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Star Date: Nov 26th, 2008
Holiday Items and War Rewards!
UPDATE: Unfortunately, there was a bug that allowed some people access the end of the war early. It has been fixed. Don't worry, anyone who was able to see the end of the war will keep any war rewards unlocked. However, try not to spoil the ending for eveyone else!

The war should be over very soon! The victory rate has accelerated to a very quick pace since this afternoon. I think that 100% will be reached within the next 2 days... if not tomorrow!

The war is zooming along at an excellent pace! At 100%, brand new shops will open up along with the best cutscene in MQ history. There is one word to describe the end of this war... EPIC! When I got the animated cutscene back from Milton, my jaw dropped! It is absoulutely amazing!

The war shops will not require you to beat the end boss to open. However, you will need a decent supply of Valor Badges to open them. We have a brand new hovering Shadowscythe mecha model for you. This new mecha will be offered piece by piece, like the Geekatron bodies on Planet Zargon. In addition to the awesome new weapons, we have new starship items so you can proudly display your valor for all see! Icluded in the starship items are special plaques that are given to you for obtaining 25, 50 and 100 badges.

Hint: If you have trouble defeating the asteroid boss (it is quite strong and has an absolutely devastating special attack called "Decimation", then try collecting some valor badges and try building yourself a powerful new Hoverscythe mecha! Also, try to anticipate when it is about to use Decimation and see if you can avoid it somehow...

Also, Today Tek's Mechs has special Thanksgiving Holiday Rares, that have a harvest theme and pack a powerful punch! Get your Popcorn missiles, Pilgrim Heads, Baster Blasters and Turkey wings... yes, mecha turkey wings.... while they are still available! Between the war and holiday rares, we have a huge range of items available at many levels. There is something for everyone this Thanksgiving holiday season!


Star Date: Nov 19th, 2008
As you may already know by now, the war against the Shadowscythe Armada over the strange crystal asteroid has started! Those pesky Shadowscythe seem to have disappeared since we started exploring the galaxy. Well, this should help to serve as a reminder that they are still out there and their numbers are strong. The enemies that you encounter in this war are stronger than the ones you have encountered before. Today we introduced 3 new hovering models with new vicious special attacks!

You may have noticed, but the last few wars have been a little bit different than the war events from the past. This war is no exception. This war introduces Valor Badges. These are special items that you may find on the enemies you encounter in the war. The more badges you possess, the more respect you will earn. Collecting Valor badges will allow you to access the war reward shops. So collect as many as you can! Try not to throw the badges away after the war! Even though you cannot use them for anything now,I have some things I want to try out later... I'll keep you posted!

The first part of this war brings back our beloved Shadowscythe Salvage shop. These recurring rare items seem to pop up during Shadowscythe Wars. We took some of the items and tweaked the specials a bit to make them more powerful and added some higher level versions too. At the end of the war, brand new unique rares will unlock as well.

Development of this war is still continuing. We have a truly awesome bossfight coming up with possibly the most over the top super move yet in MechQuest. Thyton, Korin and I often have brainstorming session in which we try to come up with ways that we can "step it up" and take it to the next level... Well this time, I think we've done it again... trust me, you'll see!


Star Date: Nov 19th, 2008
Starship Remodeling!
Soon after releasing customizable Starships, it became abundantly clear that there just wasn't enough room in the starship! So, today, I added a bunch of new spots to place items around. there is also a brand new room! Your captain's quarters now stretch one more room's length to the right. This new room has more slots than the other one for more freedom to explore your newly budding sense of feng shui...

Now that we added so many new equip slots to the starships we are working on adding purchasable equipment slots for Starship items. So you will soon be able to fill up all of your new space!

Also, today we added a level 28 Doom Harvester fight and new Trophy Head to the White Castle Zone. Just in case you thought the old Doom Harvester was too easy! The Upgraded Trophy Head has a higher proc rate for the Demoralize special and comes in Nova Gem and Credit flavors! Note - This version of the Doom Harvester is extremely hard and pwned me left and right during testing! As soon as I was done wiping the tears from my eyes, I decided it was powerful enough to release! Good Luck!

Friday, the Shadowsccythe Armada should be arriving in our solar system... Get ready for the fight of your lives!

npc-Warlic Star Date: Nov 18th, 2008
Child's Play!
Child's Play is a charitable organization that helps children who are sick in hospitals forget about thier ailments briefly by donating games and books to hospitals around the world. Last year, Artix Entertainment was able to make a gold level sponsorship to this very worthwhile charity. This year, we had originally planned to match last year's donation, but with the extremely successful release of AdventureQuest Worlds, we were able to pool our resources and make a Platinum Level sponsoship.

This is a cause Artix Entertainment feels very strongly about. Being a fairly new father myself, I can appreciate the joy of putting a smile on the face of a child who is suffering. This not only helps the children cope with a stressful time, but it also adds great relief to the parents who must be absolutely ecstatic to see smiles on their childrens' faces. I hope that this year, Child's Play brings smiles to more children than ever before.


Star Date: Nov 17th, 2008
Yahoo Emails Rejected!
We had some issues with certain mail servers rejecting our email verifications and newsletters this weekend. Currently the best workaround for this is to set up an alternate email with a different email provider. Google's Gmail seems to be the best option.

Here is what Artix and Cysero posted in their Design Notes today:

"Unable to verify your activate your account?"

Hey guys.

Just wanted to let you all know that we've been having a LARGE problem with Yahoo. Yahoo Mail blocks any and all e-mails coming from us. So if you don't get the DF, MQ, or AQ newsletters, that is why. If you made an account of MechQuest and you didn't get a confirmation e-mail... that is why.

This happens from time to time with Verizon and Hotmail, but Yahoo has decided to block every single e-mail coming from us. We've been trying to get this fixed but either Yahoo doesn't want to be very helpful (unlikely) or Yahoo has bigger fish to fry than our little web game company (likely). Either way, we can't seem to get anyone to give us a hand.

If you have encountered this issue, the ONLY thing that you can do for now is set up another free-mail account somewhere else, like and then change the e-mail attached to your account.

You can set up Gmail to forward your mail to another address and Yahoo shouldn't have a problem with that. We hope.

Again, if you never got your MQ confirmation e-mail and you have Yahoo... there is your answer, and there is exactly nothing that we can do to fix it. Although, we are trying.



Star Date: Nov 14th, 2008
Minigame Madness!
Have you ever had one of those weeks? You know the kind that takes on it's own personality and then decides to chew you up and spit you out? This week I apparently angered the great Gasoline Elementals. Yesterday, just one day after I had posted about my car battery problems, I walked to my car ready to get to work early and... of course... my tire was a pancake. I felt beaten... everytime I tried to get extra work done, my car would not allow it... There was no way I was going to get anything done! The week was a complete disaster! Well, I couldn't let the car beat me...

Today, We release two fun new minigames in Zargon. You probably figured it out from previous posts, but that Quickflash minigame gave me a hard time. On wednesday, It became apparent that the quest, while functional, just wasn't fun. I needed to push it farther... Well, with this floating target reticle aspect to the game, I thought to myself...needs more Space Harrier.... missiles... and speed. Now the Quickflash laser tag minigame has a cool 1st person missile defense aspect to it... This space-harrier style minigame engine opens up many awesome possibilites for future 1st person perspective action...

The other mini game is more straight forward. You get to fly around Mechtropolis in your supersuits blasting Boltavolt's battle drones out of the sky and rescuing a citizen from the top of a building. I have heard a lot of people asking about walkaround in Zargon... Well, now we have fly-around instead! I would like to utilize fly-around for more exploration in later Zargon quests. You know, why have a superhero theme with walking?

If you can prove yourself quick enough to beat Quickflash's challenge, you will unlock a playable Quickflash mecha model! This mecha is unequippable, similar to the old E-Series shadowscythe mecha. It also has a great Star Captain ability called Nitro Boost... which, as you may have figured out by now, makes you really fast... enemies will have a lot of trouble hitting you with your Nitro Boost activated!


Star Date: Nov 12th, 2008
An Epic struggle ensues!
It's been a while since we've had any cool new minigames. So, this week you're going to get two of them! The Quickflash mingame is currently in testing and it has a couple of issues... Unfortuantely the main issue is that it doesn't meet my standards of insane fun. So, I am going to be adding a bunch of cool stuff to it and will release it Friday along with a classic superhero-fly around mini game... featuring your new super-cool super-form-fitting supertights!

Meanwhile, work on our Dragonoid release for the end of this month is coming along quite nicely. I just got some awesome Shadowscythe armada ships from J6 and Thyton's Dragonoid is probably the most incredibly uber thing I have ever seen. It will stand as the most powerful force you have encountered in MechQuest so far... Let's just hope that it is on your side... The Dragonoid is NOT a playable mecha model... when you get to see it, you will understand why...

I don't usually include real life anedotes in my design notes, but I thought I would share this story about how I gained a warrior level yesterday...

I found myself forced to embark on an epic quest... I got into my car to head into the office for a nice uninterrupted day of work. no one was going to be there (except Artix and Galanoth, of course) because of the holiday and I was sooooo excited for the potential to get loads of work done... So, I turned the key in the ignition and nothing happened. My car's auxillary battery had been on a downward spiral the entire year and it finally refused to hold it's charge any longer. It's so much fun to jump start your car every time you get into it!

No big deal, I thought, I'll just get a new battery and then be on my way.... Not so simple.. My car's battery was a tiny proprietary battery that was discontinued. I searched high and low, no battery. I even called AAA and had a guy dispatched to replace my battery... not even AAA had that battery. I then called my nearest dealership who told me that the battery model was discontinued and that a newer battery is available, but needed a special bracket to install it because it was significantly larger than my older battery... Then they told me that they didn't have the compatible battery and quoted me an insane price to special order it and then when I said, "No Way!" they all of the sudden had a compatible model in stock about for about 30% less... hmmmm....

Well I ended up buying this new battery and a new mounting bracket for my car. Then I went home a proceeded to try to install it.. Every thing was going along just fine until I encountered the Epic Nut of the Warrior which was originally tightened by Hercules himself! To make matters worse, this nut was attached to a metal plate which was attached to a plastic connector piece that came dangerously close to cracking when I tried to loosen it... Now, keep in mind, I have mage-stats in real life... so my strength and constitution are not very high... This nut proceeded to thwart every effort for about 3 hours of grueling madness.... I knew that changing this battery was the most important task in my life... We only have one car and it is vital to the functioning of my family. Without it, everything would break down and a Lord of the Flies scenario would quickly ensue... I finally had to take the entire plastic connector apart, wrap my hand in a thick towel and grab the steel plate in one hand with the socket wrench in another and proceeded to make all sorts of grunting and groaning sounds until I heard a sickening pop...

After fully examining my hands and wrists, I realized that the sickening pop was not from my tendons snapping or bones shattering... It was the Epic Nut!... I had actually managed to loosen it! I had managed to summon just enough Berserker Rage to defeat the Nut! After hearing the triumphant ding signifying that I had gained a level as a warrior, I triumphantly finished installing the battery... and my car lives again... I am now officially a Battlemage!


Star Date: Nov 7th, 2008
Level 28 Mecha Upgrades!
Today we released some new level 28 upgrades for the Advanced House mecha and Sepulchure mecha models. We also released a very special Doom Upgrade to the Geist Hunter mecha model. The mysterious stranger can merge your Geist hunter with a Doom Cell to create the frightening Hunter Wraith model.

The Hunter Wraith is unlike any other mecha models in MQ. It has a few very unique features. First, it does not have a built in energy regen . Instead, the Hunter Wraith absorbs a little energy each time it is hit. The more damage you take, the mare energy you will receive. Second, this mecha has a chargable healing feature. If you have captured ghosts, then you will be able to "eat" them to regain some hitpoints. Finally, there is an all new shoulder combo that creates an energy transfer link between you and your opponent, This mecha is built to last through longer fights. As you can tell, its strategy is centered around draining your enemy's energy.


It is a VERY fun mecha to play with and it can hang in extreme mode if you play your cards right! Just today I had an extreme battle with the incredulous Bulk that came down to about 60 hp! things were looking really bad for me until I was able to drain his energy and keep it drained.. just long enough to win!

Unfortuantely, the new specials for this mecha took a lot more time to implement than I was expecting. The ghost eating body special revealed a very strange engine level bug that took most of an afternoon to find and fix. As a result, I was unable to complete the new Zargon Quest that I had originally scheduled for today. Also, the shoulder specials required more time than I had originally anticipated. I "could" have squeezed a quest out at the last minute out but it would not have been very good. So, I have decided to push the new quest back until next Wednesday.

This month is going to end HUGE for MQ. Our other games have declared that November is the month of Dragons! Hmmmm... dragons? Last time I checked the dragons were a lost race in the MQ universe... So, We are going to introduce a special event that is going to literally shake the entire galaxy. The Shadowscythe are on the move again and soon a Dragonoid will be coming to this solar system... Trust me.. This solar system is probably only big enough for ONE of these magnificent beings!

UPDATE: A ghost saving feature for the Hunter Wraith was suggested on the forums shortly after this release. I think that this is a great idea and right now I am parsing through about a million different ways that I can make this work. Check back for announcements regarding this feature.



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