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Star Date: September 26th, 2008
New Superhero Items and Release-o-Change-o!
Today we added a bunch of new Superbot items to Selina's shop on Planet Zargon! In addition to the Bulk Blasting head, there is now a critical hitting Quickflash arm complete with stylish flame designs and a viscious spider claw Shouder weapon that can drain your opponent's energy (BTW...the nova gem version of the Spider arm can lower your opponent's Immobility resistance...) Zargon's items (as well as it's enemies) are rather amazing, astounding, incredible, super, and downright nasty...

Anyway, one of these items will be going rare this weekend due to a design flaw that makes it insanely powerful... The Nova Gem "Raging Bulk Head" is going to be removed from the shop next week and replaced with a different version. So, get it now before it is "fixed" and replaced with a softer nerf version... (Don't worry, anyone who got the old version will keep theirs....).

We are going to be flipping our normal release schedule around a little bit. Normally in MechQuest, we have been doing a major release on Wednesdays(Storyline/new quests) and a minor release on Fridays(Items/game tweaks). From now on, we are going to flip that so our minor release comes on Wednesdays and our major release will be Fridays. Friday is much better suited for major releases for scheduling reasons and gives a couple extra days for testing and fixing to occur. Expect this change to go into effect the week after next week. Next week is our anniversary party, which is Wednesday... exactly Oct. 1st!

This time the cake is NOT a lie!


Star Date: September 24th, 2008
Planet Zargon Release!
Today we opened Planet Zargon to all players with a new quest to help Selina build powerful new mecha technology. The first thing that will unlock are some new supercharged heads taken from the Incredulous Bulk. We have more new weapons based on the other supermechs as well. You should see some new superbot weapons in Selina's shop this Friday. She's building a new mecha... well, it's new mecha bodies actually....

Anyway, Zargon has a couple of features that I am extremely excited about. Star Captains have the ability to select normal, hard and extreme difficulty levels (the higher the difficulty, the higher the reward...) Also, Zargon introduces a new battle feature... destructable environments! Zargon has a Refinery level that becomes a part of the battle with cooldown increasing fires and other types of collateral damage to affect both you and the enemy!

I hope you enjoy this introduction to Planet Zargon, more is on the way! Stay tuned!

Now, it's time to get busy planning the MQ one-year anniversary party!


Star Date: September 19th, 2008
Planet Zargon Preview this weekend!
Today we rolled out a special sneak peak of Planet Zargon for Star Captains. Star Captians may access Zargon via the New Release button in Soluna City or the Intro Dropship... There is also a super rare web-slinging Back Arm weapon that will only be available during this special limited preview. It will NEVER come back into the game... ever again...

Well, you may be wondering how we came Zargon as the planet name... Of course we didn't just randomly make something up off the top of heads... No, instead, Maegwyn, Reens, Blues and I mulled over star charts, ancient mythology, comic books, old movies, and 80s anime series... This process probably lasted a few weeks... until finally it culminated with us going through hours of greuling IM brainstorming... mashing words together, double checking sources, and pulling our hair out... then pulling our teeth out... until... Zargon was born! (In case you were wondering, It was ultimately a mix of Voltron/Calvin and Hobbes/ and Flash Gordon that won the day...)

And Now... Introducing our newest NPC, Selina:


She's a GEARS Student, sent by Career Placement services to work on this distant planet full of superheroes! She loves comic books and just happens to have an IQ that is off the charts! She says that she is almost a super genius... but Dean Warlic... (hey that's me!) hand picked her for the job because he thought that her near-superhuman intelligence made her the perfect fit for a job working amongst superheroes!

Everyone on Planet Zargon has some sort of super-ability, but not all of them are great powers... for example, one of the residents goes by the name, the Pickler! (Now, while it IS a handy power to have , it may not work the best agaist giant robots!)

Anyway, Zargon's most powerful defenders are gone. They were kidnapped by Dr. Boltavolt (sound familiar?... Things do sometimes get jumbled around in a galactic temporal reset event....btw). Now, Boltavolt has harnessed their powers to create super powerful titanic sized robots to destroy the City of Mechtropolis, Zargon's capital city! Are you ready to go there now and stop them?

In other news, today is Talk Like A Pirate day!!! w00t! To celebrate, we have an old AE favorite in town, teaching all the GEARS kids how to speak like a REAL pirate... Arrrrrr! Oh, he just happens to have some awesome and RARE pirate themed weapons for you! Now, quit swabbin' yer deck and get some plunder... ARRRRRrrrrr!


Star Date: September 17th, 2008
Pirate Talk and Planet Zargon!
This week's release is coming on Friday... which just happens to be.. (drumroll please...) Talk Like A Pirate Day! Arrrrrrr! To celebrate TLAPD, we are going to have some pirate themed items for you, including a swashbuckling jolly roger head that quite literally trash talk your enemies to death!

Also, work on our next planet is continuing to grind on. We are almost ready to launch our next Planet... Zargon! This week we are going to launch a short Star Captain Only preview of the planet. Star Captins will be able to fly to Zargon with special clearance from the White Castle to investigate an S.O.S. signal. Once there, you will be able to fight some of he AWESOME new enemies in new urban environments

Like this:ZargonRefinery

Also, this week, you will notice that the version number is now 1.2.0. If your version is not 1.2.0 (just look at the big MQ Logo at the bottom center of you game screens and read the small numbers above it...) then you should refresh your browser window. 1.2.0 brings automatic battle scaling into the game. Most of you may not notice this, but it will allow us to have a ton of flexibility for future fights... the new battle scaling is on the battle button in Soluna City.


Star Date: September 12th, 2008
ShadowscytheT-Shirts are here!
Shadowscythe t-shirts are finally released! There was a little bit of a delay so they went live about 10 minutes late, but they're here now and they're grrrrrrrreat! These t-shirts are very special, because they feature an in game bonus gift for all three of our games. You will receive a special code that comes with your t-shirt. The code will come with instructions on how to redeem your prize in MechQuest, AdventureQuest and Dragonfable. In MechQuest, you will receive the incredible Sepulchure Mecha model. Note, the version that you get with the t-shirt is level 1, but you can upgrade this mech at the Mysterious Stranger in East Soluna City. In Dragonfable, you will get one of the awesome new Shadow classses, and in AdventureQuest, you will get the Doom Knight armor!

Also, Today we have another Mecha Revival! The Ghost Hunter mecha was in a very bad need for an overhaul, So, today we added all new specials and 2 new versions for level 13 and 18. That Ghost Trapping arm is no longer just for ghosts! It emits a light bright enough to temporarily blind your opponent! Also, there is a new Buff called ESP that increases your damage and Star Captains get a Spirtual Defense body special! It really worth checking out this mech again. It was always one of the best-looking mechs in the game!

Ghost hunter Mecha :



Star Date: September 11th, 2008
T-Shirts and a Mysterious Stranger!
The mysterious stranger who appears at the end of the Portal war is now in Soluna City. He offers one very insidious service... Some mecha models may be "fed" dark energy to become more powerful. This Mysterious Stranger can provide you with the sustenance that these mecha require...

The first dark mecha model that will be able to consume these "Doom Cells" will be the Sepulchure mecha that comes with the Shadowscythe T-shirt. The T-Shirts are going to be released tomorrow! I can't wait!


from AQWorlds HomePage: "The dreaded emblem of the Shadowscythe strikes doom into the hearts of even Lore's greatest heroes. It will be released next Friday in Blood Red... or as originally intended.. in BLACK ON BLACK. Those brave enough to obtain this will recieve a collectable code which will unlock a different special item in each of our three games: AdventureQuest, DragonFable AND MechQuest....."



Star Date: September 10th, 2008
Doom comes to Soluna!
There is a Doom Lord inside the mysterious portal and you have managed to get his attention! Beware! Doom Lords are seemingly invincible and their presence in the galaxy can only lead to bad bad things!

Starting tonight, the Online Count will be fully contributed to all war victories. That means that the end of this war is quickly approaching... along with *drum roll please...* WAR REWARDS! Yay!

Now, FYI - there has been a lot of confusion lately about the actual rarity of war rewards and take full responsibility because I had a very arbitrary system for determining the rarity of these rewards (cough cough... ehem... Equinox mechs... Sorry!). To prevent further confusion about this topic, Maegwyn and I got together and defined 2 levels of war rarity... Salvage and Specials... Salvage war rewards are rare items that may resurface from time to time in war shops, but ONLY during wars. They will not be released as normal in-game content. If you miss a war, you may be able to obtain the salvage items again in a different war. Special war rewards are completely unique items that will only be available during one war. If you miss a war, you are out of luck and will never be able to get the special items ever again.

So, how can you tell which war rewards are special or salvage? Simple, The salvage items will be inside a "Salvage Shop." Salvage shops will always be called "Salvage" You have seen salvage shops before in other wars (IE Shadowscythe salvage shops). If you see the word "Salvage" on the button for the shop, don't be surprised if you see those items again!

Every now and then, we will have wars that get converted into permanent quests in the game. The Khaeldron Prophecy War on Westion is an exacmple of this. The Drakel Power Armor was the big war reward for this war. It is also a regular item in the game. The war version of the Power Armor was called "War Armor" to set it apart from the power armor. "War Armor" also has higher stats than the regular power armor. "War Armor" versions are considered special and will never be available ever again.

Okay, so that's it. this is the official war rare policy now. I assure you that everyone, especially Mae and Blues are going to make darned well sure that I follow this policy to the letter in all future wars!

So.....In this war, there are absolutely NO Salvage items. Every War Reward in the Mysterious Portal War is considered a special war reward. None of these items will ever be re-released. Don't miss out on them because the rarity of war reward is no longer... MYSTERIOUS!!!


Star Date: September 8th, 2008
Houses are temporarily closed!
GEARS Houses, Wolfblade, Runehawk and Mystraven are currently closed in preparation for the next GEARS Games competition. This is going to temporarily prevent you from joining a new house while we overhaul the house system. We are fundamentally changing the way house loyalty is handled in the game. This will allow us to give the next war a pvp component and give us the functionality we need to make the betrayal quests a possibility....

UPDATE: The betrayal quests are NOT coming out yet. This update give us the functionality to allow for house changes. there is still a lot to do before house betrayal is feasible. There is still A LOT of factors involved with betrayal especially when you take into account all of the house mechs and weapons..

npc-Warlic Star Date: September 7th, 2008
Oops... extra zeroes make huge numbers!
Hehe... my bad.... when I was setting up the mysterious portal war, I accidentally put an extra zero at the end of the war goal. So, today you will find that the portal has diminshed in size by a factor of 10... MYSTERIOUS!

Star Date: September 5th, 2008
Throw a MechQuest Party - It's A New Type of War!
SURPRISE! Not even I knew that I was going to be releasing this when I walked into the office this morning... How's that for a surprise?

This weekend, we doing a little experiment. We're doing a new kind of war! This war is more directly affected by the total Online Player. Every victory will have a percentage of the total Online Count added every single victory! So, get your friends to play! throw a MechQuest party... Your parents should even get in on this one. Let's see if we can get that Online Count to rise higher than the war meter! Mysterious Johnson needs your help!! This portal is so... MYSTERIOUS! also, btw, the boss a the end of this war looks a heck of a lot like a MAJOR villian (uber-status to be more exact) from Dragonfable.....

BONUS EXPERIENCE!!!! Just like during the XP Boost weekend, Star Captains will get 10% extra Experience AND Credits for war enemies and other players will get 5% bonus Experience and Credits for the war enemies!


Star Date: September 4th, 2008
Westion Part 1 Finale! Release is live!
The bugs are gone! The release is live...! Oh and Check out my Mecha! See anything a little bit off? ;-)ZHead

This week's release finishes up Planet Westion Chapter 1! You will definitely find out what happened to the missing ambassadors and what is happening to all of the vanishing Dragon's Breath too. You will have to fight through literally an army of EvilCorp enemies...You will also run into two characters who look very familiar. One comes from our other games and the other, well you could swear you have seen her before... in Soluna city perhaps? No way... it couldn't be her... Also, at the end of this week's release we have some brand new EvilCorp brand weapons!

We had a few nasty little bugs last night... the really irritating kinds that can pop up and then go away and then pop up again... * /me grabs my whack-a-bug mage's staff...* One of these bugs even required a small fix to the game engine, so I would advise you all to reload your games to make sure you are on version Omega 1.0.6!

npc-Warlic Star Date: September 3rd, 2008
End of Westion Chapter 1 coming Thursday!
This weeks release will wrap up the end of Planet Westion Chapter 1! Get ready to find out what really happened to the missing amassadors, fight through a veritable army of Evil Corp Mecha and come face to face the the nefarious Mr. "Z", himself! Due to a very strange bugs, I am delaying the release until tomorrow. We could probabyl get away with releasing tonight, but the testing staff and I agree that it will be better to delay release, just to iron out a few little kinks. There is only one word to describe these bugs... "MYSTERIOUS!!!"

Star Date: September 2nd, 2008
We have a Winner!
A huge congratulations to Platypirfun for winning the forum contest to guess my inspriration for the Hidden Oasis quest! The correct answer was Miracle Warriors: Seal of the Dark Lord, an old RPG game released way back in 1988 for the Sega Master System. I have fond childhood memories of that game. In fact, it is the first RPG game that I ever played. I remember my father and I would play the game for hours. We played this epic (and horibbly translated) game until we found this clue on an ancient scroll:

Harken, come Iason,
For eight days from Saria
call's spring's sweetness
Eight Days, Face not Dawn
journey north Five Days,
West three days to Dokia.
View the Sacred Shrine;
Yea, the Gates below are
for fool's, Hell's gates..

This clue held the secret to finding the end-game dungeon. Unfortunately, there was a trick to following the directions... each square on the map represented 1/2 a day, so you had to double all of the numbers on the scroll in order to actually find it. The only clue that a square was 1/2 a day was in random dialogue with NPC that would tell you that Iason was twice as large as a normal man.... Anyway, my father and I were completely foiled and never found that dungeon. I used to go to sleep at night hearing the endlessly looping music from that game droning on from the other room as my father searched obsessively for the final dungeon... I could still sing it to you 20 years later... We were completely defeated and I ended up calling Sega's 1-900 Hint Line to get the answer... Yes, this was before internet access was available as a consumer service.... before web browsers...before I actually paid about $3.00/ minute for this information (well, actually my parents paid for it...). Revenge never tasted so sweet as when I finally slew the Dark Lord, Terrarin!



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