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Star Date: June 27th, 2008
4th of July Weekend - RARE Mecha Coming!
The 4th of July is quickly approaching. To celebrate, we are going to have a new themed mecha that will be available only through the weekend! This new mecha is going to be designed by J6 and is guaranteed to be explosive! You'll be seeing fireworks after piloting this mecha!

UPDATE: Rolith just finished fixing a bug in which your current Credits/Nova Gems were not updating properly in the starship items shops. The values were being appropriately caculated and saved. The box that showed you your current amount just wasn't updating when you purchased or sold items. This graphic glitch was only occurring in the shops selling starship items. Mecha and weapons shops were unaffected. This bug had been fixed earlier but reappeared recently for no apparent reason... The only explanation is... GREMLINS!!!!


Star Date: June 27th, 2008
Levels shall rise soon!!
Many of you have been wondering when you will finally be able to level up past 20... Well, I have the answer for you... Next Wednesday, we are going to raise the level cap to 23! Then 4 weeks after that, We are going to raise the cap to 25. After level 25, I plan to raise the level cap by a few levels every 4 weeks!

The first newly leveled mecha models are going to be the House Mecha. We will have new upgrades available for levels 21, 22 and 23. Then, When the level cap is raised to 25, the house mecha will get redesigned versions! Along with the level cap increase, we are going to start working on our Stat system. So, you'll finally be able to train your stats :D

There are 2 types of stats in MechQuest: Player Stats and Item Stats. Player stats are permanent and include your piloting skills such as, Power, Accuracy, Efficiency, etc... Items stats are wholly dependent on your equips and they affect things like bonus damage, critical hit chance, defense, etc...

The first stats we will see in MQ are going to be Item Stats. the new house mecha will have defaults with stat bonuses that are appropriate for their house . Wolfblades will get defense items, Runehawk will get critical chance items and Mystraven will get bonus damage items. These item stats are stackable. So, if you have 5 items equipped with +2 defense, you'll end up with +10 defense...

Also, eventually we will be introducing new types of Mecha items called Trinkets. Trinkets are extra slots tn your mecha that can be used for stat buffs and extra effects. The first mecha models that will support trinket slots will be the house mecha. (Note: Trinkets are NOT coming this Wednesday... they do not have a specific release date yet... although I promise they will be coming soon!)

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the new Equinox mecha models that are available in the war on Planet Westion! Oh, I also added a new Acoustic Guitar (with a new custom guitar lick) in the Starship swag war reward shop... Get them now because they are only available until next Wednesday!) Btw... the war is an EXCELLENT place to earn some extra experience in preparation for the Level cap increase coming on Wednesday!)


Star Date: June 25th, 2008
The train is running!!
So, we managed to roll out another huge update in what seems like no time whatsoever! Today we have a new town, Khaeldron, the Drakel town! The Hovertrain is now running between the towns. To gain reputation in Khaeldron, you can escort the train through the desert... try to keep up with the train - Don't lose it! Also, we have introduced a new strange native race in Westion called, the Vul'Kharim. The Vul'Kharim are a nomadic race that lives in the desert and causes many headaches to the peoplel of Westion...


Star Date: June 20th, 2008
Mysterious cloud sweeps through desert!
A mysterious cloud of noxious chemical fumes just swept through the desert on planet Westion! It passed over a huge section of the insect swarm and wiped out many of the insects!


Star Date: June 20th, 2008
I apologize for my recent silence on the Design Notes. I spent this week moving! So, I've got that full body ache that is normally associated with being terribly out of shape and lifting heavy stuff for an entire week.

Anyway! Today starts our first war on Planet Westion! The tension in Alamonia is getting very thick because there is a giant insect invasion on the way to town right now! They will need all the help they can get! Remember what happened to the first Alamo... er... well, you get the picture. Rolith really helped out tremendously this weeek by finishing up the visiting starship functionality! Also, Maegwyn made pretty much every monster in this war! I would have never made it through this week of moving and finished the war without their help!

The Planet Westion story will be continuing next week! Fonz has designed some truly awesome new NPCs and we haven't even started to delve into the plotline yet! There is a LOT more coming up!

New feature
is live !

Star Date: June 18th, 2008
Visit Other Player's Starships!

I've just finished the new features for MQ housing. This includes a huge code fixes, correcting the layering bug and just released... you can visit other player's Star Ships!

This means that if you have upgraded to Star Captain and have your ship, other players can visit and walk around inside! They can interact with your awesome items and see all the hard work, credit and nova-gems you've put into it. Post your ID# on the forum and prove that you have the hottest ride in the three star systems. you can also post in the official thread to get your name approved and your ship will be eligable to the "visit random ship" button!

Update: Visitable Starships is now live!


Artix Krieger

Breaking news report from Mr. Ed Equine.
Planet Westion:
Well greetings there folks! This is Mr. Ed Equine from Channel 1,000,000,010 news, "100% News... no horsing around!". We are getting reports of several desert monster attacks around Alamonia City. Rumors are spreading fast that some sort of giant monster invasion from the desert is headed straight for town. So to bring you complete coverage I traveled two days into the desert where I am broadcasting live! I can tell you with complete certainty that there is absolutely no... wait.. what in tarnation is that? OH NO... There are millions of... *static* HEEE *static* HAW... <sudden end of transmission>

We here at channel 1,000,000,010 apologize for the disruption in your normally scheduled news program. We assure that everything is perfectly fine and that there is no way a desert monster invasion could be 2 days away from town. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for weather! Brought to you by EvilCorp "A name you can trust"


Star Date: June 11th, 2008



Star Date: June 11th, 2008
Now, finally! Rolith can be rid of me for a while... (until I give him the next major game feature to finish in a day...) We just wrapped up a gruelling day, full of intrigue and drama... we actually managed to corrupt the entire game 3 times and thought that all hope was lost every hour that passed! But dozens of Red Bulls, three coffees and a can of coke later, STARSHIP ITEMS ARE HERE!!!! this is a friggin' huge update!!! 57 new items... Wooohoooooooo!!!!!


npc-Warlic Star Date: June 6th, 2008
I am proud to announce our first new planet! Westion is a rugged planet! One of two towns is currently accessible. Alamonia is a steam-punk meets western town populated by a race of beings called, Equins. Unfortuantely, the Equins are not getting along with their neighbors, the Drakels (hmmm... drakels... where have I heard that before?). It is up to you to find out how to unite this planet so that they can form an alliance with Planet Loreon against the Shadowscythe invaders! Now... Red Wizard is a bout to die! POP!

Star Date: June 5th, 2008
Starships have hit a space-bump.
Everything was going along great with the starship customizability. We had a version up for testing on our dev server and things were looking great until.... We put a table on top of a table... on top of a table... on top of a table.. on top of a table... and so on... ad infinitum...

In order to fix this particualr bug, we are going to have to rewrite our entire infrastructure for starship customizability. So, I made the decision today to push this feature back until further notice. I deeply apologize to everyone who was looking forward to customizing their starships tomorrow. It's a good thing that we caught this issue now before we ended up with a really nasty problem later on... The good news is: We are making great headway and this rewrite is going to allow us to have much MUCH greater flexibility in the long run... did I hear anyone say customizable dorm rooms, or customizable houses?


Star Date: June 3rd, 2008
Starships and Planet Westion!
This week, instead of doing the usual Wednesday major release and Friday mini-release, we are going to have a single big update on Friday! Here's a quick rundown of what's coming:

Starship Upgrades
Our first overhaul to the starship system is almost complete. This Friday, you will be able to purchase some items to decorate your starship! Cruise around the galaxy in style with fun items like lava lamps, musical instruments, furniture, etc... One very awesome feature is going to be the ability to have nested items. So, you'll be able to put fish in your aquarium, etc...

Planet Westion
Planet Westion is a class M planet that has vast deposits of crystallized dragon's breath, an extremely powerful fuel source! Adventure awaits you on this rugged world. This is a tale of two towns! Tension is growing between the towns of Khaeldron and Alamonia. Can you unite this planet before it's too late?



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