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Star Date : Jan 30th, 2009
Fishy Artbook!
It was a very good today. Johnny chased me around the office with a fish early this morning. He proceeded to do several impressive design sketches. Unfortunately, they were done in crayon on the bathroom wall and didn’t appear to have anything to do with the project we are working on. He handed me this sketch with a cryptic message written on the back that said “I’ll get you all”. I’m guessing this is a chapter title for the art book. We finished the organizational phase of this process and we will start full page layouts first thing on Monday! We have added a “How To Draw” section with exciting new artwork provided by Thyton. Oh No! Gotta run! Johnny ran off in the middle of the street and he is threatening random people with his fish again! Jooooohnny!!! Duncan


Star Date : Jan 30th, 2009
Universo Is HERE!!!
Well, here I am ending one of the most insane weeks ever in MechQuest history. I'm almost sad that Universo is here... I must take time now to say that our lead animator, Korin, deserves a huge round of applause for Universo. Over the course of this project, he leveled up for real! The entire flying and shooting engine was all him. He programmed the Universo engine all by himself and had some awesome ideas like the mouse aiming with keyboard controll and the zooming function as you get close to Universo... He did an absolutely amazing job!

A few months ago, I felt that Planet Zargon needed something to help push it over the edge but I had a huge lineup of holiday releases coming. My original thought was hmmm... let me bring complete and total mass destruction to planet... Superheroes just don't fight small... This planet was, well... too small. So, I walked up to Thyton and we started talking about making this titanic planet destroying mecha that was so big, you had to put your mecha inside another giant mecha just to fight its legs. Universo, was born. I originally thought along the Carnax line, of fighting it piece by piece, working your way to the top... but we knew this needed something extra special.. Something with lots of super-action. Now, Zargon is one of my favorite zones in the game!

Also, today we released mecha mods along with a large selction of mods. Initially stats can just buff your piloting stas, but we're working on soem ways to do more with them. Now there is only one major game feature left that has been long anticipated without a reliable release date... can anyone sy bots


Star Date : Jan 28th, 2009
Universo coming Friday!
If you read the newletter, you will know that all of this week's release are coming on Friday.. We are working non-stop to finish up our Universo Finale on Planet Zargon and yes, this is a BEAST. The Galactimech Star Captain Minigame is probably the craziest thing we've ever attempted in MQ's brief history! There have been several moments of hair pulling,, teeth gritting and "OMG, how is this going to be possible?!!" this month as we sprint towards the finish line of this week's release. Most of the major technical hurdles have been surpassed and now we're working to integrate it into the game engine. We should be at the point of smooth sailing now... *crosses fingers.*

Here's a rundown of Friday's Releases:

From the Newletter:

The fight you have all been waiting for...Universo is coming!  Dr. Boltavolt is about to launch total destruction on the Planet Zargon.  Do you have what it takes to stop Universo and foil Boltavolt's nefarious scheme? Things are about to go BOOM!

Star Captains will get a chance to test drive a new titanic-sized space mecha called a Galatimecha in a new fast paced shooting minigame!  Sound mysterious?  Well,  the rest is a secret...

This Friday, we are releasing Mods, (a.k.a. modifiers) for your mecha.  These new items will be stat-boosting items that will help you get a little bit of an extra edge in battle!  Every mecha will have at least one mod equip slot.

This week is pretty HUGE. Can't wait til Friday!


Star Date : Jan 26th, 2009
FREE Nova Gems And Extra Item Slots!
I am happy to announce today that MechQuest will now start offering a way to earn FREE Nova Gems through our AExtras program. This is a great way to open up more content in the game to free players without having to put intrusive advertising inside the actual game.

For those of you who are unfamilar with the program from AQWorlds and Dragonfable, It works like this: We have a page featuring various offers from reputable sponsors. These offers will be worth varied amounts of Nova Gems. Each offer the you sign up for (Daily Jokes sent to your email, local weather info, etc..) will earn you free Nova Gems as soon as you complete the sign up for the offer. You simply go to the AExtras MechQuest Page, login with your game user ID, select your character and choose an offer. Within minutes of completing the requirements of the offer, you will receive your Nova Gems in the game. It's very quick and very easy!

Now, just as Cysero warned players in Dragonfable I wiould like to warn you too. I highly suggest that you make a separate email account for this program. You WILL get spam.

I am glad that we can offer this starting this week. As you know, Friday we are releasing Mods for MechQuest and to compensate for adding the new item type to the game, we are now adding 10 more inventory slots to MechQuest for 200NGs/slot! So, grab yourself some free gems and get some stuff!



Star Date : Jan 23rd, 2009
Dragonoid Re-Released!
The Dragonoid re-release is live along with 2 powerful new shadowscythe mecha models including the Decimator and the Heavy class Void Hover! Yes, you will get the devasting Decimation attack in the the new Decimator model. It activates when your health drops below 25%. So, like the Kurosawa's Harakiri Strike, it is a last ditch one shot special that will defeintely save your skin!

For now, the Dragonoid quest is available to all players via the New Release button with no pre-requisites. After it is no longer on the new release button, You will receive a C-Mail when you get to the correct point in the game.

I am very excited about this re-release. It gave me an opportunity to add more dialogue to the Rec-room scenes that did not make it into the original release. The new dialogue is presented as a series of gossip about a soldier on the ship who has been acting strangely.... I hope you enjoy it the second time through!

In other news: Universo is well underway! I am hoping to be able to release that next Friday along with the long anticipated Mod system. Next Friday is going to be BIG!

This week, I had the wonderful opportunity of workjing with Johnny and Aisha on compiling EVERYTHING... and I mean EVERYTHING for the MechQuest artbook. It's quite amazing to see how much we have created just in the last year. As you can see from the earlier sketches posted below, Johnny Atomic has quite a job ahead of him! He seems to be showing no signs of cracking... yet!

Next week we are going to release AExtras for Nova Gems in MechQuest! As in AQWorlds and DragonFable, you will be able to sign up for 3rd Party offers to earn Nova Gems. Like the other games, we will have a webpage that you can access to select from a variety of 3rd party offers. After signing up for an offer, you will receive the Nova Gems. I really like this idea because it allows us to open up more content to all players.So, look for AExtras to start next early next week in MechQuest!

Star Date : Jan 23rd, 2009
MechQuest Art book!
This week was the big kick off to getting everything ready for the upcoming art book! The Team went through ALL of the game content (and trust me there was A LOT!). Then, we organized everything by type of artwork (such as Characters, Mechs, Planets, Shops, Monsters, etc.). Everything has been taken from game content and exported into files for designing the page layouts for the book! It has been a great start this week! On a side note, I haven’t really seen much of Johnny this week…so, I’m not really sure what he’s up to. I did, however, find this piece of paper wadded up on my desk today and I’m guessing he wanted it to go in the book? I figured I would share it with you!



Star Date : Jan 21st, 2009
Level Cap raised to 30 Today!
Today we are raising the level cap to 30. The first level 30 items will be released when we re-release the Dragonoid Quest this Friday. Mods are coming out next Friday (Jan 30th) and hopefully we will have Universo done by then too!

Project Universo is currently at 80%, but yesterday we achieved some success in resolving a couple of issues that were plaguing us all week. This is going to be unlike anything we've put in mechquest to date. You could call it our first "Titan" fight, if you need a comparison to our other games... but you wouldn't be quite on the mark... Mods are nearly complete. so, we will be releasing them next week with Universo.

You may have noticed our new guest poster on the DNs on Monday. Johnny Atomic is leading the MechQuest Artbook project! Yes, we are going to create a real comprehensive art book complete with original sketches, unreleased artwork, a How to Draw section, and more! This is a very exciting project for us and we will keep you posted as the book nears completion!

New Wallpapers added: Randor the Red has added new house wallpapers to the ArtixWallpapers site! check them out!


Star Date: Jan 20th, 2009
What's Up!

How's it going? Long time no chat. So, last week several of you guys noticed that DragonFable got a new item type, Trinkets, and several of you were curious if MechQuest was getting something along the same lines.

You are.

Next Friday The 30th.(Sorry, not quite going to be ready this week!)

They're called "Mods", and every mecha in the game will be getting a mod slot.

Sorry it's not last week, but it has been planned for a while and we're all glad to see it happening finally.

Star Date : Jan 19th, 2009
MechQuest Art book!

Today I was introduced to Artix Entertainment and the AE team. I’m super excited to work with the AE team. I’m also terrified of the mission ahead. Artix warned me of the dangers regarding this quest. Apparently, there are undead mecha lurking everywhere and I need to proceed with caution…and with a machine gun. My job isn’t simple. I’ll need to join forces with the good students and staff of Gears University to capture the Shadowscythe and evil forces in Loreon and entrap them into a book.

-Johnny Atomic


Star Date : Jan 16th, 2009
Thunderhammer and Starship Item Slots!
The showdown with Thunderhammer is released! This new quest will shed a lot of light on Dr. Boltavolt's character. You will have to fight him in a four stage battle across Mechtropolis viewing flashback scenes presented comic-book style in between. I hope you lenjoy it. this is definitely our biggest dialogue quest in MechQuest so far. All of the jumping back and forth between flashbacks and mecha battles started to affect my mind a bit and I have just woken up to go into work... Oh wait, I'm supoosed to be leaving work! Arrrgh! Inifinite Occupational Loop! noooooo!

Today we also released the long overdue feature of Starship add Slots. You can purchase new inventory slots for starship items from Lisa in your starships. This has been heavilly requested for a few months now. So, I have re-released the Dragonoid and Frostval Starship Items for this weekend only for those of you who missed out on the items because of a lack of inventory space. I felt really bad about that... I'm also leaving the GEARS Games Trophies up for the next week for anyone who missed out on those too.


Star Date : Jan 14th, 2009
Wolfblade wins
Big surprise... Ta Da! Wolfblade won the second GEARS Games event and the championship trophy remains in their house! Second and third place changed this time around with Mystraven taking second and Runehawk taking third (sniff... I'm in Runehawk..) Today we announced the winners in game and added special new Trophy weapons! The trophy weapons are simple and fun and have a high critical chance or bonus damage. We also added some commemorative trophies for your starships. Also, PvP weapons shops are still open. So, grab them now while you still have the chance. The PvP House weapons will be re-released as permanent weapons, but we will be taking the House Advantage effects off of them. The ones available at the Games will remain more powerful than the re-released ones.

Right now, in the secret underground lab, Korin, our lead animator is plugging away at the Universo battle.. This is probably the craziest thing we've attempted so far... Also, we now have a couple new NPCs who you'll be meeting very soon! Here's a sneak peak:


This Friday we are releasing the next prequel quest to Universo, you must free Boltavolt's former nemesis Thunderhammer from the influence of the Hypno-Beam! Does Thunderhammer know the location of Boltavolt's secret Laboratory?

Also, coming up next week, we will be re-releasing the Dragonoid War as a permanent in game quest. The storyline of that war was a major plotline for the game and anyone who missed out will be able to replay it from Soluna City after rescuing Sys-Zero.


Star Date : Jan 9th, 2009
Holy Automap Mecha Bat!
Whew! Today's release was the mecha bat cave on Planet Zargon. this is perhaps the largest walkaround dungeon map that we have attempted thus far in MQ with over 25 rooms to explore... To help out, I added a nifty little automap feature to help guide you through the vast cave. Here's a little hint, in case you are having trouble with the door... There are TWO levers in the cave and you will have to pull them both! To find both levers, it is a good idea to go through ALL of the rooms in the cave....

In additon to the new quest, we also have some new mecha bat items. Thank you to Cysero for providing me with the new weapons at the last minute! New Bat Wing arms and Bat heads are available at levels 22 and 28. The level 28 versions (Bat Beacon and Bat Glider) drop from the quest and the level 22 items (Bat Wing and Bat Head) are available in Selina's Nova Gem Shop!

There are just a couple more releases due before the Universo finale. Universo is one of the most ambitious projects that we have ever attempted in MQ to date. Korin and Thyton are really taking it the edge on this one...

BTW, you will be meeting Boltavolt very soon!


Star Date: Jan 7th, 2009
Reorganization and Projects Galore!
Okay, So, yesterday's design notes illustrate exactly what happens when Cysero and I sit next to each other... If any of you actually hunted down the song and listened to it, I hope you enjoyed it. If not, well, I don't apologize!

Anyway, this week is a flurry of activity in the secret underground headquarters! We have many new projects underway as well as finishing up some older projects. This week, we also picked through our websites with a fine toothed comb, fixing typos, updating information and starting some redisgn work on various subpages.

Universo is getting closer... We are just a couple weeks away from this incredibly epic showdown! In fact, Korin is in the room next to mine animating it right now as you read this. Let's just say, freaking huge is an understatement... Also, a new hero called Starstorm is about to born.. Also, Thyton is finishing up concept drawing for our next planet, which promises to be the biggest one yet!

Our release this week is going to be the vast underground bat mecha cave on Planet zargon! you must travel deep underground and face the mecha bat himself. Selina is hoping to find out a way to stop Boltavolt and Universo once and for all!


Star Date: Jan 6th, 2009
Fire Mage for a Day...

You can climb a mountain
You can swim the sea
You can jump into the fire
But you'll never be free
You can shake me up
Or I can break you down
Whoa-o-o-o-, whoa-o-o-o-
We can make each other happy (4X)
(Repeat entire 3 times more)
You can jump into the fire (4X)

Its kinda like In A Gadda Da Vida.... but with FIRE..




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