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Star Date : Sept 29th, 2009
Planning a party!
This week, MechQuest is going to turn 2 years old! To celebrate, we are having a pajama party in Soluna City - Complete with some New Silver, Golden and Platinum Nubertron mecha models! Yeah that's right, I said "Nubertrons". The Newbatron is getting it's first graphic overhaul since MechQuest was first launched. A new level 5 version of the Newbatron, called the Nubertron is being added - with new graphics. Looks like a newbatron with an overdose of mocha cola!

Also, to celebrate our anniversary, we are introducing our next Novaboost item - X-Boost! X-Boost items will increase your experience and credits from battles by 10% and will come in one week, 30 Days and Unlimited options. One week will cost 100NGs, 30 days: 380 NGs and Unlimited : 1000NGs. You will be able to purchase X-Boost items at Tek's Mechs.

Since MQ's Birthday is happening this Thursday, our normally scheduled Wednesday release is going to be the Party in Soluna ans will happen on Thursday instead.

On Friday the war against the Shadowscythe is going to progress on Planet Westion with Alamonia and Khaedron coming under full attack from the Shadowscythe forces. Meanwhile, Odessa is going to try to send a request for aid from Arthuria and Zargon! Unfortunately, she needs an experienced star captain pilot to punch through enemy lines in a desperate attempt to deliver the messages to Zargon and Arthurai!


Star Date : Sept. 29th, 2009
Notes from Blues!
Incoming message through the transdimensional portal.....

I´m still trapped in here but a portal can´t prevent me from reading the Forums
and taking care of Game Balance Issues.

Here the news:

Crabber FA Weapon: We talked about it and came to the conclusion it is
a bit too weak.
Now you get a damage bonus against ShS enemies and the XP Bonus got
buffed. Both have
a roll now.

House Mechas: We know that they need an upgrade to the new Level cap
and they need a buff
so that they can compare with all the new shiny Mechas. We are working
on this, be prepared
for buffed AHM´s. They will not get a major update but better damage.

Super Twang and Master Twang: They have different rewards and the
easier one has higher rewards.
The energy blade fights need a major update and they will get one.
Theres no ETA but it is on our list.
Because the rewards are not too high anyway a change of the rewards is
not top priority.

The SC-X-treme challenge: It is still a challenge for some players,
even with all the new monthly SC only Mechas.
The challenge should be quite easy nowadays and we have a strategy
thread for it. It is meant to be a challenge,
so every complaint about one of the enemies in there will have no
effect. It will not get easier :P

Issues regarding enemies: Please provide some numbers when you think
an enemy is too easy or too hard.
Just saying an enemy is too powerfull doesn´t help. Try different
Mechas and/or Equipment, provide numbers
how often you lose etc., then I have something to work with.Some
enemies are a challenge and they are meant to be one.

Auto Levelling: While this is a nice feature, not every Mecha and
Weapon will get it. There will be upgrades soon for the
promo Mechas.

That´s all for now from me.

Have fun


Star Date : Sept 24rd, 2009
Westion is getting Pwned by the Shadowscythe!
The Shadowscythe have started their onslught of Planet Westion and things are looking extremely grim. Allied Forces are vastly outnumbered - even with the aid of Sys-Zero and Queenadent Odessa Pureheart! Shadowscythe forces are racking up victory after victory and are literally pouring out of the wood work! For this war, we have 2 war camps! Star Captains get a separate WAr Camp where they can run special starship missions in Space! This includes an updated version of Pyras Blast that has enemies that dart from side to side and up and down... and shoot at you! The Star Captain missions also feature our newset rockin' MQ Shadowscythe theme song!

Anyway, the storyline of Planet Westion is finally starting to come to a close andnow the Shadowscythe are starting to encroach on our galaxy - There was a brief period of piece after the first few Shadowscythe landed on Loreon nearly two years ago... But now the war is upon us and there are still many alliances to forge before we can stop them once and for all... Remember, we are not just fighting for Planet Westion... we are fighting for the entire galaxy! Battle On!


Star Date : Sept 23rd, 2009
Assault Mecha Reborn!
Assault Mecha has just been updated along with a few bugs... actually those few bugs grew into a whole boat-load of bugfixes... So, you will probably want to make sure you refresh your browsers to make sure you are running Omega version 3.6.2!

Here's a list of Bugfixes:

1)Assault mecha no longer crashes when you enter an invalid Char ID.

2)You now get actual experience for pvp fights.

3)Exiting quests from your starships should put you back into your starship.,.. at least I hope - starships are powered by voodoo.

4)Mocha Cola mods no longer duplicate stack to infinite amounts when you visit shops.

4)Fixed broken item mergers in Maeg's T-Flan Shops

5)The new Assault Mecha was broken with insane credit rewards...and then fixed again! So for a few minutes a few lucky players made a LOT of credits from PvP fight! Oops 2 Game engine updates in the same Day!!!

6) Fixed some weird problems coming out of inventory shop screens and being stuck in mini-mecha walkaround mode...

7) Korin fixed some Blackjack bugs - things to note are the buttons for betting and how they operate if you have insufficient funds. Also getting a draw shouldn't break the game. and all aces should now go from 11 points to 1 if the score gets pushed above 21.

Cool I Just Pwned the n00b, Korin in an Assault Mecha Duel! I hope you all enjoy playing Assault Mecha Again!


Star Date : Sept 22nd, 2009
Assault Mecha Rebirth - Coming Wednesday!
So, yesterday I did a little experiment... I had Rolith run some stats for MQ. I wanted to find out what quest caused the most user dropoff. So we looked at the last quest played by people who hadn't logged in for a while and found that there was one quest that won by a landslide... Assault Mecha! That antiquated pseudo-pvp Arcade machine that we implemented back in MQ's beta days.. in fact it was one of the first quests ever created for MQ. It also happens to be one of the buggiest ones... Enter a wrong ID, blam, game crash - reload. Battle Random doesn't actually give you a player character - it gives you one of our least varied monster lists ever!! To top it off, you don't even get experience for your win - Wow! No wonder that quest is the one that people play first... and last... Well, hopefully my little updates tomorrow will make Assault Mecha more fun:

The following fixes and changes are planned for Assault mecha tomorrow:
1) Battle random will actually give you a real player - taken from the approved names list.

2)Entering an incorrect ID in the Battle by ID option will no longer result in an error that requires a reload.

3)You will be able to choose scaling options for the Assault Mecha battles. You will be able to turn scaling on or off and Star Captain difficulty selection will also apply.

4) Winning a battle will now give you a cool close up view of your mech and a somewhat random victory message.

5) Vidtories may be posted to your Facebook pages so you can brag to all of your friends and family about how you finally defeated n00bPwnzor46's Warbear in a fair fight!

Anyway, The changes mentioned above will be applied to Assault Mecha sometime tomorrow. Meanwhile - Korin is cooking up a Shadowscythe invasion of Westion for this friday... scary stuff....


Star Date : Sept 18th, 2009
Some people wanted me to make a Design Notes post. So I will. So everyone going "Oh no! Korin's gonna babble like he always does!" can rest assured that yes. That is exactly what will happen. :] Not so much to annoy you, but because I appreciate all players equally. Make sense? I didn't think so either.

Anywho, rather big release this week. I ended up working on the new Saloon project while Warlic helped out with the Talk Like a Pirate Day event that we can never seem to prepare for until 3 days beforehand. So here we are. We managed to make some weapons, one of which is completely awesome and I'm so glad we were able to make it. I don't know if I can say it or not but I will anyway. No one will stop me. It's the Parrot Launcher. If you're laughing now, wait til you see it. Yergen Von Shmergenbergen has done an amazing job animating it and it's just awesome. I believe there's an energy blade weapon and something else. I think a costume.... Something... Words....

While on the subject of Pirates, I feel this video expresses all the fun and excitement one could have during Talk Like a Pirate Day.

You are a Pirate

Yes I posted it in the Sing like a Pirate thread and yes, you can say what you want but I actually do like Lazy Town. I'm not ashamed. Not completely ashamed, atleast.

On to the Saloon. Some very neat stuff. Amalthea (that's her name, right?) has opened the Saloon but there's a strange Equin in there that likes to play cards. He doesn't like losing though. He doesn't really seem to like anything. Anyways, he'll play you in games of War and Blackjack. You actually have to bet money in Blackjack so be careful. The rules are also explained by Amalthea. If it's still a little hard to follow, I'll post some easier-to-understand rules in the game probably for Wednesday. Hopefully the rules are clear enough. Also, once you complete the quest and get to the maximum rank, you won't have to fight anyone after Blackjack. It (should) become purely a betting card game. I should also mention that the cards are shuffled after each little match so counting cards won't help you.

This was a pretty exciting release to work on. The card games look great. The cards were prettied-up by Yergen. They look fantastic. I personally feel that the card games play really well and flow quick enough to be fun.

So if you don't like it then uhh.... Try living with this on your conscience...


How's that? I know you hate it. It's driving you mad with feelings of regret for not liking it. I know I'm right.

I think I was going to point something special out in the Design Notes.... I can't remember. Maybe I was going to single out a forum member and make fun of them. I'm not sure. By make fun, I mean appreciate...

Anywho, sounds like Warlic is just about ready to roll. I don't know how much more I can stall these Design Notes. Actually, I'm pretty sure I could stall for a good amount of time. But I won't bore you with more stalling as I've already bored you enough. So that said, I hope you all enjoy the release today. I hope to hear great things. Some things may not work, as always. So on that note, I'm out.

Thinking about it, I probably should've made a funny Kanye West interruption reference. I could've. And I should've. But I didn't. For that, another one of these...


Alright I'm done for real. Later friends (and foes?).

PS. If your hands are wet, and there are no paper towels, just stick your hands in your pockets. Don't have pockets? Use your friends face. He or she will love you forever for it. Trust me. I'm a pretend-scientist.


Star Date : Sept 16th, 2009
Nova Gems Notes:
What are Nova Gems? Nova Gems are a special currency used in MechQuest. With Nova Gems, you can purchase more hangar space (which allows you to keep more mechas) and additional item slots. Also, you will find special Nova Gem shops throughout the MechQuest multiverse, selling powerful mechas, stat-boosting mecha mods, devastating weapons and energy blades, extra-special Starship items, and the Mocha Cola temporary health and energy boost (just to name a few of the extra-special things that Nova Gems can get you).

Here's a list of the ways you can get Nova Gems:
: By participating in the AExtras offers, you can earn Nova Gems. Most offers require you to sign up to a website, answer a survey, buy something,or sign up for a trial. Each offer will show you how many NovaGems it is worth if you complete it. If you are eligible and you complete the offer, your character will automatically get the NovaGems in MechQuest! Read all about AExtras and log in on this page to participate

Ballyhoo: Every day that you play MechQuest, you have the opportunity to go to the movies! Just go to Cinemech in Soluna City - or click the camera button on the menu bar on your screen - and as a reward for watching the daily advertisements, up to the daily limit, you will earn a reward - which includes the chance to get Nova Gems!

Captain Rhubarb's Ballyhoo Update:
1) Doubled the Credit drop rate
2) Added chances for getting 25 or 50 Nova Gems
3) Decreased volume of Dragonfable ad
4) Fixed ads that were "buggy"

We also offer purchasable Nova Gem packages. Just click the link on the Homepage "Get Nova Gems" (beneath the Play button) to choose the Nova Gem package that suits you - whether you prefer them in a large bundle or a smaller quantity!


Star Date : Sept 16th, 2009
Mocha Cola!
Today we have a fancy new feature in the game engine. Please refresh your broswers to make sure you are running Omega Version 3.6.0! We now have expiring item types that can be used for temporary stat boosts and other various effects! The first of these new Stat Boost items is Mocha Cola! The newest formula of Mocha Cola has been recently been approved as a Mecha-Grade booster fluid! This awesome stuff not only tastes great and is less filing... It will give your mecha a 10% Boost to Hitpoints and Energy! Maegywn had to give a hefty bribe to the SFDA (Soluna Food and Drug Administration) to get approval for this new mecha beverage! Mocha Cola costs 100 NGs and lasts for 1 week. So, it is a great way to get past that nasty boss monster or extreme challenge that has been nagging you for a while....

Note: Mocha Cola boosts cannot be sold back because of the fact that it expires after a while and immediately applies to your character in the form of a stat boost..

In other news- One of my latest projects is daunting task of making MechQuest translatable into other languages! This is going to involve a fairly drastic update to every single quest in the game! However, it is not impossible and I just got my proof of concept working! This is incredibly exciting news because translation will allow us to reach a much wider audience! I will keep you updated as I make more progress!

Also, if you didn't notice yet, I put a Mohawk teaser ad on the home page so you can get a preview of our latest incredibly awesome Star Captain Monthly mecha!

Finally, We recently discovered a nasty bug in some Ballyhoo ads that caused the game to completely glitch out! This has been fixed.


Star Date : Sept 15th, 2009
Coming up!
This week, Korin and and the rest of the gang are busy putting together the Saloon in Alamonia. The Saloon will be a unique zone for us. Yes, you will be able to play card games and battle some disgruntled (evil?) patrons too!.. We are quickly approaching Westions big doomsday - The Shadowscythe have been a little quiet in the recent weeks... Oh.. the calm before the storm.

Yergen Von Schmergenbergen is putting the final touches on the Mohawk mecha - it should be out this Friday! Sorry the Mohawk is running a little bit late - The Steampunk project was admittedly a little more intense than we had anticipated... For Tomorrow's mini-release, I am going to try something new - Maegwyn is about to get her first shipment of mecha-grade mocha cola! For a few Nova Gems, you will be able to get a weeks supply of it for a nice boost during your battles! The mocha cola involves a few engine tweaks - so hopefully it will all work out for tomorrow!

We also have talk like a pirate day coming up this weekend... Hey wait a minute, which Rhubarb are we using for that? Arrrrrrr!


Star Date :September 11th, 2009
Meeting on the Battlefield!

The Shadowscythe Invasion!
The Drakel Town Hall is now open! Planet Westion is in trouble! Mayor Kho-Gekh needs you - on the battlefield with the really-really-very-insanely-amazingly-extra-awesomely-extremely-super-long-seems-like-it-might-never-end name...

This is an even longer name than the town in Wales known as Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch... can you say that three times fast? (I can't even say it one time, slowly.) It's a fascinating town to read about - if you're interested in things like fricatives ... and even if you're not - yes, even if you wouldn't know a fricative from a frigate - it's still fascinating.

But it's not as fascinating as Korin. Korin is actually more awesome and fascinating than the entire Neolithic era! Seriously, Korin did a fantabulous job putting this release together, getting the ranks to rank up properly was challenging and he got it running perfectly! - OH - Important! - The enemies come in waves of five, and it saves after each five! This rank stays with you when you log out! So let's give five cheers for Korin!

Coming Next Week: Mohawk! The September Star Captain Rare Monthly Mecha is rolling along the assembly lines now! It is the Mohawk, and it is rumored to be a real beast of a heavy gunner. I can't wait to see it (I don't have a preview yet) and I'm very excited about working with everyone to get it ready for next week's release!


Star Date :September 9th, 2009
Friday Release Only - due to US Holiday

Focusing on Friday!
Korin is preparing something superawesome - we will be focusing on opening up the Drakel Town Hall! Look forward to fighting on a battlefield that has an extremely long name...

This past weekend, we were at DragonCon! Check out the AQWorlds Design Notes for photos - some awesome people even dressed as their favorite AE characters!

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our panel - it was so much fun! Here is what Zorbak was up to:


Star Date : Sept 4th, 2009
New Steampunk Weapons!
Greetings Everyone! The General Store in Khaeldron is now open for business! The shopkeeper, Don Tei, recently made an exclusive deal with Buckaroo Badhorse to districute weapons designed specifically for the Steampunk mecha models! These weapons are only compatible with Steampunk models (and therefore look great with them...) I like to also note that Personator and Azami helped immensely with the testing and balancing of these new weapons! Thanks!

The addition and variety of these new weapons make the Steampunk our most customizable mecha yet! Some of the weapons also feature never before seen specials... The Nova Gem machine gun in particular has a repeating shot that is just awesome... In fact, you should post on the forums about how many shots you can hit with it!

The general store has a very short quest associated with it. You will have to fight off a few gangs of Shadowscythe invaders to open up the new weapons...

Anyway, everyone is safely at Dragoncon and having a blast! I am working from home today as I could not attend this year :-( Maybe next year... Anyone who has worked from home with a family should know that having a secret underground lab to go to has its advantages... and if anyone asks... No, I did not jsut say that!


Star Date : Sept 2nd, 2009
Steampunks buffed!
Greetings Everyone! Today we buffed the Steampunks as promised: the following changes wer made:

1)BA and FS Energy costs have been lowered significantly.

2)Star Captains get the awesome new "Smart Nerf" special added to the Back Arm: This special looks at your enemy's Defense, Attack Bonus and Damage Boost stats and nerfs whicheverone is higher. To make this even cooler, if your enemies Defense is the highest stat, the smart nerf applies before the hit - therefore allowing you to punch through high defensive effects (like the Magmars "Rock Synergy" special). BEWARE: In the newart future, new Enemies are going to start getting the Smart Nerf AI added to them and will start choosing their attacks accordingly....

3) The The Steampunk's Head weapon : Attack Bonus and Damage boost effect have been changed to give an increase of +12 point per round.

4) The FA weapon now has a random chance to do a double damage DoT!

In addition to the Steampunk buff, today we made Pyras stronge and gave hime more resistancesr. I kept pulling my hair out trying to figure out why he was so weak - then realized that I made a really dumb mistake in the quest's scaling code that resulted in him scaling way too low... So he should now be more of a challenge... Also, you will no longer lose your tower progress when you lose the fight against Pyras.

In addition to the buffs, we also added two new starship items to Clyde's NG Starship shop - An Arcade machine that allows you to play the fireball shooting game and post your highscore to Facebook and a Gramophone that plays the new Westion Music! I hope you enjoy them!


Star Date : Sept. 1st, 2009
Korin Leveled Up!
Greetings! As many of you know, Korin has been taking a more and more active role in developing MechQuest. In fact, for the last few months, we have been secretly training him for a very important task... Today, I am very proud to announce that Korin is now officially in charge of MechQuest! That's right! Korin is now in charge of our weekly releases!

Now, this doesn't mean that I am pulling myself completely out of MechQuest... I still have the dubious honor of being guy who will take responsibility if things go wrong! I will also be helping Korin out as he makes his transition into this new role... I will also be responsible for client side game engine updates and new features, etc... In fact, I am involved with several MechQuest projects right now as we speak. This is a very exciting time for all of our current and future games!

Anyway, I am extremely proud of Korin. I had him in mind for this position since way back when he first started working for us! Please wish him luck if you see him on AQWorlds and on the forums!

Warlic: Congratualtions Korin! You are now in charge of MechQuest!

Korin: Billy balances bobbling bubbles on his elbows.

Warlic:... *gulps* Um... okay... Please don't blow up any more planets...

Korin: What makes bobbles bubble?

So, this week's update will be the Khaeldron General store. This is more of a mini zone with a quest and several new items (the new weapons will match your steampunks in visual style)

The newly buffed Steampunks are currently up for testing and will be released for tomorrow's mini-release. I believe we may have some new starship items for the war coming this week too... there were a couple of items (a grammaphone and an arcade machine) that I still wanted to release that weren't quite ready last friday...

Thursday, everyone is heading to DragonCon, So Yergen Shmergenbergen and I will be in charge of holding down the fort at the secret underground lab!




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