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Star Date: May 30th, 2008
Clothing Shop is Open
The Clothing shop, Laser Eye for the Space Guy, is now open for buisiness in East Soluna City. This shop will give you access to all of the outfits and hats that you have unlocked in the game. you may also save your uniforms there too. The shopkeeper, Maria 5, has a very mysterious past...

Maria 5

Now, let's talk a little bit about the next Planet... Westion! As you may have guessed, there is a town on this planet that has a western theme. There is also going to be a town on this planet that is highly technological and occupied my a species that you may recognize from AdventureQuest! Something is happening on this planet that is putting a very serious strain on relations between the two towns. Does EvilCorp have anything to do with this? Also, you know those strange artifacts that are located in Wolblade, Runehawk and Mystraven houses? Well, you are going to get a chance to learn more about them too!


We actually have two major projects happening right now in MechQuest. Rolith is diligently working day and night to implement Starship customizability for Star Captains. Pretty soon, you will be able to get all sorts of cool new items that you can use to make your starship truly your own! Soon after that, you will be able to earn credits from transporting non-Star Captains across the galaxy! MechQuest is really starting to explode now that we are getting ready to go where no university student has gone before.... There are no limits!


Star Date: May 29th, 2008
Flash Security Update
Cysero posted this on the Dragonfable Design Notes today and I think it is DEFINITELY worth mentioning here (In fact I am going to follow this advice myself!):

Hey guys,

Quick security update. It was recently discovered that some versions of the Adobe Flash player (the player that you already have some version of, if you play DF, AQ, MQ or a host of other web games) have a built-in security issue that could allow some very clever hackers access to some of your personal information.

We HIGHLY suggest that you head over to the Adobe website and click their GET FLASH button. It looks a bit like this:


get it please

This will grab the latest updated version of the player: Version which has been patched to fix the security issue. It's a fast download and it's very simple to install.

If you are worried about the download, don't be. You're just downloading and installing the lastest version of the plug-in that allows you to play Flash videos and video games. It's not spyware, it won't give you pop-ups, it won't try and sell you long distance service, snakeoil, or legless dogs (Just hear me out... they're like cuddly throw pillows!).

npc-Warlic Star Date: May 28th, 2008
New Challenge Zone Added!
Today we added a new challenge zone to MQ! the Knife and Spork is holding an epic contest! the great thing about this contest is that over time, we will be adding new weapons and mechs to the opponents, so there will always be good farming and good challenges as the game grows! We can't wait to hear your suggestions for challenging weapon configs that we can add to this zone! We also have a new NPC, Maegwyn! You may already know her on the forums, but now she has finally become an official NPC for our games! She is now the owner of The Knife and Spork in Soluna City!

Star Date: May 23rd, 2008
Satellite Weapons and Wallpapers!
This is the start of Memorial Day Weekend! Yay! No work on Monday! (well, sort of... I'm always technically on call... :P). Anyway, to celebrate memorial Day weekend, we've released some extremely cool satellite weapons that will only be available until Tuesday! These back shoulders really turned out nicely and they make some pretty huge explosions - in fact I think these are some of our biggest BOOMs yet!

Where To find these Rare Weapons:Satellites

Galactic and Nova Strikes: Intro Shuttle Shops(Talk to Tek) and Soluna Special Shops!
Shocking, Static and Lightning Strikes: Soluna Special Shops!
Super, Mega and Nova Bombs: Soluna Special Shops!

It just came to mys attention that our Wallpapers Page is now live!!! The new Wallpapers are incredible. Special Thanks to Randor the Red and Aisha for their awesome contributions!


Star Date: May 22nd, 2008
Battle Button Rescaled
Tweak Week conitinues! Today we revamped our scaling systm on the Battle Button in Soluna City. We had such an explosion of new mecha models and levels over the last couple of months that the Battle Button scaling became obsolete very quickly. I changed things around a bit to make it easier to add new monsters/level to the battle button in the future as the game grows!

This has been a great week for the inner-workings of MQ. Our new xp/credit system makes things much more fair across the entire game. Now lower level players will be able to afford new mechs when they get to new levels. High level rewards did get a slight nerf, but we have a new system in place that grows very nicely. As I said before, we are leaving the Veterans shop open another 2 weeks for players who have been with us for a long time and grew to enjoy the older (not to mention majorly unbalanced) system.... (things didn't really change THAT much at the higher levels.. Except for a brief moment when I swung the nerf stick a little too hard and accidently over-nerfed a few enemies - sorry about that!)

I love the new changes to the Information Screen. now it is much more usable and helpful than it was before! We always had great hopes for the Info Screen and now we are closer to realizing it's full potential!


Star Date: May 21st, 2008
C-Mail Upgraded

Today, we updated the Information Screen in town to include the improved C-Mail system. the C-Mail system is an in-game hint system to help guide you to the next part of the story. right now, the C-Mail system gives you messages along each step of the Soluna City main storyline (Rescue sys-Zero, Starship parts, etc..) Be sure to check your C-Mail regualrly to find out what is happening in the game!

Also this week we had a big game rebalancing. Some players are still getting used to these changes. We are leving the Veteran's Shop open in Soluna City for another 2 weeks because of this game overhaul.

Also coming up this week are some very cool new shoulder satellite weapons! Work is well underway for our next planet, Westion! I will be posting some previews soon!


Star Date: May 19th, 2008
GEARS House Wallpapers
Somehow, a link to our awesome GEARS House Wallpapers was erroneously removed from the homepage. This is most likely my fault! Here are new links to those earlier wallpapers. We are getting together a huge assortment of new wallpapers. So, keep a look out for new wallpapers over the next couple of weeks!


Wolfblade: 800x600, 1024x768, 1600x1200

Runehawk: 800x600, 1024x768, 1600x1200

Mystraven: 800x600, 1024x768, 1600x1200




Star Date: May 16th, 2008
Shadowtech Mecha and InfoScreen Upgrade #1
Three awesome new Shadowscythe models are now available (E1, E2 and E3). They are some of the best looking mecha models that we have in the game so far. We have nova gem and credit versions available as a reward to the Soluna Finale quest. Also, model E1 is available for everyone in the Soluna City specia nova Mech Store.

Also today, we did the first overhaul to the town information screen. you may now check your current job ranks and status for Mecharoni, the Soluna Police, Mysterious Emporium, the hosiptal and the Museum.

The next iinformation screen upgrade coming soon will be an improved C-mail system which will give you clues as to where to go next in the game.


Star Date: May 14th, 2008
Soluna Finale
Today we finished up the first chapter of MechQuest. Soluna City's first major villian is about to be crushed! New villians introduced... very shortly... you might just miss the CAMEO from one of AQ and DF's main characters!!! Also, who's that Lord Valoth guy anyway? The suspense is killing me! Oh well, we're not going to learn just yet ;)

Anyway, as a reward for completeing this quest, I have re-opened the shops where you can purchase the SDF Soldier and Delta mecha models. However, on Friday, I plan to add some Shadowscythe E-series mecha models to this shop. The E-series mecha will be a little different from what you're used to. They will not be equippable (incompatibility with shadowscythe Tech), but you will have access to all of the atacks that you have seen them use against you in the game :) Plus the E-series Shadowscythe just look plain awesome!

Once again, J6 pulled off another miracle of animation and we have yet another awesome cutscene or you! This is starting to become a habit... Enjoy!


Star Date: May 13th, 2008
Fixed some issues:
Today I fixed some issues in the game regarding hat loading and energy blade weapons. You should no longer run into problems when you put on a new hat in the game. Some people were reporting an issue with the soldier and spy uniforms iin which the new hat they were trying to put on would appear behind their current hat. You may now wear only one hat! if you are wearing more than one hat, you will be labeled a misfit and shunned by all the npcs in Soluna City... especially Mysterious Johnson!

The other fix regarded a graphics glitch in which energy blades would mysteriously appear in your character's hand after playing pvp duels in assualt mecha. These knock-off blades have been completely removed!

Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying MechQuest! This week we have a big bossfight coming to Soluna City as well as a new system for helping you navigate the game! The game has grown so fast over the last 7 months that it's actually starting to get overwhelming to new players. Well with our nerw information system in place, you will have a single place you can go to check your status in the game and receive suggestions as to where to go next!

Star Date: May 8th, 2008
Friday Comes Early:
Due to a minor scheduling shift and the fact that we actually got everything finished early, I went ahead and did Friday's release today!

The biggest announcement for today is the long awaited mecha price adjustment. Most prices went down by a significant amount. Also, according to our new official pricing scale, higher levels mechs will actually be more expensive... but I promise, no mecha prices went up today! Any new mecha models that fall into more expensive price brackets will have the new higher prices... Nova gem prices have remained unchanged. Only mechs that cost credits are affected by this price drop.

One of the drawbacks to dropping mecha prices is the fact that many of you played the game from the beginning and bought all of the insanely priced mecha on your journey to become epic heros of Soluna City! As a special thank you to players who have been with us for a long time, We created a new veteran gift shop in Soluna City. The gift shop is only accessible for players who are level 18 or higher!


SDF Dualshot and SDF Robotic Rifle:

Inside this gift shop are 3 new extremely powerful shoulder weapons (the SDF Dualshot, SDF Bloodshot and The SDF Vampiric Blast) that are extremely powerful. They actually hit for damage comparable to 2 levels higher than their stated level. Also, there is a special effect called "Energy Conversion" that heals back a small amount of the damage you did to your opponent. These shoulder weapons are going to stay in the game, but after 2 weeks they will be available to all players for nova gems. So this is your chance to get Nova Gem items for credits!

Also, as a special thank you to newer players who may be broke from all of the previous mecha prices, we have added 2 new upgraded versions of the Battle Hammer mecha at levels 8 and 11 that are priced much lower than normal. These will also be available for 2 weeks only before they are converted to Nova Gem items. So get them now!

In addition to these new items, we have added some lower level nova gem shoulders (the Retractable Rifle, Robotic Rifle and the Switch Rifle that have a chance to hit for 75% bonus damage. You can find these weapons at Tek's shop in the Intro Shuttle and also in the special shops in Soluna City.

This mecha price adjustment was a long time coming. I remember back when we made the original prices so high because for a while, before the launch of Soluna City, people came off of the intro Shuttle with over 1 million credits! I wanted to do this price drop for a very long time now, but I wanted to do it right! So, I'd like to thank Blues, Maegwyn, Reens, Alac and Yagno for their indispensible input in helping me balance the prices and still do something special for players who have been with us for a long time! I really appreciate it!

Star Date: May 5th, 2008
Coming up this week:
Get ready for a secret espionage mission! Admiral Pureheart wants to find out more about the Shadowscythe's plans. So, you will need to sneak into a base, hack into their computers, download vital information and then escape!

Citizen Patrols
New patrol missions are opening up in Soluna city. The outskirts of Soluna were hit pretty badly in the last war. Some Shadowscythe units are still out there. Help clean up the warzone!

Mecha Pricedrop
Get ready! There is about to be a huge mecha price adjustment! This will greatly impact the pricing of lower level mecha models. Credit prices are being re-adjusted to make them more readily accessible to all players Nova gem prices will remain the same.

Star Date: May 2nd, 2008
New Mecha and Blades today !
Wow! What an awesome week for mechquest! We sped away as a giant mech was trying to crush us! We took down an entire enemy controlled Battlecruiser! Now, we have new energy blades to completely pwn our opponents! All I have to to say is:

"Red Wizard needs food badly!!!!!!!"

Now it's time to dance!

Is it just me or does this guy seem a little sketchy?

Anyway, This brings our week to a close. Be sure to grab the mechas at the war camps while they last! Otherwise, you'll have to wait until the next war to get them... and yes, both models are very powerful!

Star Date: May 1st, 2008
New Quest Today! New Shop Tomorrow!
We're coming to the close of another multiple release week in MQ! We just released one of the biggest quests in the game so far. In this new quest, you will finally have a chance to restore Sys-Zero to his former self! The minigame is a lot of fun too! During testing, some people actually yelled out loud, "Oh no! it's going to get me!!!!" To access the new quest, you must have met Odessa on the moon and joined forces with the rebels. Then, goto Warlic's office at GEARS to get this new quest!

Tomorrow we should have some new energy blades and a new energy blade shop coming up. The Battlecruiser is being quickly dispatched by everyone participating in the war too! this has been one of the craziest weeks ever for MQ!

Also, I would like to personally thank our testers, especially, Maegwyn, Blues, Alac, Reens and Morgenstern! They have been working really hard with me to help balance the game better and to streamline our testing process! Our last few releases have gone very smoothly with only minor bugs and that is a huge accomplishment considering our rapid development schedule! Thanks so much!




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