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Star Date : May 29th, 2009
Arthurians vs. Pirates WAR!
Get ready for the largest war in MechQuest history! The battle between the Pirates and Arthurians on Planet Lagos has erupted into a full-scale War! This is the beginning of the final chapters of Planet Lagos and YOU, the players get to write it! The result of this war will shape the storyline coming in the next few weeks, as the fate of Planet Lagos unfolds before your very eyes! Which side will you choose?

This is going to be a LONG war. You are writing the final chapters of Lagos, and it won't be easy. It is Justice vs. Freedom in this terrible war. Choose wisely, and choose well, because your choice does make a difference!

Be sure to check out the shops as the war progresses. Collect Valor Badges as you fight - your valor is the key to unlocking the shops! I guess now is the time to say .... Battle On!


Star Date : May 28th, 2009
Deedle deedle deedle deedle ... Contest Winners!
The theme song for the MQ Video Trailer Contest goes, "Deedle deedle deedle deedle," and I can't get it out of my head! That's because I've been watching all the videos over and over (and over and over) - so many amazing entries, and it's been so difficult to finalize the judging on this ...

I'm thrilled to have the honor of announcing the winners!

Nikko has won First Place (Prize: Video will be featured on the MQ Referral page, plus 5000 Nova Gems) You may view the video here (via the direct YouTube link, while we are working on setting up the new pages)

Aren has won Second Place (Prize: Video will be showcased on our new fan video page - coming soon - plus 2000 Nova Gems) You may view the video here

zeke50100 has won Third Place (Prize: Video will be showcased on our new fan video page - coming soon - plus 1000 Nova Gems) You may view the video here )

We also chose two Honorable Mentions: Maverik and r0de0b0y will also have their videos showcased on our new fan video page - plus 250 Nova Gems. You may view Maverik's video here and r0deo0b0y's video here

Congratulations to all the winners, and many thanks to everyone who created entries for this contest!

*wanders off, singing, "Deedle deedle deedle deedle" ...


Star Date : May 26th, 2009
WAR coming Friday
Over the past few months, tension has been mounting on Planet Lagos. The Arthurians tracked Princess Robina to the planet, but now that she has been found, they want to wipe out the Pirates once and for all! Get ready for a large scale war that will span the remainder of this planet's storyline. After the war is over, it will remain in the game as permanent content. this is going to be a 2-sided war. you will be able to choose to fight for the Arthurians or the Pirates.

Oh... btw... rumour has it that Dread Pirate Rhubarb has returned and will be leading the pirates in this battle! Robert and Robina will be leading the Arthurians!


Due to the complexity of this war and the shortened work week from the the holiday, I have decided not to schedule a Wednesday mini-release for this week.

JACON Update! I just wanted to thank everyone who came to our panel at JACON this year. This was my first appearance on an Artix panel and it was a lot of fun to get a chance to come out and meet everyone. Yara, our newest team member made an entire array of awesome balloon sculptures. She is the Michaelangelo of balloon! Everyone who went this year is going to get an awesome balloon dragon pet for their AQWorlds Characters!

The highlight of the show was definitely the judging of the Art contest. All of the entries this year were excellent and it was very difficult to choose winning entries! At one point I think we had narrowed it down to about sixty possible winners... and I was extremely excited to see a few MechQuest entries in there as well! Artix will be announcing the winners later today on the AQW Design Notes


Star Date : May 19th, 2009
Intro Shuttle Overhauled
Today, the Intro Shuttle on the way to GEARS University was expanded with an improved interface and 3 all new quests. The new quests are a lot of fun and are really designed to introduce new players to the game. We added a pulse-pounding starship minigame quest for Star Captains. We also added an alien hunt on an abandoned ship deck and a seek and destroy mission on a distant planet - hey I never noticed that enemy before... hmmm....

Anyway, at the beginning of the week, Artix and I sat together and cread a pretty long list of changes designed to help new players get into the game. We really went to the microscopic level with our nitpicking and made the following tweaks to the beginning of the game this week:

  1. You now start out in front of Captain Sys-Zero, who also happens to have new missions for you...

  2. Little arrows now tell you which way to go.

  3. We added a progress bar that fills up as you level up so that you know when you are ready to land the ship!

  4. You now receive a full heal upon returning to the ship if you die in battle. If you are under level 3, you will get a little popup reminder that it is a good idea to heal after your first fight...

  5. Tek's shops have been completely overhauled with the fancy shiny interface similar to the one in Soluna City. We also added a few newbie items to the shops.

  6. Tek's screen has the options menu so you can equip items and mecha directly from her screen without exiting out. This let's you shop and equip much easier than before.

  7. Menu buttons have been redesigned and clearly labeled. Also, our new repair button is the most amazing button ever in the history of buttons! Pressing it is an honor!

  8. Shadow scythe Spyder now does Fire damage.The new version was added to the endTek's "Special Battle Topics" Tutorial so you can expeience the true horror of a Fire DoT.

  9. We added more intuitive buttons to the Newscreen in Soluna City.

  10. The Entrance exam Hot Dog mech now waits a few turns before it malfunctions.

  11. Initiative has been tweaked to favor the player a little more.

  12. Experience Points from level 1 - 3 have been reduced significantly.

  13. Many Level 1 items were rescaled to level 2.

  14. Prices on Levels 1-12 mecha have been lowered to adjust for the new low level experience tables.

  15. Newly created Pilots receive 2500 credits at the start of the game. This is also an adjustment for the lowered experience requirements in the beginning of the game. (All new pilots created since last Saturday received an adjustment bonus of 2000 credits). Any pilots created before then were, quite frankly, much richer when they reached Soluna City. That is why only recent players are receiving this very minor adjustment.

  16. Soluna City now has the new menu buttons from the redesigned Dropship interface.

  17. We fixed so many typos in the GEARS dropship, it is completely inconceivable that any typos still exist there! Thanks Mae!

Also, This week is a long holiday weekend! So, we are having a Credit/Experience Boost. All players will receive 10% extra credits and experience from battle. Star Captains will receive an bonus of 15% credits and experience!


Star Date : May 19th, 2009
Wednesday Updates
Today, we added a bunch of new Facebook achiements into MQ. Now you will receive achievement notifications in the following places:

Creating a new Pilot,
Museum Zardasaurus fossil,
Museum Sharkasaurus fossil,
Police Dept,
Mysterious Emporium,
Passing the GEARS Entrance Exam,
Energyblade 101,
Mecha Combat 101,
Rescuing Sys-Zero,
Rescuing Odessa on the Moon,
Overthrowing the Kingadent,
Finding the Dragonoid
Beating Mr. Z on the Space Station in Westion,
Finding the Shadowscythe Ruin on Westion,
Defeating Universo 1,
Defeating Galactic Universo,
Beating the Barfight on Gark
Braddock's suicide mission....
Completing New Releases
Joining a House.

In addition to some minor interface changes to the Intro shuttle and new Facebook achievements, we added some new low level versions of the Icy Starfires, NUBER Missiles and Rocket Chainsaws to Tek's Dropship Shuttle shops. We also created a new Level 33 version of the Pirate Sniper to the Robert's Mecha shops on Planet Lagos. Level 33 weapons for the Sniper were also created and may be found in the Duck submarine dives on the Planet Lagos Boat maps.

Also: Prices are now SLASHED at Tek's Mechs! Check out the Newbatron v.1337, the battlehammer 1.0 and the strider mini!!!!

Whew- That's a hefty list of mini-updates! More updates and quests will be added to the Dropship this Friday!


Star Date : May 19th, 2009
Coming Up This Week
This week will be a little out of the ordinary for MQ. Since we released the Facebook version of MechQuest, we have been getting a lot of new players, many of whom have never played an AE game before! So, last week, we compiled a list of things to help make the beginning of the game better for new players. So, this weeks main release is going to be an overhaul of the Intro shuttle with new quests and features to make their introduction to MechQuest as fun as possible.

In the meantime we are working on new content for the upcoming Arthurian War on Planet Lagos.... can anyone say flying castle starships? Barbarosa's got a pretty mean looking mecha too! We also have an awesome new mecha in the works for next month's SC Rare... as well as a few new special projects on the way... which you'll hear about soon!.


Star Date : May 12th, 2009
New Robina Quest
Today we released part 2 of the Quest to rescue Robina from Barracuda Reef! In this week's release, you will have to go break her out of jail and then get out before the entire area explodes! Then, you will have to meet up with her rendezvous ship! Watch out! Barbarosa is right on your tail! Get ready for a high seas showdown! There will be some nice pirate and Arthurian weapons waiting for you when you reach the Rendezvous point. There is also a sketchy parrot. Something is just not right about it...

Note: This release will require you to replay the Barracuda Reef Key Quest from before. However, your progress will be saved this time around after you have safely escorted the princess out of the exploding reef! I am sorry about any inconvenience for replaying the first part. The lack of quest saving was an oversight from the earlier release.. But, doing the entire quest chain from start to finish... feels much more... EPIC!

Warning: Korin worked on this week's release too... so be prepared for the unexpected...


Star Date : May 13th, 2009
Some Planetary Zodiacal Maniacal Madness!
The Mecha Revival many of you have been waiting for has finally arrived! Check out the Impound Shop at the Police Station for the wild new Werewolf mechas! These have a Star Captain exclusive: if you are a Star Captain, you will unlock a devastating head weapon featuring a bite attack with the potential to heal you, along with Lycanthropic Acid.

(Yes, I have a feeling that many of you would have liked these to be made at even higher levels, but I also know that you haven't yet seen the last of the Werew- ACK mmph fmm...)

I think that means it's time to talk of other things...

Ok, this I MAY tell you: Tek's Mechs on the Dropship has just opened a new Monthly Special shop for Star Captains. She is currently featuring an inexpensive Level 2 "Mini" version of the Strider mecha for those who would like to give it a 'test drive.'

Coming Soon: One of our Wednesday mini-releases will include a new issue of the Zargon Comics! If you haven't done so already, go to Parker's Books on Planet Zargon to subscribe to the series, and then read all the exciting issues on your Starship - starring YOU.


Star Date : May 12th, 2009
New Facebook Functionality Added
MechQuest on Facebook now has the ability to post to your facebook wall when you reach certain achievements in the game. Right now, it is posting achievemnts for reaching the highest rank in all of the various jobs in Soluna City. We will be adding more achievements in the very near future for reaching certain level milestones as well as planets and other quest chains.. So, now you can brag to all of you friends on Facebook for being the coolest Deep Dish Commander in all of Soluna City!

Found, but not Lost: It came to my attention recently, that January and February Design Notes went missing from the archives. Luckily none of these posts were lost (Whew! that Zargon Post Mortem took me a long time to write. I would have been very sad if it had been lost forever!). Anyway January and February are now in their proper places in the Design Notes Archive.

Also, Right now, we are working on new mecha revival for tomorrow. I'll leave it as a surpise but it is a model that players have been asking for since we first started doing revivals. Should be fun :D


Star Date : May 11th, 2009
Korin and Barracudas
Wow... Korin blew up Planet 51?! Now the entire plotline for Mechquest needs to be completely rewritten! (Starts writing: "Once upon a time there was a very angry Slug...")

Profs. Beaumont, Beaufort and Beatrice.... Rest in Peace. So now we have a new NPC born from the destruction of an entire planet. He seems to be quite powerful.... but is he friend or foe? Only time will tell...

Anyway, today I rewrote the map rendering engine on Barracuda Reef. The new map generator is moving much faster. There is still a brief pause while the map draws itself, but it is about 75 - 90% faster now! Also, if you equip or change mechs on the map, your position will no longer reset. hopefully these new changes will help those who were having trouble with this quest!


Star Date : May 8th, 2009
Trapped in the closet!
Sorry for my silence this week on the Design Notes. When I came in to work on Monday, someone jumped me from behind and locked me in the closet of the Secret Underground Lab. Normally this would be no problem for my supreme magical power, but I found myself trapped in some sort of stasis field... It took me all week, but I just broke free from this insidious trap and when I emerged, I saw Korin giggle and press a button on his computer.. Then, with an evil grin, he said, "Don't worry Warlic! I took care of MechQuest this week all by my lonesome!"

I have no idea what is about to happen...

Star Date : May 1st, 2009
Facebook, Robina and Strider Mecha Released

What a week! So many things happening.... In addition to yesterday's weapon release, we had the Robina Quest and our new monthly Rare Strider mecha! Today, we also released MechQuest on Facebook and shipped the Artbook off to the printers for proofing! This was without a doubth one of the biggest weeks ever for the sheer quantity of releases.

Today brought us the completion of a huge project! Rolith finished proting MechQuest over to Facebook! You can now play MechQuest right inside Facebook. Friends you invite through Facebook will earn you the same rewards as our current in-game referral system and you can link your already existing characters to your facebook ID... or create an entirely new character....

The Rescue Robina Quest is finally released after last week's delay. this quest is pretty involved and starts at Prince Robert's Camp. the New Release button is point back to Planet Gark due to the prerequisites for Planet Lagos to appear on your starmaps. The end of the Robina Quest chain happens at a location called Barracuda Reef. It is a large map zone with lots of explorable areas and lockpicking minigames on your search for Robina! (She actually would have excaped without your help... but it's more fun this way!). Here are the steps/quests added to Lagos Today:

  1. Prince Robert: You need to capture a ship to search for "Crow's Nook".

  2. Sail the seas searching for the Pirate Town.(After you find it once you will be able to "warp" there from Prince Robert's camp.) Here's a hint: Look to the Northeast!

  3. alk to Tetra at Crow's Nook: she lives in the last house... She will send you to Barracuda Reef. You should talk to her. she has a lot to say!

  4. Barracuda Reef Zone. sail around searching for keys. there are 4 keys hidden on the map. After you find them all, you will be able to access the island in the middle.

Warning: There is a map loading issue on Barracuda Reef. The zone is so large, it takes several seconds to draw the map on the screen. Please Be patient if your game appears to freeze for a moment. The map will load. Loading times vary according to your system speed. We did not have any testing instances in which the map didn't load. However, one tester encountered a flash warning message about system speed. (You can answer "No" if you receive this message). I am working on a way to improve loading performance for Barracuda Reef. So, please bear with us. Thanks!

I must say, the MQ team really came through this week. I had a fairly serious and scary family emergency that left me absent for most of the week. Maegwyn, Blues, Korin, Jemini, Rolith and Thyton really pulled together and made this release possible. A huge round of applause to them for doing an amazing job!

Also: The N-UBER series and Icy Starfire series weapons we released yesterday were inspired by the suggestions forum post by the member named forumlogin.

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