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Star Date: March 31st, 2008
One Day Sale starts at midnight!
The Super-Ultra-Mega Rare One-Day Mecha is going to go live tonight at Midnight EST! Be sure to grab your mecha immediately! It will only be available until midnight tomorrow! And yes, it is extremely powerful...

Star Date: March 27th, 2008
Starship intro coming soon.
Due to the setback during yesterday's DFA Launch, we are pushing the Intro Starship quest back a day. So it will launch on Friday instead. I think it's well worth the extra day, DFA turned out so cool and I think it's really awesome to have it embedded inside the theater in Ballyhoo *pops some corn!*

Anyway, we have a couple of new Shadowscythe units animated by Jemini that look incredible! I can't wait to start unleashing the next wave of enemies. They are amazing!

For the intro quest, you will be getting your starships back in working order. They have been sabotaged by someone (or something) and you will need to fix it. Note: this quest will be available to all players, but Star Captains will actually own the starships in question :D


Star Date: March 26th, 2008
Embedded video madness!
9pm - DFA Released - phew! Well the good news is, DFA is awesome. The bad news, is somebody(as I remember, that somebody was me...) decided it would be really cool to embed a youtube link in Ballyhoo... and it works perfectly - unless you try to view it more than once! Then, the game completely glitches out and you have to reload the game completely to watch it again :( This tiny little bug is causing us all sorts of pain! We have to roll it with this bug still in there. So if you want to watch it more than once in a sitting, you will need to reload between views.

Also, there has been an uproar on the forums about the lack of a planned free version of the one-day mecha model. I have decided to included a free version as well. The free version will cost the same as the SC version but it will be a little less powerful.

Star Date: March 25th, 2008
One Day Mecha Event-Coming next week!
There has been some confusion regarding when the one-day super rare mecha event is going to happen. So, I would like to clear things up a bit. We are releasing a special super-rare mecha next tuesday. We will have two different versions, one for Star Captains and one for Nova Gem purchase. The Star Captain version will cost 200000 credits and the Nova Gem version will be 1000NG. J6 went completely overboard on this new mecha!

Also: I just finished editing and republishing the sound effects and music for J6's awesome MQ animated short, D.F.A (Death From Above) ! The animation looks absolutely incredible and we are extremely excited to release it tomorrow! Be sure not to miss it!

House T-Shirts are LIVE!
They are here! Head to our store at J!nx Gear to get yours. Supplies are very limited on this first batch -- so it is first come, first serve. I wrote the cheesy descriptions (hope they get a chuckle). Please let us know what you think of the shirts on the forums! Get your Official GEARS University T-shirt

Behind the Scenes
I would like to thank the hard work of Aisha who designed the logos, J6 who did the awesome color-work, and a special thank you to our yet-to-be-named Controller* who did all the foot-work to make this happen. We are currently battling** over who gets one the few shirts that we have here at the secret underground lab. I do truly believe these are the best looking, highest quality, most impressive things we have ever created - I guess our games are not the only things continually getting better. Good job everyone!

* Since he works for a Video Game company would that make him a "Video Game Controller"? (Cysero gets credit for that one)
** I choose you Zhoom-a-chu!

Now that our shirts will be giving away which house each member of the team really belongs to... here is a list of what everyone is wearing (or WILL be wearing, you guys get access to the first batch, we do not get ours until after you):

Warlic: Runehawk
Artix: WolfBlade
Nythera: MystRaven
Safiria: MystRaven
Cysero: Runehawk
Rolith: WolfBlade
Zhoom: .. he is the only one who is undecided!
OIshii: MystRaven
GeoPetal: RuneHawk
Maegwyn: MystRaven
Galanoth: WolfBlade
Captain Rhubarb: Runehawk
Korin: MystRaven

4:30pm EST Update: After only a few hours, over 1/3 of the shirts have been sold already! Unbelievably, the houses are neck-and-neck with a difference of only 1 shirt separating them apart... which has left us with our jaws dropping.

International About Pages
This week, Safirira, Nythera and I undertook the project of creating multi-language versions of a page about MechQuest. We um... used Google Translator and apparently some of the translations (especially the German one) left some people on rolling on the floor holding their stomach from laughing so hard. You can preview the new multi-language MechQuest pages that we are working on.

Star Date: March 19th, 2008
RaBots and Carrot Flechettes!
Today we released our latest rare Holiday shops! The new weapons are all very cool and have my personal favorites, the RaBots - sickening cute super destructive bunny droids!

The next quest will be our Egg-Static Egg hunt in Soluna city. So, get ready to de-activate some very bizarre omelettes! Korin, Thyton and Jemini are working in overdrive cranking out new Kaiju bunnies and our first ever hopping mecha! (We have walkers and floaters and soon we will have hoppers!)



Star Date: March 18th, 2008
Stylin' in my new House T-shirt
Since yesterday, we have been anxiously awating the arrival of our first ever MechQuest T-shirts. Aisha & J6 made some really excellent designs based on the Wolfblade, Runehawk and Mystraven logos.

Well, the sample prints just arrived and I must say, they look downright stylin'! I can't wait to turn heads in my hot new shirt... (it should be fairly obvious which house I belong to, especially if you've played DragonFable or AdventureQuest before...)

In addition to the t-shirts, we have a Grenwog event hitting MQ this week. Tomorrow we're releasing some awesome new weapons (Korin did an awesome job on the Rabots!) Also this Friday, we have a brand new mecha and an egghunting giant Kaiju bunny battling holiday quest coming up!

This is going to be another awesome AE weekend!

Nova Gem Sellbacks are Live!
Due to a minor re-scheduling this week, Nova Gem Sellbacks have been released 2 days ahead of schedule! So, feel free to sell all of those Nova Gem items that are clogging up your inventories and replace them with shiny new higher-level Nova Gem items! For the first 24 hours after purchasing a Nova Gem item, players may receive a 90% sellback price. Then, after that 24 hour period they may be sold back for 25% of their original price!

Star Date: March 14th, 2008
First Design Notes Post Ever!
I know what you're thinking... Warlic? Design Notes? What's going on here?

This week got off to a really interesting start when I ended up in New York City about ready to catch a plane back to Florida when...


To get back home, I had to reschedule to a much later flight, file a police report that my ID was missing and bring that to the airport with anything else I could think of to prove that I am indeed who I say I am...

Airport Security: "None shall pass!"
Me: "I am WARLIC! You WILL let me pass..."
Airport Security: "Yes... You are Warlic... You may pass!"

Good thing I know a couple minor mind control spells too... Anyway, today my driver's license was returned to me. someone actually found it in the streets of Queens, N.Y. and mailed it back. Good people do still exist! Thank you to whoever found my ID. You rock!

Anyway depite this week's most insane start, we managed to pull off an incredible double release week! The new quest to Rescue Sys-Zero has some of the most beautiful cutscenes I have ever seen. J6's animation is awesome and I finally got to sneak some music into the game!

Shhhh.... I never told Artix the filesizes...


Star Date: March 7rd, 2008

It's been a very very long week here in the secret underground lab... Gremlins got into the code and we spent several hours on thursday cleaning up after them. I really need to learn just because they say they're hungry dosn't mean we should feed them after midnight. Seriously. Zhoom hasn't even seen that movie and he's telling me.

On a compleatly unreleated note, keeping backups is just good policy. If there's files you don't want to lose, it's just a good idea not to only have one copy. Just a bit of advice, no personal experince here or anything.

Mech Upgrades have been a LONG time coming, Me and Zhoom have been working on them for a long while now, and it's extreamly rewarding to see them out and about in the game for real now.

And just in case you thought we were going to go another week without anouncing the winners: The House Uniform Contest Winners Have been announced. Check out all the REALLY amazing art. Judging this contest was a huge challange for all invovled.


So, How'd I do? Not bad for a first design notes, was it?

What do you mean I'm still on? Oh-


Artix Krieger

Star Date: March 3rd, 2008
Mecha Merge Feature

You work hard to earn enough credits to obtain the most powerful mecha. That is why Rolith is coding new functionality that will allow you to upgrade select models of mecha! Full details will be explained on the homepage when it goes live.

GEARS University Uniforms
Wow! The entires were amazing. See for yourself on the MechQuest forums. Warlic and I are doing the final judging now. It is very difficult as you can imagine. The judging will be done on the concept, how well it fits the house's personality, and how feasibly we can create an inspired final, animatable uniform in game. Everyone who entered this contest should feel proud -- we are so impressed by your works!

Winners will be announced on Wednesday with the release!

MechQuest Update Madness
Since MechQuest was release in October we have averaged nearly two releases a week! With the main release on Wednesday introducing new battles areas, and adventure -- and then, on Friday Warlic has been releasing new items and mecha in the shops. We had no idea how much we were all going to love MechQuest when we were dreaming of creating it. Now, it is one of the most unique and fasted expanding games to ever hit the internet. Thank you for making this happen!




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