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Star Date : August 31st, 2009
Adding Some Steam to the Punks
Hello Everyone! The war is done, Pyras is defeated and now the Shadowscythe are knocking at Westion's door... with a big scary present! Anyway! the Fire/Bug War was a lot of fun! Hopefully, it was even more awesome than the first Bug War! Oh the memories... This war had a lot of really fun moments and I am incredibly proud of the MechQuest team for making some incredible stuff for it!

Now, There have been some reports that the Steampunk is under powered... Do not fear, we are working on it! (One thing I forgot to add was bonus damage to fire enemies when I created the original versions... so that is definitely going to be added - alaong with a few extra buffs and tweaks (See Blues's post below...) One of the new buffs is going to be an SC-Only special called a "smart nerf" which looks at your opponent's best stat (Defense, Attack Bonus or Damage Boost) and nerf's it. We'll be testing and tweaking over the next few days - So we will keep you updated as we make this mecha well worth the effort of the war.

As many of you may already know, this week is DragonCon week! On Thursday, everyone at the Secret Underground Lab is going to drive down to Atlanta for our favorite convention! Yay! Unfortunately I will not be able to make it there :( maybe next year..., But just about everyone else will be there! As an added bonus, if you come to our DragonCon Panel (Saturday, September 5th at 2:30pm - Sheraton Hotel, Augusta Room) with your MechQuest Artbooks, the team will be autographing them at the end of the panel! (If you forget your artbooks, don;t worry, we will have some on hand to sell, along with some t-shirts too!)...

Also If you saw Cysero's DNs on AQWorlds, then you would know that AE is Hiring Now!

From Cysero's DNs:

Now Hiring!
IN OTHER OTHER OTHER NEWS... *sigh* we are hiring.

/me kicks over table and hides behind it to avoid deadly hail of questions, resumes and letters asking that we make a ONE time exception and hire them for some position that we don't need or doesn't exist... like Door Trimmer, or Salsa Polisher.

The time has come once again for AE to expand its talent base and once again we come to you, loyal AE fans, to give us your very best. We know there is a limitless pool of talent out there from all the great suggestions and fan mail that we recieve daily, but we are only looking for the best of the best. a HUGE number of the AE Game Development Staff came from the community, from Rolith to Reens, From Ghost to Tomix. Right now, what we need are Experienced Flash Programmers, and Flash Animators.

You MUST be 18 years old, or older.

You MUST be able to fill one or both of the positions listed above. WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR PEOPLE WHO CAN DRAW OR WRITE. We only need skilled ANIMATORS (who usually CAN draw) and PROGRAMMERS ONLY.

If you feel like you've got what it takes to be a programmer or animator for Artix Entertainment, please e-mail a cover letter, resume and samples of your coding work/your animation reel/ samples of your animations to me.

Thanks, and good luck!



Star Date : August 31st, 2009
Notes from Blues!
Hello through the transdimensional portal :)

We tested the Steampunk Mecha again and discussed the power issue....
and we decided to buff it a little bit.

It gets a general +20% damage buff against fire enemies
The FA will get a chance for a double DoT
The BA will get a SC only special: It is called smart buff
Warlic will explain this and I´m sure you all will like it.

We have another discussion about Weapons with the wrong attack types.
Well, for now attack types don´t really matter but we plan to add resistances
etc. in the future. Thank you for pointing this out, we will take care of it.

Another discussion point is the new scaling.
Scaling is a good ways to close existing gaps and also
future gaps. New Mechas are already scaled for the next cap raise
so you have already something to play with and you save credits.
Of course this does not mean that new releases get obsolete because we
have scaled Mechas. The scaling works only for some Levels and we are carefull
with it. The scaling of rares is a good thing so you can enjoy your powerfull
rare mecha for some Levels.

Now to power inflation.
Currently we have really good and powerfull SC Mechas.
The monthly SC rares are powerfull and they are meant to be powerfull.
Do they make normal mode too easy? Depends how you define too easy but
you can´t lose on normal mode. Also normally not on hard and x-treme mode
gives you a bit of a challenge. Does this mean they are overpowered? No, I don´t
think so. They are powerfull and they make the "normal" game easier
for SC players,
but we will release more SC only missions where you will see and reach your
limits. Get prepared for them. NSC players still have a challenge
nearly everywhere
and SC players have different modes, they can use different Merchas
and they will get
more SC only missions.
The "promotion" Mechas are something special and I´m sure all of you
understand why.
We have Seppy, the Skullcrusher and now the the new Dragonguard.
I know that none of the really powerfull Mechas is needed to play the
game but for many
players it is more fun to use them.
For now the enemy AI is not too smart. Enemies with certain attack
patterns are far
harder than normal ones and we have ideas for some really nasty new enemies....
you will see.

This is all from me for now....

Have fun! :)

As always, please correct it, change it, whatever is needed.

Thank you :)


Star Date : August 28th, 2009
Bossfight is done, Steampunks are waiting!
Well, the bossfight is ready... The Steampunks are waiting! Everything is finished and published...

All you have to do now is finish the war and go get them!
Good Luck and Battle On!


Star Date : August 28th, 2009
Almost There!
Hello Everyone! The war is nearing completion. We are still working to finish up the bossfight and it is currently in testing to be rolled live later tonight! Since this is a bossfight, you will have to get the war meter to reach 100%.

This is one of the biggest release days in MQ history! We have our 2nd coolest bossfight (possibly the coolest...) in our history with an intense shooting minigame... We also have 2 major Mecha releases: Dragonguard Bonus Mecha and the Incredibly beautiful Steampunk mecha models. The Dragonguard is one of our biggest mecha releases in MQ history and the Steampunk is also shaping up to be quite epic!

In addition to the 2 major mecha releases, we also have some new starship swag coming your way - I recorded a new acoustic guitar part for a new acoustic guitar too...(cut me some slack on the playing... it was one take and it was kinda tricky! :P)

Anyway, We are still polishing off some bugs - but we are very close to release...Of course you will have to get the war to 100% to see this INSANE BOSSFIGHT!!!!


Star Date : August 26th, 2009
Mini-Release: L34 and L35 Weapons!

Visit Planet Westion!
On Planet Westion (Chapter 1 areas) higher-level versions of a few weapons are now in shops. Visit Jhaek and Arin-Ha in Khaeldron for the Grand , Majestic, and Epic Vul'khar Shoulders (L35).

Check out the Space Station Elevator for the NG-Only Mr. Z's Noggin SE (L35).

Drop by the Town Hall in Alamonia for the new Zeus Arms (L34 Adamantium Zeus Arm (Nova Gem version) & L35 Zanadium and Mithril Zeus Arms for non-Star Captains and Star Captains)

Embers or Valor Badges?
When you defeat Magmars, if you pass the roll to find Loot you now have a choice between taking a Valor Badge or an Elemental Ember. What to choose? If you don't have 50 or more Embers yet, you may want to take an Ember. Valor Badges are a good choice as well, because the more T-Flan you can get, the better off you will be! (Or you can use your Nova Gems to get the Fire Resistance mod from Tikala's shop in the War Camp)


Star Date : August 26th, 2009
Coming Up!
BTW - Here's that Steampunk Screenshot that I promised!


Star Date : August 24th, 2009
Coming Up!
We are currently working on the boss fight against Pyras that will unlock at the end of this war. There has been a lot of speculation about whether this will be like the Galactimech fight against Universo on Planet Zargon. The Fight with the Magma Lord will NOT be another Galactimech battle - The Galactimech is intended to be a Star Captain-Only experience. This bossfight will be available for all players. However, it will be very exciting and will be another "first" for MechQuest. This battle will be unlike any other battels... and you should be forewarned: You really should equip some type of fire reistance for this one... don't say I didn't warn you! Of course, some of you more adventurous types might want to try it without fire resistance.... Go ahead... just see what will happen.... Anyway, we're making good progress on the bossfight and it will be there when the war hits 100%! Battle On!

This is a pretty huge week for MQ... We are also releasing the awesome Dragonguard Bonus Packages for Star Captains who have been with us for more than 6 months. These are very special offers and include and insane amount of nova gems and the special Dragonguard ranks and mecha items! Here's a sneak peak at the Dragonguard mecha:

Join the Ranks of the Dragonguard starting this Friday!

We put an incredible amount of work into the Dragonguard mecha and it is literally a wrecking machine! You can find out more about the Dragonguard Special Offers here and here.

Also coming out this week is the incredibly awesome Steampunk mecha models which will be offered at the end of the Fire War. These new mechs are absolutely wonderfully animated by our newest animator - Yergen von Shmergenbergen! Steampunk mecha is full of gears and pistons that are constantly in motion... It also blows puffs of steam from time to time. It is truly beautiful and is currently in Jemini's hands for coloring.

Yergen has been around with us for a few months now- in fact he is responsible for animating many of our newest monsters including the awesome Mini Magmars, new ShS units as well as the Aegis and Reaper mechas... We have been working on some new top secret visual techniques with the Steampunk mecha and the Magma Lord... :D

Steampunk screenshot coming very soon!

Update: Valor Badges have been added to the Fire Ember Loots shops in the Fire War! Now you may choose either a Fire Ember or a Valor Badge when you loot Magmars!


Star Date : August 21st, 2009
Fire War Update!
This week I made some significant changes under the hood of MechQuest! Last week, you may have noticed that the Fire monsters had "Fire" resistances... Well, those resistances were a little broken - so we had a little bug war of our own this week. As a result, I only was able to bring out one new quest for the war, but the plot revealtions coming should be EPIC... And of course we have another awesome cutscene from Korin...

The other more significant engine change that happened this week was the ability to add resistances to weapons and mods! So, today, Maegwyn is going to allow you to melt down some of those valor badges to create a fireproof armor coating for your mecha! The latest engine is Omega Version 3.5.2. So refresh and reload just to make sure you have the latest version!

Trust me, you WILL need some fire resistance... Because The Magma Lord Pyras has just popped up out of that Crater, and now many of his his Magmars have become more powerful... So be sure to visit Maegwyn at the War Camp and talk to her about "Fire Safety"!

To make matters worse, A GEARS University starship was landing just as Pyras was waking up and crashed out in the desert... Talk to Clyde at the War camp to rescue the very important passengers from that starship... FYI. A Major plot revelation is happening in this war tonight.

Tikala also has a couple new relics for your fire extinguishing enjoyment...

The war is currently at 42% - So, it should hopefully end next weekend... We have mae some very good progress developing the Bossfight and it is most likely the most stunning fight in MQ history - We have some awesome new attacks in store for you with this EPIC fight... Pyras is one of the Galactic Masters... So, it is not going to be easy!

Lord Valoth is also extremely excited tonight... you'll find out why very soon!

I hope you are enjoying this Bug War as much as we are! We still have a lot of enemies to destroy... So go out there and Battle On!


Star Date : August 19th, 2009
Level Cap increased to 35!
Today we raised the level cap to 35 and made a few other bugfixes and tweaks!

1) There is a new Game Engine : Omega Version 3.5.1. Please make sure you refresh your web browsers to ensure you are running the latest version! The new game engine fixed some issues with Elemental resistances - So now those Magmars really do resist Fire! Sorry - They are harder now!

2) Wrangler Uniform bonuses have been added to the Fire War rolls and to reputation rolls in Westion Chapter 1 quests! Reputation will come MUCH easier to you if you are wearing the Wrangler uniform! Also, the leftover Lagos War uniform penalties/bonuses have been removed from the Bug War rolls...

3) Scaling Code has been fixed on the Trog set

4)Equipping Bug Spray to Shadowscyther Floater mecha no longer scales to undefined levels.

This Friday we will be adding some a new quest/storyline to the War. If everything goes like it is going now, you should reach the bossfight sometime next week... Let me tell you, this bossfight is going to be absolutely insane! you will, afterall come face to face with a planetary fire lord... should be interesting...

Hey, have you every wondered what the game would look like from inside the cockpit of your mecha?


Star Date : August 18th, 2009
Dragonguard Updates
Lasst week's announcement of our new Dragonguard bonus package offer led to several question on our forums... Here are some answers!

1) When will it be released?We are planning to release the Dragonguard bonus offers next week, Friday August 28th!

2) What if I have a fully upgraded account with all characters being Star Captains? This is the most exciting news! If you have a fully upgraded account, then when you purchase one of the bonus packages, you will get the Bonus items and Special Rank for ALL OF YOUR CHARACTERS!

Note: The Nova Gems will only apply to the character that you choose at the time you purchase the bonus package. The other characters will only receive the Bonus Item and Special Rank.

3) What if I get a bonus package but then upgrade all characters AFTER I purchase the Bonus Package? More great news! If you upgrade all characters on your account AFTER purchasing a bonus package for one of your characters, you will still get the Bonus Items and Special Ranks on your newly upgraded characters!!

4) What if I delete a character and then create a new one on a fully upgraded account? Even more excellent news! If you create any new characters on a fully upgraded account with bonus packages, you will get the special rank and bonus items on the new characters.

4) What level are the new Dragonguard items and mecha? The new Dragonguard items and mecha will feature our newest mecha scaling feature! The Dragonguard will have UNLIMITERD Scalability! That means it will always scale itself to your level! (Remember: It does take 2 years to get all of the bonuses so, unlimited scalabillity is definitely required for this extremely special mecha and items).

I hope this answers any questions that you may have regarding the Dragonguard Bonus Packages! Remeber, the bonus packages are special deals that will be offered every 6 months that your characters are upgraded to Star Captains. Loyal Star Captain veterans that have been with us for a while can expect to start receiving these special offers next week!

Anyway, this week we are continuing the Fire War on Westion! Tomorrow we have several bugfixes and we will be raising the level cap to 35! We will also have some new missions coming for Friday... We have also started working on the Final Boss fight with the awakening Magma lord - can anyone say EPIC battle?! Oh and I just got the animated Steampunk mecha I am getting ready to start programming it's special moves! It's one of the most beautifully animated mecha models yet! The Steampunk mecha will unlock at the end of the war and will require some fire embers to get!


Star Date : August 14th, 2009
The Second Bug War Begins
Planet Westion: Well greetings there folks! This is Mr. Ed Equine from Channel 1,000,000,010 news, "100% News... no horsing around!" This just in: The massive bug swarm has reached the border of Alamonia! Town defenses are scrambling to hire mecha exterminators... unfortunately someone got the order wrong and a bunch of retired EX-Terminators arrived! Luckily for Alamonian residents, a field trip consisting of thousands of talented GEARS University students is currently visiting Alamonia and have offered to help.

Expert sources are saying that this bug swarm is an unnatural phenomena. The bugs of Westion have never been known to exhibit fear of anything... What ever is causing this stampede must be extremely frightening...

In other news: Chief Duncan was seen poking around The Knife and Spork diner in Soluna city. Rumors have sread that he wishes to question Maegwyn about a rather large shipment of bugspray that was recently delivered to her shop. Maegwyn was not available to comment...

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for weather! Brought to you by EbilCorp "A name you can trust".

Well we did it... I am still in a state of disbelief. Ask me just 3 months ago and I would have NEVER said we would EVER do another Bug War... What War? Sequel? I've heard of pigs flying, but this is ridiculous!

Well, I'll be a donkey's uncle... we did it! We just launched our second Bug War! Korin thinks I've lost it.... Anyway, this bug war has a couple tricks up it's sleeve.... Enjoy!


Star Date : August 13th, 2009
Oh No... Not Again!
Planet Westion: Well greetings there folks! This is Mr. Ed Equine from Channel 1,000,000,010 news, "100% News... no horsing around!". Last year around this time, Alamonia residents were literally bugged by swarms of mecha-sized insects! Well, it looks like it is about to happen again! There have been reports that a huge swarm of mecha-sized bugs is about ONE DAY away from trampling the city of Alamonia! We had the opportunity to speak to Alamonia's Constable, Clyde, about this situation and this is what he had to say:

Clyde: "Oh No... not again! Something sure seems to have spooked these bugs this time! Wait a minute? What could possibly spook a bug that is bigger than a building? I guess it really is the end of days talked about in that Vul'Kharim Prophecy..."

We here at channel 1,000,000,010 apologize for the disruption in your normally scheduled news program. We assure you that nothing could possibly be scary enough to actually frighten a huge swarm of mecha sized bugs... Residents of Alamonia can rest assured... This time around we have plenty of bug spray to fight off the apocalyptic swarm of mecha bugs!

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for weather! Brought to you by EbilCorp "A name you can trust"


Star Date : August 13th, 2009
A message from the Trans-dimensional Portal
Oh.... a wormhole in the transdimensional portal.... let me try to get a message through it!

Let´s start with some GBD issues from the Game Balance Discussion forum:

Some have expressed the opinion that "Rare" items should have a higher sellback. This is something that will not be implemented.Rare Items are normally more powerful than "standard" equipment. Enjoy them when they get released, keep them for rarity's sake but don´t expect to make a profit. This isn't how MQ is set up.

Another discussion goes on about whether the Geekatron mechas are overpriced. Yes, I agree, for todays standards it is a bit too expensive, but when it got released it was fine. Because credits are not too hard to get in MQ, this is not a big issue but we will think about the pricing.

House Mechas: They will get changed with the next upgrade. We know that they are not up to date any longer with all the new Mechas so we decided to buff them for the next level upgrade. Please be patient: we already have a plan.

Then there is a discussion about whether Monthly SC Mechas are problematic.
I don´t think they are problematic. Yes, they are good and we try to make them special. They are a "thank you" for our Star Captain players. Many of our players enjoy them and many use other Mechas when they want a challenge. Also, they seem to be sometimes too good because we don´t have the smartest enemies. We are working on new ones which will give all of you a real challenge and we will also release new SC only missions and challenges so that our SC players have something to look forward to.

We are working hard behind the scenes and I´m sure that all of you will enjoy the upcoming releases!

Have fun!



Star Date : August 12th, 2009
Character Pages: First Round of Revisions complete!
The new and improved character pages are up! Go log into the game now and check out your awesome new character pages. This is the first of a list of several planned revisions for the character pages. So, check it out and let us know what you want changed or modified on the forums!

Star Date : August 12th, 2009
Character Page Updates Coming!
Today's Wednesday mini-update is going to be a little bit off the beaten path. Rolith is cooking up some overhauls to your character pages! Pretty soon your Character pages will load your currently equipped mech and highlight your equipped items! We are also adding your upgrade date to the pages. Yes it is a small update but I have always wanted the char pages to show your actual mecha. Today's char page updates are the first of several overhauls that we have planned to make your character pages even more awesome.

Rolith is still working on the new char page updates, but should have them ready later tonight! Keep watching the DNs to see when they're finished!


Star Date : August 11th, 2009
Dragonguard Bonus Upgrade!
An ancient order of galactic guardians is about to be reborn! Back in the days when Dragons roamed the galaxy, an elite group of mecha warriors fought at their sides! The Dragonguard were some of the most fearsome warriors in the history of MechQuest and they are about to make their triumphant return!

Existing Star Captains who have been with MQ for a while will be able to join the ranks of the Dragonguard through our Dragonguard Bonus Offer - Coming Very Soon!

The Dragonguards earned their mechas one piece at a time through their loyal dedication to the order. Now, you too will be able to build your own Dragonguard mecha one piece at a time

For every 6 months that you have been an upgraded Star Captain, a new piece will become available to you! You will also receive 10,000 Nova Gems and a new Dragonguard Rank for you Character pages! Each Dragonguard Upgrade will cost $19.95!

Dragonguard bonus offers will include:

6 Months: You will receive 10,000 Nova Gems, the Fearsome Dragonfist Arm Weapon and the rank of Dragonguard on your character page when you take advantage of the Dragonguard Bonus Offer!

12 Months: You will receive 10,000 More Nova Gems, the Devastating Dragon Lance Shoulder and the rank of Superior Dragonguard!

18 Months: You will receive 10,000 More Nova Gems, the deceptively cute Mini-Dragonoid Shoulder Pet and the rank of Elite Dragonguard on your character page!

24 Months: You will receive 10,000 More Nova Gems, The Full Dragonguard Mecha Chassis Including all of the above bonus weapons and the: Dragonhelm, Dragon Chassis and Dragonfist Back Arm! and the rank of Master Dragonguard on your character page when you take advantage of the Final Dragonguard Bonus Offer!

Since MQ has been around for almost 2 years now, if you have been a Star Captain with us from the beginning (attention all Founders!), you will be able to purchase ALL 4 of these offers at once! Then you can save 15 bucks and will recieve 40,000 NG, and all four pieces of the Dragonguard Mecha Set, and the rank of Master Dragonguard on your character page for $65.00 ALL AT ONCE... This is bluntly the best deal ever in MechQuest. Cysero did the math... I trust him with my arithmetic!

We will be announcing the release date for the Dragonguard Bonuses very soon!

Now, you are probably wondering to yourselves what we have in store for you in MechQuest this week ! For those of you who Remember the Alamo...nia.. Bug War...

Would I be crazy enough to start BWII (Bug War II)? Well, Yes...

A huge Starship just erupted out of the planet, leaving a HUGE crater in its place.... Something is going to just have to crawl out of it... Hey, did that ant look scared to you? Can ants even feel fear? What could possible scare a bunch of Ants and Scorpions? You are about to find out! Get ready for the second (and final) Alamonia Bug War!

I never thought I'd hear myself say that...


Star Date : August 7th, 2009
Don't Fear the Reaper!
What an awesome week! Today we release the newest monthly Star Captain mecha. The Reaper is a DoT dealing, Scythe wielding wrecking machine with 2 very exciting new features: The most exciting new feature is its ability to level up with you! One of our biggest limitations in MechQuest is our reliance on our mecha to determine our stats. Well, now we are breaking with tradition and releasing a mecha grows with you! There will still be multiple levels to purchase, but each version will have level up to certain maximum level. For Example, the Level 2 model can level up to 5 and the Level 10 model can level up to 14! This is so exciting! I love this new mech! Also this mecha has another minor little feature: It can apply color effects to enemies in battle! One of it's attacks is a red dye that gives you a Bonus to Hit your opponent. Hmm...paintball anyone?

Also this week we have opened up the Alamonia General Store. this store is a little different than you'd expect... It is run by Buckaroo Badhorse, an ex EbilCorp employee who wants to get rich from a new Steampunk mecha that he is designing. You are going to help him build it. The first thing he'll need is some Shadowscythe Scrap metal. So, he is sending you deep into the Alamonia Mines, where you will fight legions of Shadowscythe Units, grabbing as many tons of Scrap metal that you can!

This quest is another farming quest, but I decided to break with MQ tradition a little... You will need to fight enemies and roll for scrap metal, but you will be able to get all of the scrap metal you need without returning to town. The map file is another mines map, but it is full of randomly spawning Shadowscythe Units. The enemies will be in different locations and will change each time you go into the dungeon. If you manage to clear all of the enemies before you get all of the required metal, the quest will spawn new enemies for you so you can continue without going back to town.

Korin is like the most wonderful gourmet ketchup! He created another awesome doomsday cutscene for the end of this quest! I'm starting to feel bad for poor Planet Westion....


Star Date : August 5th, 2009
Star Captains: Add Mod Slot!

Visit the Artillery Area in the Star Captain's Club Now!
The "Add Slot" shop is open now, in the Star Captain's Club, Artillery Level. You may now add a second slot to your mechas that were created with Star-Captain-exclusive specials on their default weapons.

The 'Add Slot' Process:
When you click "Add Slots," you will see the shop button for "SC Awl Shop" - this is your first step. Get your Star Captain's Awl - yes, it's 0 credits, and yes, it says "Level 999" - go ahead, get as many Awls as you need - you'll need one for each (qualifying) mecha to which you wish to add a second slot..

Now that you have your Awl(s) you're ready to enter the "Add Slots" area (underneath the SC Awl Shop). This works in the same way as other mecha merge shops - Awl plus the compatible mecha model in your inventory gets you the SCm (2-mod-slot version) of your mecha!

House Mecha Merge Shops:
Star Captains using the SC Upgrade kits for L25 and above House Mechas can now get the SCm version of these House Mechas directly from the House Mecha Merge shops.


Star Date : August 4th, 2009
What's Coming up?
We are dilligently at work here at the underground lab with a multitude of projects.... For This week, we have the next Chapter 2 zone for Planet Westion - The Alamonia General Store. The Shopkeeper is an ex-employee of EbilCorp and has get-rich quick scheme to exploit the Shadowscythe invasion for his own personal gain...

Planet Westion's situation is about to get a whole lot worse! The Shadowscythe are almost ready to rip their ancient ship right out of the ground... Westion Entomologists are currently speculating what effect the sudden collapse of miles of desert ground will have on Planet Westion's giant bug population... Also, Westion geologists have been recording all sorts of strange seismic activity from deep beneath the planet's surface. The current belief is that the sheer force of the ship being forcefully upheaved will cause devastating and unpredicatble damage on a global scale. unfortunately very little can be done to stop the Shadowscythe at this point - The suddeness of their attack took the planet by surprise and they have a strong defense force established withing the Westion Mines!

Also, coming up this week, we have the August SC monthly mecha - The frightening Reaper mecha model has deadly blade attacks and has a limited ability to automatically level up with your character (Each version of this mecha has a maximum level that it can scale up to...).

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