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Star Date: August 29th, 2008
All work and no play...
7pm: I'm here alone... in the secret underground headquarters...Lussion left for the evening and everyone is gone... Except for the ghosts... Some people have the shining...No.. not the bathroom.... DON'T CHECK THE BATHROOM.... you see, my friend Tony, who lives in my mouth has been writing on the walls again... red drum... red drum.... must lay down some phat beats... now....

All work and no play makes Warlic a dull mage... All work and no play makes Warlic a dull mage...All work and no play makes Warlic a dull mage...All work and no play makes Warlic a dull mage...All work and no play makes Warlic a dull mage...All work and no play makes Warlic a dull mage...All work and no play makes Warlic a dull mage...All work and no play makes Warlic a dull mage...

Anyway, this week I admittedly bit off more than I could chew! I decided that since I was switching release days with Dragonfable, I'd do a bigger release... Which means, a Vul'Khar Town, a desert maze, an oasis, an underground hideout (you will get another mission here next week...) and a Level 25 bossfight (Only the hardest core players will beat this Level 25 challenge), a new head and new radioactive frying pans... To tell you the truth, I actually had more stuff planned, but I had to cut a few minor things due to the fact that I gave myself lots of work to do in a week that everyone is gone... except for my friend Tony, who lives in my mouth...

Anyway, we have a forum contest happening right now to see if anyone can guess the incredibly obscure video game reference from this week's hidden oasis quest... I'll give you a huge hint... Nintendo has nothing to do with the answer... It'll be a real Miracle if anyone can guess he incredibly obscure and unfairly vague reference to a fond gaming memory from my past...

Red Drum... Red Drum.... I think I'll give Zhoom a Red Drum... MUAHAHAHAHAHA...

After writing this Design notes, Warlic left the office and entered a hedge maze.... a really long and winding hedge maze, where he was outsmarted numerous times by a young child. No one has heard from him since....


Star Date: August 27th, 2008
Dragoncon Release Schedule Switcheroo!
Tomorrow, everyone in the secret underground headquarters is leaving to go to Dragoncon... except me... Family commitments are preventing me from attending the convention this year. So, since the Dragonfable team is not going to be here on Friday, they are releasing the first quest in the Nythera quest chain today... So, check out Dragonfable tonight!

Hey wait a minute... isn't that a quest to kill me?

Since I will be the only one here, MechQuest will be releasing this Friday instead. It will be well worth the wait... We have a big release in store for you on Friday. The mayor of Alamonia is going to send you on an epic quest to arrest an elusive bandit named Firemane, who he believes is behind the disappearnace of the missing ambassadors. She's very well hidden and you will need help from the Vul'Kharim to find her hideout deep within the sprawling Sandsea! Planet Westion Chapter 1 is nearly complete! Next week will reveal who and what is really pulling the strings behind the scenes on Westion....


Star Date: August 22nd, 2008
Back to School!
Celebrate going back to school by going back to GEARS University! We're giving everyone an experience boost this weekend. All players get 5% extra experience. Star Captains are going to get a whopping 10% extra experience per fight this weekend. This is a great time to get your characters up to level 25 so that you can experience the ultimate power of the Advanced House Mecha!

Also, the war in Khaeldron is now converted into a permanent quest. You can access it through the Research Labs in the town of Khaeldron. the War armor has been replaced with the slightly less powerfull Drakel Power Armor. The biggest difference between the DPAs is the Drakel Sanctus Shield ability which was only available on the War version of the Armor. Both versions have the awesome Advanced Cockpit ability (available via powercell merge on the non-war Drakel Power Armor). Collectors will surely be interested in obtaining both versions of this gorgeous mecha model.

When we converted the war to permanent content, we added level 25 monsters to the mix. So this is a perfect place to gain some good experience during this special Boost weekend!

I'd like to mention that we have started designing a new planet. This planet will feature a nefarious villian that you may recognize from DragonFable... There will be some high voltage and possibly some voltage thrown in with mutant mecha powers and exploding buildings... Was that a piece of skyscraper that just hit your mecha? And who's that girl with all of the comic books? It's going to be a real super planet!


Star Date: August 20th, 2008
Stat Training! MQ hits version 1.0! Omega!
Refresh your browsers now. You will need to in order to play today's release! Today's release is perhaps the most major gameplay change in MQ history. The latest GEARS University class, Mecha Piloting 101 will allow you to train your pilot stats! You may train up to 5 point per level. Star Captains may train up to 6 points per level as an added bonus. Trainable skills include:

Power (increases Damage)
Accuracy(increase your chance to hit)
Efficiency(Lowers your energy expenditures)
Perception(Lowers your damage taken)
Reflexes(increases your chance to dodge) and
Luck(Does a lot of stuff!)

In addition to stats, we are going to implement an initiative system in MQ. At every battle, the game will roll to decide who goes first. Reflexes and Luck will play a roll in your initiative rolls. Don't worry though, initiative rolls will be strongly weighed in the favor of players.... just every no and then your enemy will have a chance to hit you first... (before you pummel them with your new house mecha!)

With this update, MechQuest is now at version 1.0! We have left the Gamma phase and are now officially in the Omega phase! Don't you love how we make up testing stages? Omega will be our final stage, since we are always releasing new content, we'll never reach a truly "final" stage...

Also, I was informed that In our latest newletter, I apparently gave everyone the user name of Warlic! This was due to the fact that I was working from home yesterday in preparation for the hurricane that never came and had to copy/paste the newsletter to create it... I apparently copied my name too... As Milli Vanilli once said... blame it on the rain...


Star Date: August 15th, 2008
House Mecha are RELEASED!
Today is huge. in fact it is the biggest mecha release in MQ's history. The Advance House Mecha are finally here. In the midst of great adversity, we gritted our teeth and entered the battlefield known as the Advanced House Mecha Project. It's funny, back in February, when the first House mechs were released, they changed the game forever. The classic house mechs features weapons and abilities that were never seen in MQ before. It was the beginning of strategy in MQ because before then, the game strategy was purely damage. Since then, Maegwyn, Blues, Fonz, Korin, Jemini, Rolith and I have been dilligently working to expand MechQuest's capabilities. These new mecha models feature completely new abilities that haven't been seen in the game yet! And they play very differently from one another. The specials are more reliable too, so you can think more strategically while you're fighting!

In addition to the awesome new weapons and designs, I want to express what truly makes me excited about these mecha models. When I designed the specials for these mecha models, I wanted to make them something very special for Star Captains. I realized that we have had so many nova gem mecha and items that are the most poweerful items in the game and started to feel that we were gradually drifting our focus away from Star Captains in favor of Nova Gems. I want you all to know that this was never my intention. Any power disparity between Star Captains and pure Nova Gem players is simply a result of the incredibly rapid expansion that MechQuest has seen over the past several months. So now, with these new House Mecha I am very excited to announce Star Captain bonus abilities. Star Captains will receive powerful new abilities that only they will be able to use. Even with the Nova Gem versions of these mechs, you will get the best results if you are also a Star Captain. We will be adding many more weapons and items that have Star Captain powers in the years to come... Free players are not left in the dust however, because the new Advanced House Mecha have weapons and stats that do what would have previously been Star Captain levels. There are also alternate abilities that will activate if you are not a Star Captain. So I hope everyone enjoys these mecha!

Also another update for today was a rebalancing of the Energy Strike maneuvers such as the Wolf Slam and the Equinox energy draining attacks. These attacks may now be resisted if you have Immobility resistance. Also, the energy drain has been fixed so that you can never drain more energy than your opponent currently has... It takes energy to make energy...

In other news... The Khaeldron war is long over. This will be the last weekend that it is accessible. The bossfight quest is going to be turned into a permanent quest and the War Armor mecha are going to be replaced by slightly less powerful Power Armor versions. I have left the war up for such a long time because it is intended to be a part of the permanent Westion storyline and there will be some work to convert it to static content. So grab your war armors now while before they're replaced by their less powerful cousins!

And finally... Our newest game, AQWorlds, is going into BETA on Monday!!! This is a fully mutliplayer MMO set in the Artix Entertainment universe and it is amazing! The Beta will be open to those players who have upgraded in on of our other games. So, become a Star Captain, DragonLord or Guardian today!



Star Date: August 13th, 2008
House Mecha Overdrive Week!

This week is a huge mecha release week! We have all new and completely redesigned House mecha models currently in the testing and balancing phase. These new models have all new graphics and animations as well as newly designed specials and weapons. These new House mecha are the level 25 evolution of the house mecha. The new specials are custom designed for each house and will feature powerful new SC-Only effects such as Runehawk's Mana Shield, Wolfblade's Rage and Mystraven's Smokescreen. In addition to the Star Captain abilities, there are many new specials that are custom designed for the individual houses. Here's a look at the new mecha models:

Advanced House Mecha

The testing and balancing process is very intense with these new designs. This is a major release. In fact it's the biggest mecha release we've had since the original house mecha were released so long ago... Some of the new effects require an update to the game engine to work properly. We are planning to release them on Friday. there will be upgradable versions as well as stand-alone versions (for those of you who'd like to keep your classic designs!)

Today we raised the level cap to 25 and added some new challenges to the Knife and Spork. Also, to help you make the epic journey to level 25, we released level 24 incremental upgrades to the classic house mecha models! The level 24 upgrade adds stun resistance to the classic houses.

I am very proud to announce a brand new Nova gem package that is available today! Our best value package get you a whopping 20,000 Nova Gems for only $49.95. Considering the fact that the 5000 nova gem package is $19.95 that is an awesome deal! You can get the new nova gem package here.


Star Date: August 8th, 2008
A Long Needed Tweak - Quick Travel!

Today there was another update to the Info Screen in Soluna. Now, the Maps button will bring you to a Star Map where you can quickly book Starship travel arrangements through the popular online travel agency, orbitalz.xom! Also, Star Captains will now be able to quick travel directly to their starships via a special Goto Starship button at the Info Screen. Also, due to overwhelming demand, Star Captains may now set their hometowns back to Soluna City. Simply use the new "hometown" button on the info screen...

In addition to today's mini-update, those of you who have the Drakel War armor mecha from the War will notice an extremely powerful head option called, "Advanced Cockpit". The cockpit features an powerful damage and defense booster that increases over 4 rounds of combat. This our first Buff Over Time ability! BoT! It required a slight engine level update to implement this, but it was well worth the overhaul because we can do ALOT with it... I have decided to leave the Khealdron mines war up through this weekend due to the addition of the new cockpit weapon. Next week, the war will be taken down permanently and the boss fight mission is going to be converted into a permanent quest. the non-war version of the Drakel armor will have a significantly less powerful buff on the cockpit, but will be the same otherwise.

Also , notable was this week's new arm weapon, the Zeus arm... You may not know it, but this weapon is our first step towards combo weapons. In the very near future, we will be able to release mix and match weapon combo sets for more strategic options!

Next week we'll be implementing the long awaited level 25 Level cap increase. Then, soon after that (meaning - when it's ready), we will release stat training. Keep reading for future updates regarding stats!


Star Date: August 6th, 2008
An Interview with J6!
Warlic: You wouldn't believe the things I have been hearing lately! My friend's friend knows a guy who said that our newest NPC, J6, is going to punt gremlins in Alamonia! J6, is that true?

J6: No comment... Why would I want to do that? now, if it was moglins, then maybe I'd punt a few... but only for cakes...

Warlic: Okay okay, that must have been a vicious rumor then... Well, I'll get to the biggest rumor. Some people are claiming that you have been seen on the Westion train, stealing fuel! Is that true?

J6: Listen, I'm not saying I'm not the guy. What I will say is, even if I was, just try to stop me.

Warlic: Ummm... Well, that would be next to impossible, wouldn't it? Everyone knows that you're the quickest draw and the sharpest shooter in the galaxy! What would you do with train fuel anyway?

J6: Well, for one thing, that train in Westion just happens to be fueled with Crystallized Dragon's breath, which EVERYONE knows makes perfect starship fuel... And with Starship fuel prices the way they are nowadays and the light-yearage per pound being soooo low on the large Galaxy-Class models.. You can see why a man would be desparate.. I mean, come on Warlic, not everyone has a hybrid mana-drive starship like yours!

Warlic: Good point... So, J6, Are the rumors at least true about your starship being spotted in Westion starspace?

J6: That's a very long and complicated story that is going to span multiple quests over many releases... It's way too much to explain here! You'll just have to wait and see...

It's Not Done Yet!

Star Date: August 5th, 2008
What's Up!

Hiya everyone, long time no post! Who wants some dirt on what's on my plate right now?

This information isn't set in stone, and is subject to change as development continues (and we read your input of course.)

Mech Quest is getting STATS! That's right. Finally.

Little did you know, but you've been accumulating stat points since you first stepped foot onto the shuttle to G.E.A.R.S University and leveled up for the first time.

When released you'll get to spend these hard earned points on one of six new stats to make you an even more deadly mecha pilot

Accuracy : Increase your chance to hit enemies.
Reflex: Increases your chance to block enemies.
Power: Damage buff
Perception: Reduces Damage taken
Efficiency: Decreases EP demands of weapons.
Luck: Lots and lots of little things...

A little reminder: This is a a MAJOR project, again, and don't expect it until we announce it as coming out. Right now it's still "SOON!"

This information isn't set in stone, and is subject to change as development continues (and we read your input of course.)

npc-Warlic Star Date: August 1st, 2008
Action Figures!

We just released war monster Action Figures for your starships! The EvilCorp enemies and Dragyron may now be purchased and placed around your starships as the ultimate war trophies... and to top it off, they are interactive! Once you have them in your starships, you can click on them and fight them. think of it as getting the ultimate farmable enemy right in your own backyard!



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