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Star Date: April 30th, 2008
New Features, New MiniGame and New Shop!
Today we have released new equip features in MQ. You may now equip your pilot with energy blades from within the equip screen. You may also save your energy blade using the save equip button in Tek's shop. Oh, and while I was at it, I fixed the buggy volume control in the options screen....

Also coming up tomorrow we have a new quest to Heal Sys-Zero that feature a heart-pounding minigame in which you have to speed away from a Shadowscythe Bloohound in your van! My heart was literally racing while playing it...

On Friday we will release the Energy Blade shop and NPC in Soluna City. This shop will allow you to try out your fancy new player equip/save interfaces from today's engine update.

Star Date: April 25th, 2008
New Mecha!
The new war-time only mecha models are live now! These mechs will be available for all players at levels 7 and 17. Coming up next for Mechquest is Energy Blade shops and player equipping. Pretty soon you will be able to save your energy blade weapons so you won't have to run to GEARS every time you want your energy blade. Note: saving energy blades will only apply to weapons that you purchase at the energy blade shop (Coming soon!). You will still need to run to GEARS or the Museum to get weapons from the racks.

Star Date: April 23rd, 2008
Aisha and I are currently putting the finishing touches on the new war! We have a major surprise in store for you at the end of this war. We're working on the end fight right now as you fight wave after wave of Shadowscythe. I won't spoil the secret, but you're going to get a chance to fight something BIG!

This war is interesting for MQ because it is actually 2 wars in one. Players in Soluna City will run defense missions against the Shadowscythe invaders, while players on the moon will be able to run offensive missions against a vast Shadowscythe communications network.

We're also adding some new Star Captian head weapons into the game today. Free players and those who have nova gems will not be left out though! New items are going to open up in the War shops.

Star Date: April 18th, 2008
Surprise! Unannounced Moon Quest!
I really love working on the MechQuest. The new storyline with Sys-Zero and the rebels on the moon is my favorite part of the game right now. In fact, I love it soooo much that I decided to make an extra quest for today :D Those rebels are just a little bit upset that you went around exploding their mechas and now you have to earn their respect and trust! Good Luck! It's a long and hard road ahead! We also made some cool new items that use ammo insteaed of cooldown! (and they can hit pretty hard too!).

Star Date: April 16th, 2008
Admiral Odessa Pureheart
Everyone is gone... I am the only one left in the office right now! It's my fault though, as everyone was leaving they said, "Hey Warlic, do you need any help?" Of course my reply was, "Nope! I'm all set! I'm just in the middle of a release here! Smooth Sailing!" Then everyone left and I thought to myself, "Soooo lonely... Me Gurgi will jump in the cauldron and save the day..." (The darkest moment in Disney history... hands down...); Why do I put semi-colons after every parentheses? Nooooo!!!

Anyway, Today, we are introducing a new character in MQ. This is probably my favorite character design in the game so far (excluding my own character's fabulous big-hair MQ revision!). Also, today Star Captains get a new feature in the game. It is now possible to save your current uniform at your Dorm room in GEARS University! Next feature = save your energy blades. (yeah, it's a long time coming, but we have one programmer working on DF and MQ right now... and Rolith is kicking serious butt!)

Odessa is the leader of the rebels and she is a rather formidable foe! If anyone actually beats her outright, then they are probably cheating! Although, it is theoretically possible to win... I won't reveal too much about her right now, because I don't want to spoil the game for you!

Star Date: April 11th, 2008
New Styles!
Today we have finally released the new House uniforms! Now you'll be able to show your team spirit with the official house uniforms! Jemini did an excellent job converting the awesome winning designs into in-game formats. Also, I am very excited to announce that we have some fabulous new hairstyles at HAL! Also on today's agenda are some massive new cannons at the Moon base. If you want to open the shops on the moon base, you will need to find the black box at the crash site. (If you have found the black box already, then you'll have to go get it again to open the shops.)

Next release, the situation with the rebels on the moon is going to escalate and a terrible conspiracy is going to be revealed! Also, you will be meeting a new major NPC. She does not have a counterpart in either DragonFable or AdventureQuest. She is completely new for MechQuest! I will be posting pictures very soon.

Update: New Haircuts released today (Available at HAL - in Soluna City and on the Intro shuttle):
Male: Fro, Spike, Curl, Mohawk, Stud.
Female: Gwen, Mohawk, Bun, Smooth, Slant, Emo

Star Date: April 9th, 2008
Phew... Starships!!!
*Wipes the sweat from his brow* Today was one of the biggest updates to MechQuest ever! Today, your starships will take off for the first time. We have many zones that had updates today to make way for this rather large addition to the game! There are a couple of shops and mini-zones left to do in Soluna, but some of them will require game version updates to implement. So, they are going to come a little later. The moon quest chain is still part of the Soluna City storyline. To start this quest, get all of the starship parts and then go see the Kingadent. You'll notice a new NPC on your starship. She is your first crew member, Ensign Lisa Mayes. You'll talk to her to launch missions and access othe ship options. There is a ton more coming in regards to the star ships. You will soon be able to customize the interior and add cool items to it! (Rolith is diligently working on that feature now as we speak!)

More Coming on Friday: Jemini just finished up the House uniforms and they look amazing! Also, she is busy cranking out some new and absolutely fabulous hairdos! New house uniforms and hairs will be released on Friday along with some new arm cannon weapons.

Star Date: April 4th, 2008
New House Mecha Upgrades
I just finished up the new house mechas and I must say, the new attacks are definitely cool! Mystraven now has a triple kick that has a chance to damage it's opponent's energy, Wolfblade has a battering ram charge attack that can steal an enemy's ep and give it back to you and Runehawk has a mana sphere that can convert a huge chunk of your energy into extra damage! Note - These new attacks have a chance to do those effects. They may not go off every time.

Next week we're going to have our first off-world mission and new house uniforms! Jemini finished the Runehawk uniforms today. She is doing an excellent job converting the contest winners designs into the game and I can't wait to see the others!

Star Date: April 2nd, 2008
Fixing things
I have been picking through the game and fixing some of the little bugs that have haunted MQ over the last couple of months. You'll notice that the weapon racks are now functioning properly when using the Phantasm Scimitar. Also, Val shouldn't be saying "Undefined" anymore. She now thinks clearly before speaking! Other bugs such as getting stuck while exploring the jungle ruins shouldn't happen anymore *knocks on wood.*

Anyway, this has been a very exciting week! April Fool's Day was so much fun this year! Galanoth, Cysero and I were laughing hysterically while we swapped towns and came up with all sorts of crazy things to say. :) For some reason or another,, a lot of people were expecting a Gunslinging mecha this week... I guess they got 4pri1 f001-ed instead!

Now we are working on the next tier house mechas. Not only are these versions of the house mecha going to have stronger stats, they are also going to have some new attacks added. We should have the house uniforms very soon too! Jemini has started converting them into in-game art as I write this!

So, after this week, it looks like the only place to go is into the skies! Does anyone own a starship?

Happy April Fools!
Unfortunately *ahem* we have no special event for you today due to an issue on the DragonFable and MechQuest file servers. But never fear, we are SURE that EVERYTHING is functioning properly in both games! - Artix



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