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Star Date: Nov 14th, 2007
Just Released: Energy Sword Fighting!

Incoming message from Dean Warlic of GEARS University
"Before you can truly master the art of mecha combat, you must first become a master of yourself. You will not always be safe within the protective armor of your mecha. This is why the first available class at Gears University is Energy Blades 101! My good friend, Master Tsuba teaches this class. He is the foremost expert in energy weaponry in the galaxy and we are honored to have him as a faculty member this year. Energy Blades are very powerful weapons that draw from your inner power (which is a battery concealed within your uniform.)"

Energy Weapons 101
In this new release you can train your energy blade fighting skill to 35. There are eight new weapons and a new uniform to unlock! This quest features unique enemies and other students to train against. Perfecting your skill with these energy weapons will come in quite handy in your upcoming missions to help the Soluna City Police solve a crime spree of lunar proportions! (Coming next, and oh yes... there will be a Werewolf biker gang.)

Sword Fighting Launch Today!
We are in the final stages of testing (and breaking) things now. As soon as it is ready we will push it live. Check back often!

P.S. This quest will feature a special guest from AQ and DF (if you can figure out who he really is)

Star Date: Nov 12th, 2007
Bug Fix: Backwards (Cowardly Enemies)

Whoops... there was a rogue line of code in our sword fighting functionality stealth update which caused every other enemy to turn around and face away from you. Then again, maybe there was no bug,,, perhaps your character forgot to use deodorant. Either way we fixed some code and Dean Warlic has installed automatic deodorant dispensers in all GEARS University Pilot Candidate Uniforms. If your deoderant dispenser is still not working, you can solve this problem simply refreshing your browser!

Swordfighting Update
We have all of the critical functionality working (well, mostly working) for "out-of-your-mech" energy sword battling and are on schedule for the big Wednesday launch. I updated the progress report in the Nov 6th post below for you. Today we are adding monsters and assigning weapon damages. We have also begun work on the Police Station quests which will be launched next (giving you some brand new missions to try out your newly aquired energy blade fighting skills!) J6 is improving the combat menu, but you can see what the fighting looks like now on the testing server below. Notice you have a seperate health bar above your head when you are on foot (I think we are going to make it red though). Also, do not forget that today is the day we are removing the NovaGem sell back from in-game stores!

Star Date: Nov 9th, 2007
Gears Classes beginning Wednesday!
Energy Blades will be released this Wednesday. This release is going to feature the Energy Blade training class at the university. Yes, you heard correctly - classes will officially begin on Wednesday! This is a huge update because we have developed an entirely new non-mech battle system (see Nov 6th) that is being tested right now as I write this. We realize that many of you are eager to have Mechquest assume a regular release schedule. So, we are going to try to implement Mechquest releases on Wednesdays. The game is still in its early stages, so it might take us a couple of weeks to get regular - (send prunes!) . Once things get rolling, we will have MechQuest Wednesdays, AdventureQuest Thursdays and DragonFable Fridays!

After the Energy Blades, the next release will be the police zone, complete with brand new items, a new mecha, werewolves and a mysterious crime spree in Soluna City!

This game has been so much fun to work on! We have so many surprises coming up. We have had so many hysterical laughing fits during the design process and can't wait to share everything with you.

-Dean Warlic

Star Date: Nov 8th, 2007
Mogloween sale over
Update: Mogloween masks have been put away until next year. Tek would personally like to thank everyone who celebrated this year by purchasing her Rockin' masks! If you thought those mask were cool, just wait until next year! It's sure to be a blast.

Star Date: Nov 6th, 2007
The Pen is Mightier than the... WOAH!
MechQuest is not just the story about your mecha... It's also the story of your pilot. One of the features that is going to make MechQuest awesome is the ability to get out of your mech and walk around in the middle of a mission. We want to make extremely interesting missions involving mecha combat, sword play, blaster duels, enemy computer hacking and vehicle piloting. The first step... is adding energy sword fighting! Zhoom and Warlic are building a secondary battle system for when you are on foot. They are 50% done. The first round of weapons you will be able to earn are pictured below! (Leveling up your skill is going to be so much fun.)

Release Schedule: Building New Stuff with Polish
The next few MechQuest releases are going to be pretty big functionality-wise. The energy weapon release is new functionality that we want to use in many of the upcoming missions, which is why we are holding back on releasing the Police Station and the Hospital... and, hehe, just wait until you see what is going to happen in the "for sale" building. We are not on an official release schedule (yet) so what I would like to do is give you a list of our progress, then we can release it when everything is done. Here we go!

Next Release: Energy Blades 101

  • Energy Blade Training Dojo (100%)
  • Main NPC (100%)
  • Secondary NPC (100% & being animated as a monster)
  • Sword Fighting Engine Update (100%)
  • All player character models animated for sword fighting (100%)
  • New Energy Duelist Outfit (100%)
  • Opponents (100%)
  • Quest Chain (100%)
  • Energy Blades (100%)
  • Weapon Rack (100%)

Nova Gem Sellback
It recently came to our attention that some people saw credit prices listed instead of Nova Gems prices. So, some people unintentionally purchased items for Nova Gems. Because of this error, we have enabled Nova Gem sellback in all in-game shops. If you accidentally purchased an item, like one of the deluxe Mogloween masks or the new Kurosawa mecha, you may go to a store in-game and return it for a full refund. Nova Gem sellbacks will only be available until next Monday, Nov. 12, 2007.

Star Date: Nov 2nd, 2007
Bug Infestation at Gears University!
Due to the recent bug infestation at Gears University, teachers have gone on strike! Classes will not begin until Dean Warlic and the rest of the University staff eliminate every little pest that is currently infesting the university! Do not Worry, though, We assure you that this bug problem is being taken care of by highly trained exterminators armed with top-of-the-line EvilCorp Extermin-Mecha! In the meantime, Dean Warlic wishes that all of the incoming students have an extended Mogloween celebration in Soluna City! We recently had the opportunity to speak with professor Denara regarding the current strike:

"While this bug problem is a terrible thing, This will give me an opportunity to work more on this semester's curriculum... Last years 12% passing rate was a tragedy. I am aiming for 6% this year!

Please note - Entrance exams are still being held regardless of the bug problem.




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