 20+! Anyway,we are currently working on the Crypt quest with the Bossfight against Dimitri as well as some cool new Vampire slaying weapons for you for this friday!

Hunt On!

Star Date : November 3rd, 2009
Halloween Balancing News!

There is a lot of discussion about the new Vampire enemies and the new Vampire Hunter Mecha, called Han Velsing.
The Vampires are quite strong and they have heavy draining abilities. Well, they are Vampires and not easy to defend.
Han Velsing is so nice to sell you a Vampire Hunter Mecha. This Mecha is good against Vampires, that´s why he´s called
Vampire Hunter. (I´m sure you guessed this already :P)

Because it´s Halloween, Warlic and I decided to buff it a bit. We got rid of a lot of popups lately, not only for this Mecha, so not every effect has a popup which causes a bit of confusion.
Before the popups caused confusion :O

Here´s the list of the HV specials for all of you:

Head: +20% Bonus damage against Vampires, DoT, +25 Def against normal enemies, +40 Def against Vampires

Body: Blinding effect, starts with 40 and decreases by 8 per round. SC only combo. Each Weapon used before the body adds 20% damage so in total 100% possible.
BS: +30 BTH per Hit against Vampires
FS: crit chance on every hit, far higher against Vampires
BA: DoT, damage boost on 5 Hits, crit chance on 5 Hits, higher against Vampires
FA: One hit kill chance, Damage Boost against Vampires, heals 50% damage done against normal enemies and 75% against Vampires
Made changes: 20% damage boost got added, we forgot it :O, FA CD reduced to 2.

This Mecha is NOT designed to beat hard or X-treme Mode. You can beat normal Mode, thats fine. We just arrived at a new Planet and we can´t expect to get the ultimate killing machine from the first old guy we met there. It is a decent Mecha against Vampires and I´m pretty sure that we will see new Weapons and other things in the Future.

Next point are the Han Velsing Levels. The rare Model is a high Level Model. Don´t worry, there will also be a permanent Version of this Mecha. Slightly changed but not less powerfull.

We are working on a lot of quests and there will also be a lot
of new enemies which will be..... hard....very...very...hard. But nothing can stop a real Gears University Student!

Have fun and



Star Date : November 2nd, 2009
Ninja bug finally goes splat!
Today I had an epic struggle with a bug in the Vampire Hunter mecha in which the front arm would always lose it's instance and revert itself back to it's default.... Now, those bugs are usually pretty easy to find - but this one was a highly skilled ninja... It was incredibly difficult to find in the file... I even sent the mech to Korin at one point to verify that I wasn't compltely insane and that the bug was indeed there... Finally after literally checking every single frame of animation on every single part of the mech with Yergen Von Schmergenbergen... WE STILL COULDN'T FIND IT!! This bug was highly skilled in the art of ninjitsu and hid itself from our highly descerning eye - Well, anyway, we finally narrowed it down to a single frame and instead of trying to fix it - which proved to be incredibly futile... We just completely destroyed the frame and put a new one in... problem fixed... WE still don't know exactly what was wrong and therefore classified this one under the category of "Flash Quirks"

-Anyway it's done - ninja bug SQUASHED... You can now equip front arms to your Vampire hunters! Yay!

This week, We have the non-rare permanent Vampire hunter mecha models coming on Wednesday, along with some other miscellaneous and minor tweaks and fixes that need to be taken care of... Then for Friday, we are releasing some new Vampire Hunter weapons and the Crypt Bossfight quest against Dimitri!

FYI - There have been a lot of people requesting to be able to play as Vampires - Well, the main storyline will have you fighting against them, but fear not - Vampire classes and mecha are coming eventually to Necryptos - along with an NPC you will recognize from our other games... shhhhhh it's a secret -




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