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Star Date : June 30th 2009
Artbook Update!
The MechQuest Artbook is printed and is being shipped off to Jinx as we speak! This is SO EXCITING! the Art of MechQuest has the incredible honor of being our first ever artbook! It was absolutely mind-boggling to go through and compile all of the artwork that went into this book! In the short time that MechQuest has been around, we have produced SO much artwork, that we couldn't even fit all of it in this book! Thyton, J6 and Oishii's work literally explodes off of the pages in full color! It is absolutely gorgeous and I am so proud to be a part of this team!

The official release date for The Art of MechQuest book release is finally set! It will be released next Friday, July 10th, 2009!

We have a new web page set up for it here.

Now...Check out The Awesome Skullcrusher in action:

In case you missed it from the small video size..., The Skullcrusher just ripped off it's opponents arm in the first attack and then 2 rounds later, proceeded to destroy the enemy's head with it! It is our most Brutal mecha ever!! Truly frightening!

War Update:

There seems to be a lot of confusion about what is happening with this weeks Arthuian Versus Pirates release... I must apologize that the Final Battle system is so unclear... Things did not happen very smoothly last week and it appears that our release really created some problems. Ah, but with life throwing lots of stuff at us while we're in the middle of making lots of stuff for you, things didn't happen quite according to plan. I can only hope that this weeks release redeems from last week's as I cannot take back last friday.

So here's how it is going to work... When the Arthurians win the final battle (or pirates by some miraculous event...). A very short cutscene should open up that shows either Crow's Nook getting destroyed... or The Fortress getting destroyed.. Note : This battle is just to decide who the final winner will be for the upcoming Grand Finale...which leads me to:

The GRAND FINALE is coming this THURSDAY. We are still working on the bossfight with Constantine, as well as two epic cutscenes that will close the chapter on this war once and for all... You will finally learn about the what happens to Robert, Robina, Kringle and Rhubarb and will have a chance to visit Arthuria briefly for the final showdown against Constantine. Also, the highly anticipated Eagle and Raider mecha models will be released on Thursday as well... complete wit all new special attacks that are insanely awesome and well worth the wait! There will be versions of these mecha available for ALL players. So no one will be left out!

J6 is currently working on a new 4th of July fireworks launching mecha as well... so far things are looking very nice... This is going to be an absolutely over-the-top mecha extravaganza holiday weekend...


Star Date : June 29th 2009
War Finale Coming Thursday
The final battle is almost over. The Arthurians are only about 5000 victories away from winning this war. I expect them to be declared the winners before the end of today. Then this Thursday we are releasing the war ending and final bossfight! This has been an extremely long and hard war. I must admit, as many of you suspected, I was a little biased towards the pirates originally. The ending of this war is admittedly different than I had originally expected. However, I am very excited about the final chapter that we are creating for this week's release!

The Flying Fortress has already started it's descent upon Crow's Nook. This week's release is going to be chock full of storyline and cutscenes as the final battle will actually take place on Arthurian soil! We are working dilligently, writing the final storyline based on the final outcome of the war. We also have an epic finale planned with an absolutely outrageous final bossfight and some much anticipated end-war reward mecha models! Looks like we may have a new 4th of July mecha coming this week as well! I will keep you updated about its progress!

This week's release will be on Thursday. Because of the holiday and the sheer size of the war finale, there will not be a Wednesday mini-release.


Star Date : June 25, 2009
The Final Battle Begins - YOU Decide!
New Release! June 25, 2009: is a date that will go down in MechQuest War History. Visit the War camps this weekend to participate in the Final Battle that decides the fate of Planet Lagos - forever!

Rules of Battle: if the Arthurians achieve the most victories this weekend, then the war will end. However, if the Pirates get more weekend wins, then the war will continue. If the war continues, both sides will be tied and it will be a race to see which side will be victorious. Choose your side - and decide the fate of Crow's Nook.

Remember Lagos! New souvenir shops have opened in the main War Camps Shops. Star Captains now have a choice of new decor for your Starships to commemorate this historic event.

Coming Next Week: The Aftermath! There are two cut-scenes already prepared showing the aftermath of the Arthurians' march on Crow's Nook and the Pirate raiding parties against the Arthurian Flying Fortress. What does the future hold? Which one will unlock after the Final Battle?

Constantine: It's not over till it's over! Whatever happens - whether the war comes to an end or continues - don't forget that Prime Minister Constantine's dark power still stretches wide - and this vile, traitorous slave-smuggler must be stopped! It won't be easy ...


Star Date : June 24th 2009
Weapon Inventory Slots Increased
The current war has seen a huge influx of new inventory items into MechQuest. Due this the huge amount of new weapons, today's Wednesday update is an increase in purchasable inventory slots! You may now purchase 50 extra weapon inventory slots (for a maximum of 70 total inventory slots). Due to character loading sizes, we can't add anymore slots. However, we have started working on making a bank system for MQ that will function similarly tro DF's current inventory bank - to allow for even more inventory space!

Now, for an update on the war! This weekend, starts the Final Battle. Arthurians will march on Crow's Nook in a full force attack! Pirate's have one chance to turn the tides of war - They will be up against the Arthurian's Flying Fortress base. If the Arthurians get more wins this weekend, the war will be over and Crow's Nook will fall. However, if the pirates manage to get more wins this weekend, then the Arthurian's flying fortress base will be destroyed and their victories will be adjusted to tie with Arthurians and the war will continue in a final race to the goal! (only victories from this weekend will count in this weekend's final battle)! The future of Lagos is about to be decided!


Star Date : June 19th 2009
Mutiny - A war within a war!
Once again, This week, Korin took the helm of MechQuest as Artix requested my last minute assistance with a couple of other projects. He now knows everything he could ever need to know to plan and develop a complete release from start to finish! This is very exciting news! With our combined forces, we can take MechQuest to the next level... more on that later though...

Today, Captain Barbarosa has started a mutiny against Captain Rhubarb! This is going to function a lot like a mini-war within the current AvP War. Things are really starting to go downhill for the Pirates from here and Korin and I have started planning the ending. After the dust settles from this war, the final chapters of the current saga of Lagos will come to an end...The mutiny is going to be like a mini-war within the war with a boss fight against everyone's favorite red-bearded meanie at the end! Don't worry - the total waves number required for the mutiny is MUCH MUCH lower than than the totals for the main war....

Expect to see his face pop up on the Design Notes in the newar future too!

We just received the first sample copies of the "Art of MechQuest" this morning! OMG... it is beautiful... I can't believe that it is finally here! It is absolutely amazing to finally see it in it's final form... and did I mention... it even smells good! I am so proud to have been able to be a part of this project! Jinx will be handling distribution and should have it by the start of July!

In the meantime, A huge Shadowscythe invasion couse has set a course for... Westion... and there is a HUGE unidentified blip in the middle of the fleet!

And now some words from Maegwyn:


Star Date : June 19, 2009
Ghost Hunter Changes!

L24 Ha'nt Hunter: EP buffed to 402 / regen rate buffed to 17

L30 Spectre Hunter: EP buffed to 502 / regen rate buffed to 20

L33 Hunter Eidolon: EP buffed to 558

Thanks for your comments in the Game Balance Discussion forum!  blues and I discussed the numbers - while I don't think these need the buff to EP and regen to be really good mechas, we wanted to adhere to the theme of high EP and high regen rate for the Ha'nt and Spectre, and the Eidolon SC style does benefit from more EP as well (It stays at 0 regen due to its EP-stealing abilities).  You can read the complete post here


Star Date : June 17, 2009
Wednesday Mini-Release!
Wednesday Mini-Release! June 17, 2009: Uniforms have been added to the War camps! These uniforms give a +10 bonus to Valor Rolls! But watch out if you walk into the other side's War Camp battles

Also, new Ghost Hunter mecha models are available from Mysterious Johnson and the Myterious Stranger! For all players, there are two new models - the L24 Ha'nt Hunter and the L30 Spectre Hunter are now for sale in Mysterious Johnson's shop in Soluna City. Just outsdie his shop, the Mysterious Stranger offers the opportunity to "Feed Your Mecha." If you are a Star Captain, merging the Hunter Wraith with a Doom Cell will give you the SC-only L33 Hunter Eidolon (and don't forget to capture some ghosts while you're there, for your Eidolon's Dark Hunger).

In other news - blues is trapped in a transdimensional portal - this trap was intended for Warlic, as I was going to take over MQ for the day - but somehow Warlic escaped (which is how we have the new uniform buttons in the War camps and the fancy new Valor Rolls) - and blues was caught in my Devious Trap instead.

My initial plan was to resume the Rebalancing Project which blues and I are doing together - but without blues, and with only a few hours before release time - and my math skills... time for a new plan! Could I finish the comic? No, I need an uninterrupted block of time for that - that's a late-night project! I decided to do something I was confident I could accomplish in the time available, and make the new Ghost Hunter mechas instead. No fancy math skills required ... right? Er, well ... read on ...

The earlier versions deviated from our pre-set standards, so it wasn't quite as simple as anticipated. After using my initial calculations to determine their HP and EP values, I began pre-testing. Well, the NSC versions tested nicely - but in my SC mecha my battles were a series of Epic Failures. Consulted with Warlic on the numbers - I wasn't even too far off with my math - but at Level 33, you just plain need more base HP to be able to win a battle in Hard mode with this style of mecha. And so I talked with Warlic again, and changed everything. I think you'll be pleased! (If something is overpowered or underpowered, you can let us know in the Game Balance Discussion forum.)

Warlic and I then worked on the Pirate Cutlass series to balance them with the intention of bringing them more into line with what they were meant to be. Without blues, this became very interesting very quickly. My own balance work is done by using "intuitive mathematics" - which is a lot like "fuzzy math" ... without the math part. It's very Goldilocks-style, actually - "This damage is toooo hot!" "That damage was too cold!" The interesting part then becomes how to get it to "This damage is Just Right!"

Fortunately, I received a faint transmission from blues right around the time when Warlic and I were exchanging messages such as: Maegwyn: oh now I did *bzzzt
Maegwyn: yeah that's insane
Warlic: woah!
Warlic: that's crazy!

*really super-high damage ... yeah, we definitely buffed it!

blues managed to transmit a few numbers before he was swallowed again by the dimensional portal-trap - so we played a bit of "Let's Make a Deal" and relied on re-testing and intuition for our final assurance. So you see, if anything is still unbalanced, this must be blamed on me, and not on blues at all!


Star Date : June 15, 2009
New Engine Version!
You will all need to refresh your browsers to see this change - above the MechQuest logo in game, it should say Omega Ver. 3.3.2

Warlic has cast a spell on the game engine itself! Now when you click on your character stats during battle, the screen displays the name of the actual mecha you are wearing, plus the damage stats of the weapons you have equipped! If your opponent is of a type that has weapons equipped, its weapon damage stats will also show up. (If the opponent's weapons stats aren't listed, this isn't a Gremlin - it's based on the type of enemy you're facing.)

I'm so delighted that he was able to make this engine change - many of you have asked about this on the forums, and I've been eager to have this feature functioning as well.

Warlic and I worked hard on lots of bugfixes for our "Buggy Monday" today! (Warlic coded; I tested his fixes and helped make some of the necessary changes within the database.)

1) The EC sword series - HP and EP DoT now functions correctly
2) Jameson - Lacerated Coolant Leak no longer triggers when the attack misses
3) Kelvin head no longer resets player cooldown in PvP
*Note: One thing is Not fixed - using Kelvin with the Prismator still does ... odd things ... still unable to isolate cause
4) Dropship "Rescue" quest now requires you to defeat all 4 enemies as intended
5) Bull mecha:
a) Pop-up implemented for head attack
b) Back arm DoT is now functioning

You can also read bugfix news on the forums in the thread titled "This Just In!" (and go to the most recent post for the latest news).

Important note about Ballyhoo: Ballyhoo has been temporarily disabled in facebook-MQ only, until we can get her movie projector working properly. You must log in to MechQuest using the homepage to access Ballyhoo. This is only temporary!

Star Date : June 15, 2009
War Meter Bug!
Due to a bug on the frontline missions, the war was not counting victories on the front lines. This was fixed yesterday morning, but victories from Friday and Saturday were not counted! To compensate for the lost victories, I made the following adjustments to the war victory totals:

Arthurians: +218547
Pirates: +234447

You'll notice that Pirates have a slightly larger adjustment value. I derived these numbers by figuring out the difference between today's victory count and yesterday's "pre-fix" victories. Then I multiplied that number by 3 so that all three days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday were being accounted for.

Pirates had a slightly larger increase from yesterday to today, probably due to excitement over Friday's storyline quest! Arthurians still have a HUGE lead though!

Star Date : June 12, 2009
We're Live!
Whew! This week was full of excitement. Korin and I have embarked on a super-secret project that is very exciting indeed and if our proposal is approved, it will be a first in AE history. However, for now I can only leave you in confused bewilderment as this project is TOP SECRET and seriously myterious... for now!

The MechQuest Artbooks are almost here and the Skullcrusher mecha is looking rather brutal... I mean, this mecha willl actually be able to pull another mecha's arm weapon off and then proceed to use it as a club... Something I have wanted to do since the beginning of MechQuest :)

Tonight the war on Lagos will take quite an interesting turn. A MAJOR storyline development is about to occur that will have a dramatic impact on the rest of the story as we are finally starting to come to the final chapters of this epic war. Yes, it has been an extremely long and hard war, but there are still many rare items to be had and more epic battles and drama... and some trauma too.... Mostly for myself and Korin.... Anyway, I hope you enjoy tonights release and enjoy where the story is heading. Korin has also some nice Front Line missions for you too! Every enemy defeated while you are on the front lines will count as a victory in the war! I thought I saw a couple new enemy units out there too... Battle On!


Star Date : June 10, 2009
War Shops Open to All - AND - Item Merge!
Characters who have not yet earned Valor Badges may now enter the War Shops! You will find new weapons today - Level 8 Pirate Cutlass in the Pirate Camp, and Level 8 Arthurian Halberd in the Arthurian Camp. These are available for non-Star Captains and they have the full power (Damage-per-Turn) of a Star Captain weapon - so these are a must-have for all players! Get them now, because after this war, they will be gone forever - true rares!

You will also see a new shop that has opened: Valor Rewards! Now those of you who have a quantity of Valor Badges in your inventory may trade those in using the Item Merge function within the Valor Rewards shop! You will need one of the new Level 8 Weapons plus the required amount of Valor Badges to upgrade to a higher level Cutlass or Halberd. All levels are crafted to full Star Captain DPT (Damage per Turn) - so if you are not at the level cap, you may want to merge an extra one to use when you reach a higher level. (Note: if you want two or more different levels, you must purchase two or more of the Level 8 base-weapons.)

Very Important Note: You only need 250 Valor Badges total to upgrade the Level 8 weapon to the Level 33 version! You only need to do one merge - from Level 8 to your desired version. You do not need to do several merges!

I am so excited and pleased that the Item Merge feature is working! Warlic and Rolith worked very hard to get everything to function just right - zhoom stepped in with his supercape to help - and Warlic even fixed things on the engine level!

This also gives everyone something to do with all those Valor Badges, which everyone has been eager to use! So keep fighting that good fight toward ending this war ... and Battle On!


Star Date : June 05, 2009
EbilCorp War Shops Open Another Crate!
A crate of EC weapons was found in a dark corner - unopened. As I am sure you can imagine, Mr. Z was not pleased to discover that some of his newest technology was not in the shops. The stockbots reportedly felt extremely lucky that they were dealing with his hologram, rather than having him and his ebil skull-capped staff anywhere nearby! So be sure to re-visit the EbilCorp shop to see the array of back-arm weaponry!

Star Date : June 05, 2009
EbilCorp War Shops Open!
You've gotta love EbilCorp. They only take one side... The side of profit! Now EbilCorp has decided to make a little bit of profit from the Arthurians vs Pirates war on planet Lagos. their CEO, Zorbak (actually a hologram of Mr. Z...) has gathered up a colloection of some of Ebilcorp's newest weapons technology and is selling it to both the sides of this terrible war! Also, to help you test your new weapons, You can run random fights against Arthurians or Pirates from Zorbak's camp on Lagos! Mr. Z. only accepts Nova Gems.... but these weapons are so incredible, they are well worth it! The EbilCorp shop is a little bit different from other War RARE shops, These weapons may be available in future wars, but only when there is a BIG multiple faction war that gains the attention of EbilCorp...

Also, today we have released the Monthly RARE mecha for the month of June! The Warbear is BIG... and it hits REALLY hard! For those of you who like pure offense (and come on, who doesn't?), this is the mech for you! Remember, when the month is over, the Warbear is going to disappear forever! It is available in Tek's Raretech shops!

The storyline of the war is moving forward today too with a new mission added to both sides. A strange ship has crashed on the planet just after transmitting a strange SOS signal. Both the Arthurians and Pirates have dispatched units to check it out. You may want to play it on both sides to get both points of view... Also, some of our longtime players may recognize the mysterious pilot... but what is HE doing on Lagos?


Star Date : June 02, 2009
Coming This Week
The war has gotten of to a turbulent start! It looks like the Arthurians have the upper hand as they are pushing the pirates back and Barbarosa's front lines are starting break! All is not lost, however, the Arthurians may have won the first few battles, but the pirates have some tricks up their sleeves as well! Expect to see some new missions appearing in the war this week as the storyline of Planet Lagos continues!

A third party has taken an interest in the war! *Ebilcorp will be setting up shop on Planet Lagos and will be selling high tech weaponry to both sides for Nova Gems!

In addition to the new Ebilcorp Nova Gem shop, We will be adding some new weapons to the War's valor shops and hopefully will have some time to get some new starship trophies in place.

We also have the awesome new Warbear mecha coming for Star Captains! This awesome behemoth actually carries mercenary units in it's shoulders that can launch tactical strikes against its enemies! The Warbear will replace the Strider in the Monthly mecha shop at Tek's. So, now is your last chance to grab the Strider before it is gone forever!

*Ebilcorp...formerly known as Evilcorp before being rebranded by their CEO, Zorbak, after he finally overcame (eliminated) his final opposition on the executive board!

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