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Star Date: July 31st, 2008

Alright, I'm very impressed. I knew that the Drakel War armor would give a good incentive towards completing this war, but I must say, WOW! I can't believe you all plowed through about 2.4 million waves yesterday! That is the FASTESTannihilation we've seen in a long time!. It looked like EvilCorp had the upper hand, but you all united in way that hasn't been seen since the very first MQ war so long ago... Excellent work to everyone who participated. I hope the new mecha serves you well!

Also, last week I gave all new players the chance to leave the intro shuttle at any time... It was a great idea because if gave all players a chance to experience more of MechQuest without having to wait until level 3. However, this was perhaps the LEAST popular decision I have ever made in MQ! The forums (in fact, possibly the entire internet) immediately errupted in flaming posts about how I had completely lost my mind! I assure you... I lost my mind a couple decades ago... WAY before I opened the shuttle doors and let all the newbies out.

So, Today I am adding the ability to re-visit the dropship for all players. So, if you landed in Soluna city and feel that you are not ready for the challenge yet, you can go back to the ship and level up with easier enemies... If you are an experienced player and wish to take a dropship shuttle-ride down memory lane... you can go there too! Just talk to Admina and she can make the anachronistic travel arrangements... Ah, the good old days :D


Star Date: July 30th, 2008
Drakel Power Armor!

Alright, I don't know what happened this weekend, but the war really slowed down! I was very excited to see things speed up today though! Still, this war appears to be quite difficult, EvilCorp opponents are apparently quite powerful. Anyway, I am determined not to do someting cheesy like unleash a cloud of bug spray, or have the mine collapse and wipe out about 1,000,000 enemies...

So instead, I'd like to show you the mecha that we have been working on... Drakel Power Armor! This is the mecha that you will be able to get at the end of this war. We just finished balancing it and in many ways this is my new favorite mecha! It is color customizable and has new specials that have not yet appeared in MechQuest. The first new ability is a shield that gives a small boost to defense, but reflects damage back at your opponent (Note - the damage reflect is only available if you merge the mecha with the Drakel Powercell found in the Khaeldron Research Labs). The second new ability is one of my new favorites - the shoulder weapons can force your opponent's weapons to overheat. this has one of the following results:

1) If your enemy is in an equippable mecha -I.E. PvP or mecha-type enemies, It can force a cooldown on a random weapon. this can be a great strategic advantage and you can add cooldown times to weapons that are already cooling down.

2) If your enemy is in a non-equippable mecha - I.E. monsters and non-playable mecha, the effect of the cooldown is to nerf their damage by 50% for 2 rounds.

This mecha also has a lance that can halt EP regen once per fight and a gun that has a chance to damage EP and HP.

Drakel Power

This mecha is going to be available when the war is over. So, Battleon! Let's show EvilCorp who's CEO!

This just in! An update from Lussion! In addition to the awesome boss quest at the end of the current war (seriously, the end quest for this war is tuly epic - There's something BIG down in the darkest depths of that mine!), He is working on a new quest featuring none other than our very own J6! I won't give too much away - other than the fact that J6 has an awesome starship and the quest involves gunfighting on the top of the Westion train! Oh - and a really robo-suit... and bounty hunters and GOSSIP!! The J6 quest is almost complete. I'll give you more details soon!


Star Date: July 23rd, 2008
Khaeldron WAR!

A few things have changed... Now All players will be able to goto the latest Planets to preview our newest content. Also, new player no longer have to wait to land in Soluna City. In the beginning, there was a shuttle and a town without many things to do. Now, we have an intro shuttle and a huge city with TONS of stuff to do and a new Planet with TWO towns and some stuff to do.. All the while, our newest players waited... trapped on a starship... Those days are over!

Our newest war is here and this time everyone can participate! There is going to be a lot of plot in this war and some aspects are going to remain permanently as in-game content. For starters, the Vul'Kharim have an ancient prophecy of DOOOOM that is about to be fulfilled... I am VERY excited about this one... VERY Excited :-D Plus, it's great for experience and money too! Anyway - Have fun and destroy as many enemies as you can!


Star Date: July 17th, 2008
Introducing Lussion!

Yesterday, we released the Khaeldron Mining quest and opened up the Research Labs there. One thing that really made this new quest special is it was created by our newest staff member, Lussion! The mining quest was officially his first quest and he did an AWESOME job! Not only did he have to learn our basic quest setup, he had to familiarize himself with the game engine and release an all new quest in only two days! Congratulations, Lussion! You passed with flying colors. this is hands down one of the best quests in MQ!

Many of you have been wondering what to do with the powercell.... the powercell will be required to use the Drakel Power Armor when it is released (soon). It will work similarly to the House upgrades. You will need the mech and the powercell to receive the fully functioning new mech...

Right now we're working on some new house weapons... Korin actually 3d-rendered one the new weapons to add realism to the animation... Also, we will be updating and re-releasing the Elite Squad defender at higher levels with some new specials attacks!


Star Date: July 11th, 2008
Mecha Revival!

Today I had one of the most epic fights I have ever experienced in MQ! I was in a level 13 mecha facing a level 20 Wolfblade mecha. I was completlely outclassed! I knew that my chances were next to nothing... I needed to block that hammer if I was going to stand a chance. So, I used my turn up to activate my awesome "Iron Stance," temporarily increasing my defensive capabilities and buffing my damage levels as well... I crossed my fingers, hoping that I didn't just waste a turn by activating the Iron Stance too early... my Wolfblade opponent lept towards me with a ferocious intensity, slamming his hammer downward with might that would cause Thor himslef to tremble with fear! He was going for a Knockout Blow, which would have meant the end for me...! The Iron Stance held fast and his attack failed completely! Next, I came out of my stance and Slashed at him with my Silver Hanzo sword! A landed a mighty blow, scratching my opponents paint job! "I barely damaged him," I thought to myself as I braced for the next attack. My opponent cut me no slack as he unleased a massive shell from his shoulder mounted bazooka! Once again, my Iron Stance held firm and I was able to deflect all of the damage... The next several rounds of combat were nightmarish! The Wolfblade dominated the fight bashing my armor and damaging my mecha's internal systems! Finally, my opponent landed a critical hit with his Giant Howitzer arm! I was still standing, but barely. Most of my energy was gone and my mecha was starting to fall apart. I looked at my Silver Hanzo.... It glowed red with a burning intensity. I had one chance... One more hit and I was finshed. I flipped the switch to activate my "Harakiri" strike... my last ditch effort! Every ounce of my mecha's reamaining energy was directed to my sword as I threw my systems into overdrive, striking at my surprised opponent! There was a ripping sound as my sword tore through his armor, through his internal systems and finally out the other side... I turned and stared at my shocked opponent as his mecha slid apart at the torso and collapsed to the ground in two pieces... I was REALLY lucky!

What mecha was I using? You may not recognize it even though it has been in the game since shortly after launch. It is the level 13 version of our Kurosawa mecha model... the Kikuchiyo. We have introduced two new special in this Mecha model, the "Iron Stance", a 2 round buff to both Defense and Offense and the "Harakari Strike" which only activates when your Hp is extrememly low and uses all of your remaining energy to deal double damage. It is a very effective final blow! The shoulder weapons have also been updated to include a chance to deal 50% bonus damage. the updated Kurosawa mecha may be found at the Special Nova Gem Mecha shop in soluna city and are available at levels 5, 13, 17, and 21. (note : the level 5 version does NOT have the "iron Stance", but it does have the "Harakiri" and "Bonus Damage")




Star Date: July 3rd, 2008
So Many Mecha this week!

So yesterday, we rolled out an incredible number of house mech upgrades... Lets see... 3 houses, SC and NG versions 3 new levels each plus an Regular version at level 23... Now in less than an hour, we are getting ready to roll out an awesome new Holiday mecha and we also threw in some new holiday heads... I made a lot of entries in our database yesterday... I mean... a lot.... more than any other week... more than I have ever made in my life... I think the actual number was 145 new entries... that's including an unreleased western mecha too...

*blink* *rubs eyes* *blink blink...* Warlic sees stars... no wait a minute... those aren't stars... they're NUMBERS and... WORDS!! please make it stop!!! aggggh!!!!

For those of you who check these numbers... I'm sure I probably made a mistake... The actual number must be much higher... Also, I am not responsible for any typos... I blame Artix for those...



Star Date: July 2nd, 2008
Level Cap raised to 23!

We raised the level cap to 23 today and introduced a whole new line of house mecha upgrades! Your house mecha are getting higher hitpoints and added power with the introduction of stat bonuses at level 23! Wolfblades get a defense boost, Mystravens are getting a damage boost and Runhawks are getting a critical hit boost! Over the next couple of days, we will be introducing some new house items and adding some new higher level monsters to the game. Then for this weekend, we are rolling out a new RARE Holiday mecha that's sure to make quite a large BOOM!



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