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Artix Krieger

Star Date: Dec 24th, 2007
MechQuest Behind the Scenes
Greetings and salutations! The secret underground lab at Artix Entertainment is empty today. Well, that is not exactly true. Every year I have a tradition of waiting until everyone is off, then I come in and power up my trusty computer. Daimyo is here with me... it is a really nice day today.

Daimyo: Woof!

It is a good time to collect thoughts. Think about all the things we have done this year and everything we are going to do in the next one. I am not allowed to make my cheesy (and often embarrasing) end of the year post... at least not yet, but I am very grateful for you, the team, the games and the opportunity to continue doing more.

We did get a few things done today and yesterday. Warlic opened the gift boxes while I updated the town, Rolith/Safiria/Capt fixed a bug in a part of the payment system, our first Ballyhoo ad (promoting Chowder) was released and of course we checked the post office for mail and did customer service emails. It is so quiet now though... I was thinking about using this time to fill in some details about your Star Ships and the new enemy mecha you will be facing. As I am sure you know a major war is brewing in MechQuest.... we got a really interesting list of new ideas from the forums that we are trying to incorperate into it (Geo even printed them out for us)

I hope your holidays are going well and you are having fun. If you are traveling please be very safe! Meanwhile, I am going to watch over the players who are online and continue planning for next year.

Battle on!

P.S. I borrowed a GEARS University instructor uniform for the photo. Do not get me wrong, the uniform looks nice, just the huge shoulders make it hard to slay undead in!


Star Date: Dec 7th, 2007
Just Released: Energy Sword Fighting!

11pm Update
Whew... great job everyone!
I would really like to thank Warlic, J6, Ghost, To-be-given-a-name-guy, Aisha, Zhoom, Rolith and the rest of the staff for completing this release on time Friday. I know you all had a very hectic week and to create something of this quality in the middle of it is just unbelievable.

All of the bugs have been uploaded and we are going to keep an eye on things through the night.

7pm Update

Final Testing in Progress
We are fixing the last of the known issues now. The release will be going live semi-shortly! Thank you for waiting.

4pm Update
We can see the light at the end of the tunnel!
Considering this weeks theme... that might not be a good thing. We are working as fast as we can and we are nearly ready for testing. (Nothing beats a solid 5 to 10 minutes of quality testing before a major release. Go team!) Here is what the team had to say about Mysterious Johnson's shop:

"We have completely lost control of this game." - Warlic
"OMG. Are we actually going to release this?" - Thyton
"Wow, there is an overwhelming amount of pointless stuff to do in here. I love it!" - Rolith
"Woof Woof Woof" - Both Artix and Safiria's dogs are in the secret underground lab today. That was a trick though, Safiria's dog does not bark! (Although it did almost eat Daimyo).

While you wait for this release.... this is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your account by clicking on the banner to the right AND/OR to speculate on the forums about how extremely terrible the few voice clips we added in this zone are going to be. (Hint: They are pretty bad!) Nothing beats hearing Warlic do it in real life.... but this will have to do for now. *checks watch* BACK TO THE RELEASE!

1pm - Things are getting MYSTERIOUS!
It has been a while since we were this insanely behind on a Friday. (At least since Wednesday or last Friday... or last Wednesday.... or the Friday before that) But never fear... we are getting closer every moment that we are not getting farther away. This release is without question the strangest thing we have ever created. Be sure to explore every nook and cranny of this new store when it finally goes live!


"The power of this energy blade wielding moglin is unlike anything I have ever seen. Who could he be!?" - Artix

"Man, I can't believe how awesome MQ is turning out. I mean, I can, but it's just like WHAM! Awesome." - Ghost



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