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Star Date: Oct. 31st, 2008
Victory is Imminent!
The war is moving along very nicely since the Zombie horde attacked! You're slaying enemies left and right! I think this war will be over by tonight, or early tomorrow.

I am extrememly excited about this war. I think that is has been possibly the best war in MQ history! The end of this war has an incredible haul of goodies for you.. 2 mecha models and a bunch of special mogloween starship items! Much to my chagrin, there have been some negative responses to the Star Captain Frankenmecha. The picture I posted yesterday showed a testing version of Frankie, with only 3 attacks... That was completely my fault. I assure you, This mecha has a full compliment of default attacks. The only reason that it was originally built with incomplete inventory was because it was supposed to be a build-a-mecha style. I had to combine the mecha items at the last minute because there is special animation code that doesn't work properly when the arms or shoulders are attached to a different mecha. So, i'm stopping that rumour right here, right now...

This mecha is FULLY Loaded and ithas one of the highest damage outputs in the game. To top it off, the Star Captain version hits significantly harder with it's arm attack AND it has a special combo move that works when your opponent is electrocuted by your shoulders... This mecha is truly monstrous and I promise you I will be having nightmares about it tonight while I sleep.

The Headless Horsemecha is perhaps even more terrifying (I stand firm that anything that throws its own head is about as terrifying as you can get...), but you will have the chance to experience the horror yourself when you fight against it yourself at the rapidly approaching war's end!

There has been a lot of specualtion on the forums regarding the pricing of these Mogloween mecha medels... Usually, holiday items are priced a little bit higher because they are rare. These new mecha models are going to be priced according to standard in-game prices... NOT increased fo holiday rarity. I believe that these mecha models are awesome and I would like everyone to feel that they are well worth the price.

Also... Today, we added a bunch of awesome starship items including a music playing pumpkin stereo and our first ever, trans dimensional starmap! Yes, that's right... The star map item will allow you to return to Amity at anytime, even after the Mogloween event is long past... I'll warn you that the starmap is fairly high-priced compared to the other starship items, but it gives you unrestricted access to an entire holiday zone... so it's kind of like buying all of the holiday starship items in one fell swoop and then getting a lot more on top of that... In addition to the musical pumpkin and the star map, we have a bunch of other spooky decorations and of course, action figures! Action figures will include Mechferatu, Desmodus and the Zombie mecha...

So, have fun with the end of our Mogloween event and don't eat too much candy tonight. Dr. Springenstein needs it!

Happy Mogloween!


Star Date: Oct. 30th, 2008
Zombie Mecha attack!
The Headless Horsemecha has gone too far! To add insult to injury, he has reanimated your fallen war buddies and sent a huge horde of them at the town of Amity! Each zombie that you kill will count towards the war. Note: you must fight all the way to amity and beat the last zombie there for it to count... This should really speed up the war counter because there is a huge HORDE of them!

Now, if a zombie horde is not enough to get you over to Planet Mortis to fight Mogloween mechs, then maybe this will...


That is an image of our 2 RARE Horror mecha models. Frankenmecha(left), will be available in Star Captain and Free flavors and The Headless Horsemecha(right) will be available for Nova Gems Only.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that the Headless Horsemecha has a special equippable head slot? You can equip a head into its hand and not only attack with it, but also hurl it at your enemies. Because of this special head-tossing feature, Front arms are unequippable... BUT...There is more menacing than throwing your opponent!


Star Date: Oct. 27th, 2008
Mogloween Continues Horrific mecha models are coming! Beware!
This years Mogloween event is of to an awesome start. We have been receiving tons of positive feedback and I am so excited that everyone is enjoying it! This week is going to continue Mogloween with an inevitable bossfight against the Headless Horse Mecha. Don't worry, when Dr. Springenstein uses the magic of the town's candy reserves, he will become a little bit more... umm... vincible...

To help out with the war, I have made a few changes today. Most notably, the monsters in Mogsylvania are now worth more experience and gold and the candy will heal both your health AND energy. So, the zone is MUCH more farm-friendly now. It's a great place to level up mow that the cap has been raised! Also, the spectral mechas won't commit suicide anymore and the Electra phantasms now only hit twice, as intended.

There will be 2 new horror-themed mecha models (one for Free/SC and another for Nova Gem Players) releasing at the end of the war. I just saw some finished animations and attacks today and was blown away. Our main animator, Korin really deserves a round of applause for all of his work in MechQuest. He and Fonz have really raised the bar on animation and design.

Update: 4:26pm - Returning to town from the Mogloween map now skips the town intro! This should help you jump back and forth much quicker!


Star Date: Oct. 22nd, 2008
Mogloween Celebration has begun... with a BOOM... and a flaming horse!
The Headless Horse Mecha is terrorizing the town of Amity! Don't you hate it when a bully steals all of your candy? Well, what if it just happens to be Magical Candy that you need for power to survive because you're a candy-powered android? Don't answer that....

Anyway, our Mogloween release is live now. We're starting this with a big holiday war on a new Mogloween Planet called, Mortis! To get there, just use the New Release button in town. you will need to battle the Headless Horse Mecha's minions and retrieve candy for the magical town of Amity and it's android inhabitants. The mayor of the town, Dr. Jack Springenstein also would like you to help him complete his masterpiece... it's a kind of Bride... of Springenstein. Oh We also have Clues that you will need to collect to help find a way to defeat the Terrible Headless Horsemecha. believe me, you WILL learn to fear him if you run into him... it's pwnage of a whole new nature that you have never experienced before in MQ. In fact, you will probably have night...MARES!

For this war, I'm trying something a little different. Instead of waiting until the end of a long war to open the reward shop, you will be able to open it right away. To open the shops, you will need to collect candy by defeating the horsemecha's vile minions in the harsh Country of Mogsylvania. Then, bring the candy back to the town of Amity. Collect enough candy and you'll open a shop. Be Careful, if you are defeated in combat, you will lose all of your current candy. You may also eat candy between fights for a quick heal. To bring the candy back to town, simply click on the Town of Amity on the nice little travel map of Mogsylvania. I'm sure this will make sense when you actually play! NOTE: when you log out, ALL candy resets and you will have to fight (participate) in the war again to open the shops. Don't worry, it is actually quite easy to get enough candy for the shops... This year's holiday items are Revived version of last year's secial masks that have new trick or treat specials (Trick = hurt your enemy. Treat = buff or heal you). We also have a vicious vampiric claw arm, pumpkin hurling arms AND cute little shoulder mounted bats that can really SCREECH - um, is that awfully close to your ear?

Oh! I almost forgot to mention... We raised the Level Cap to 28! We added a bunch of level 26-28 items to this Holiday release and also added new level 28 Geekatron items and mecha models to Planet Zargon!


Star Date: Oct. 22nd, 2008
Mogloween Coming Friday!
This Friday, we are releasing out very first Holiday Planet! Planet Mortis exists in a separate dimension that phases into our dimension once a year, around Mogloween! It just happens to be a very popular tourist trap due to the timing of the phase shift!

Planet Mortis:


Unfortunately, this year, the town of Amity in the country of Mogsylvania is under attack by the infamous Headless Horse mecha! Dr. Jack Springenstein, the current android mayor of Amity, needs your help, the horsemecha took the head of his true android love, Shelley...(yes, androids have feelings too... emotion chips have been around since the late 28th century!) You will have to collect candy and find the Horseman to restore the peace in Amity and the head to it's rightful neck!

Dr. Springenstein, i presume?


As with any good holiday release, we will be releasing rare holiday items and mecha models as war rewards. So get ready it all starts Friday!



Star Date: October 15th, 2008
What's Up!

How's it going? Good? That's awesome!!! So what have you been up to? Really? Cool, cool! So... about that unapproved name bug...and the following game crashing one... My bad! Back to your regularly scheduled release:


Star Date: Oct. 10th, 2008
Today we implemented our PvP name approval system in MQ. The next GEARS Games is going to be mostly PvP. Star Captains may submit their characters for PvP approval. If you are approved then your character will go on our PvP list and players will actually get a chance to play against you in the next GEARS Games! This is very exciting because it will be our first real PvP war.

To keep things fair, we will be using our new battle scaling system in the PvP fights. So, if you are upgainst a player with a more powerful mech, you will still have a fair chance... Although, you will still be subject to special battle effects. We have some other surprises in store for you at the next GEARS Games as well... Let's just say, the house with the most loyal members will have a huge advantage...

The last few weeks, we have started a new weekly schedule in MQ. One part of this new schedule is my new favorite day of the week... Buggy Monday! On Mondays, I dedicate myself to bug fixes and other game tweaks, leaving the rest of the week dedicated to releases. You may have noticed (hopefully!) that a bunch of stuff has been getting fixed lately....

Anyway, part of this week's buggy monday tweaks was a new engine balancing tweak that imposes buff limits on Defense and Boost effects. Damage Boost buffs are now limited to a max of 60 and a minimum of -75. Defensive buffs are now capped at 80. You will notice that you will still get a battle popups that say the effect is applied, but if you look at the enemy stats, you will see those stats at their max values. (For instance: Doing two -50 Damage nerfs to the enemy will give a total of -75 boost instead of -100). Other fixes from Monday included: the Geekatron unequip big that left non-functional dummy parts visible on the mech, Energy slugs no longer stack and restart regeneration, Stun nerf/Stun combos are no longer stackable and various other fixes... You can find a more complete list in the "Just In" thread on our Gremlins Forums.


Star Date: Oct. 10th, 2008
Build-A-Mecha - Released
Today's release is part 2 of Zargon... A massive build it yourself mecha release! It has been quite a while now that players have been asking to purchase just a mecha body with no defaults. Well, today it has finally happened! We have 2 new mecha bodies, an awesome Bi-ped and and a frightening quadruped for Star Captains and Nova Gems... in fact this is our first ever Quadruped mecha...

It would seem that today is a day of firsts! These mechs have our first ever combo system! If you use the correct weapons in the right order in battle, then these mechs will get extra combo specials such as Super Strength and Super Vision.... there are 8 possible combo effects that you can find with these mechs.. Note: to get the combos, you will have to use the newest weapons from Planet Zargon... There is a brief explanation of the combos in the game too. So, have fun finding the different configurations. If you need some help, players will probably have them all posted in our forums before I am finished writing this :)


Continuing our streak of firsts, today we rolled out our new Massively Multiplayer Online game, AQWorlds! this is our FIRST fully multiplayer game! I had blast hanging out on Sir Ver today meeting all of our newest Founders! We also had a real cake! This time it was not a lie! I am so proud of what Minimal, Zhoom, Milton, J6, Lussion, Jemini, Rolith, Artix and the rest of the AQWorlds team was able to accomplish today! It is a great and very difficult accomplishment for AE!


Star Date: Oct. 7th, 2008
Build-A-Mecha Arms and Shoulders... Combos?
Okay. So, if you go to Selina's items shops on planet Zargon, you will notice that there are an absolutely INSANE amount of items there now.... In fact, the shop has so many new items, that we are eventually going to reorganize it - simllar to the way Tek's Mechs is set up now... For now, just bear with us.... and enjoy these AWESOEM new items!

Anyway, the items that were added today are the first items for our Build-A-Mecha set on Planet Zargon. Friday we will be releasing new heads and and 2 new body types that go nicely with the new parts... If you check thoroughly, you will notice that an effect named something similar to "Combo Z A1" will appear in your opponent's stats during battle... This does not do anything now, but it will...This will be our first step towards extra combo specials! I can't wait.

In other news, our anniversary release last week was so well received that we are going to keep it going throughout the entire month of October! So, grab your nostalgic rare specials this month and enjoy the bash downstairs at Tek's Soluna City shop!

This is going to be such an incredible month for MQ! We have new custom mecha, combos, fun anniversary parties AND right now we are working on our Mogloween release! Something about head-stealing horseriders and Frankenmecha....


Star Date: Oct. 1st, 2008
MechQuest first year party happening NOW!
Did you hear? There's a party happening at Tek's Mechs! Rumor has it that you can get Golden Mecha models with Golden Tokens... you just have to eat a heck of a lot of dessert to earn them...

Anyway, this week's release was a lot of fun for us... We were able to revitalze some parts of the game and give Tek's mechs a new life! The Golden mecha models are cool and we even have a new minigame... Scrap's Delight! Guide scrap through the sky grabbing cookiees and cakes! Score high enough and you may even win one of those coveted Golden tokens! We even made an arcade version of Scrap's Delight for your starships ;D

On behalf of mysel and the rest of the MechQuest team, I would like to say thanks to all of you players. It is because of you that this game is still here today. A year ago, when we rolled out our very first release we looked at each other and though, "Is anyone going to like a fantasy-meets-mecha RPG game? I mean, this game is a bit... MYSTERIOUS!" Well, it's not like our other games aren't bluntly strange as well.... This IS AE afterall :P

So, to everyone who remembers stepping onto the dropship for the seemingly endless ride to the the Soluna City that didn't exist at the time... Thank You for believing in us. I hope you enjoy this friday's release! The Golden Mecha models are awesome and bring back wonderful memories!


Star Date: Oct. 1st, 2008
MechQuest is a year old... and AQWorlds is almost born!
One Year ago today, after weeks of intense work and little sleep, Artix pushed a button... and MechQuest was released! Everything was so fresh and new and the game seemed to have unlimited possibilities. Today, we have Soluna City, a massive zone full of jobs and the start of an epic Shadowscythe invasion plotline, GEARS University, Houses with insane mecha models, Pvp, a moon, and 2 planets! There's a whole universe left to create and destroy.... :)

So to start the celebration, we thought it would be fitting to begin with a release for those who have been with us from the start, Founders. Founders are those players who upgraded within the first couple months after the game was released. Back then, we released a special mecha model for them and today, we have added a new golden level 25 of this classic mecha. If you are a Founder (you will know if you are... Theres a Founder logo on your character page...), then you can go to the Star Captain Club Mecha Shop (2nd floor) to buy the new Knightron AU model!

Don't worry if you missed out on being a Founder in MechQuest, our new Multiplayer RPG, AdventureQuest Worlds is releasing next Friday, October 10th! If you upgrade early in AdventureQuest Worlds, you will receive special Founders status and exclusive content for that game! There will be 3 upgrade options available in AQ Worlds, for 3 months, 6 months and a full year! There is also going to be a free-player option with AQWorlds, but it will be significantly more limited than our other game due to the enormous cost of maintaining a fully multiplayer game. Note, being a Founder in AQWorlds will not get you Founder's status in MechQuest or DragonFable. Unfortuantely, you have lost your chance.... Don't miss out in AdventureQuest Worlds!

So, anyway, back to MechQuest's One-Year anniversary... On Friday, we are bringing you collectable Golden Newbatrons and Golden Volt Torns. You will have a chance to win them in a new minigame, "Scrap's Delight!" We also have a few new commorative Starship items on the way too.

You may have noticed our new inteface bars in Soluna City and the intro shuttle. Our old bars got filled with those big red buttons pretty fast, so we we were in bad need of freeing up some space. I love the new icons that Jemini created for them :)

Also, I finally had a chance to do something that I have wanted to do for a really long time... Tek's Mechs has been overhauled with a new shop interface that allows use to put all of the special shops and upcoming rare shops in there in a nice organized manner... . This has been a long time coming and I was finally able to get rid of that old pop up shop menu that used to be there... I always cringed when that thing popped up... Now, I go to Tek's and smile :)



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